Yggdrasil casino : Software and Bonus Review at French Casinos

Despite the many developers of online casino games, new companies regularly manage to make their mark on the market. In their case, the effort required to achieve legitimacy in the industry is greater. This is why it is important for these new names to stand out from the crowd by offering new and innovative solutions.

This is particularly the case for Yggdrasil Casino, which we outline in this article. Yggdrasil Casino is on our list of the most important online gaming companies!

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Yggdrasil casino’s strengths and weaknesses

Strong points
A universe based on Nordic mythology

An artistic direction with small onions

Big jackpots


A limited choice of games

One of the particularities of this game publisher, which also represents its highest quality, is the universe that is developed around its applications. Indeed, the most connoisseurs will undoubtedly recognize the name of Yggdrasil. A reference to Nordic mythology, this term is widely used in the fields of role-playing games and fantasy environments.

It is around these fascinating universes that most of the games of Yggdrasil casino are developed. By reaching players who are not used to the world of online casino, the developer is interested in a clientele that is not used to the world of online casino, but which represents an interesting audience for all casino owners.

Featuring extraordinary narratives, magical characters, bonus games and breathtaking animations, the games offered are perfectly consistent with the usual worlds of online role-playing games or social games.

The incomparable advantage of a fantasy world lies in the innumerable possibilities of the scenarios and characters staged. Indeed, the only limit is that of the imagination, which allows Yggdrasil casino to publish more and more games, by putting forward a creative innovation always more advanced. It is thus the insurance to benefit from new games, with subjects seldom approached in the universe of the casino.

With all these graphics and animations coming from elsewhere, the priority is obviously the game fluidity, because the software is necessarily more greedy and requires excellent performances. Yggdrasil is not to be outdone on this side either. Indeed, aware of the need to use large technical means, the developer allows a natural and smooth game experience.

Moreover, the world of this publisher stands out from its competitors by a simple yet decisive factor: profits. Because Yggdrasil, beyond the playful and highly interactive aspect, makes it possible to win important jackpots that will convince all users to play again and again.

However, there is a downside to this supplier, and it is often the same when it comes to new and quality games. Indeed, the development of such applications requires time and money. From the point of view of a casino owner, or even a gambler, this has repercussions on a limited choice of games, unlike the company IsoftBet. Sometimes you have to choose quality over quantity.

Presentation of the company

Yggdrasil casino was born in 2013. It is therefore a very young company, but it has been able to position itself very quickly on the market, offering a quality range with an interactive and engaging gaming system.

Founded in Sweden, the publisher first proved itself in the development of online lottery games, before taking a closer look at the world of casinos, and more specifically at slot machines.

One of Yggdrasil’s guidelines is to allow the player to play in a simple way, while keeping the desire to have fun intact. That’s why the emphasis is not on complex and incomprehensible operation, but on a world and graphics out of the ordinary. Thus, no need to be an expert to play, which allows online casinos to offer their creations without hesitation.

Rewarded with numerous distinctions, such as the award for the most innovative developer, the company quickly found its place among the casino game publishers, only 5 years after its foundation. This is the proof that Yggdrasil casino is quickly establishing itself among the biggest, and is already on the list of the best developers among giants like Betsoft.

Thanks to its experience and skills, the company intends to launch quickly into the development of table games, always with the same enthusiasm and the same desire to offer an interactive universe, with more real than life dealers and innovative game systems. But to take advantage of these new features, we will have to wait a little longer.


Legality and fair play of the game

Yggdrasil is licensed by the Gaming Authority of Malta, which means that its activities, applications and all related matters are firmly monitored and governed by the European laws on online gambling and casino.

In this respect, the activity carried out within the European Union ensures that the game is both fair and legal, meeting all the necessary obligations.

In addition, like all casino game publishers, Yggdrasil software must meet strict criteria regarding the randomness of slot machines, in particular. As these laws differ from country to country, even within Europe, the applications are developed in such a way that each of these laws is complied with, thus enabling equal marketing in all casinos.

Opting for a Yggdrasil game is the assurance of reliability and fair play, whether you are a casino owner or a gambler.


Bonus possibilities

Most casinos offer large bonuses to new players to help them get the most out of the games on offer. Online casinos that use Yggdrasil applications are no exception, and you can easily find a site that will offer you a sign-up bonus. However, the amount of these bonuses, as well as the conditions for obtaining them, differ from one casino to another. So please check beforehand to get the best deal.

The most common practice is to pay you an amount based on how much money you deposit. This can range from 100% to 400% of your initial deposit, up to a maximum of €100 to €800.

Some casinos may also offer to give you a no-deposit bonus to test games without using your own money. However, please remember to check whether winnings are cash-in or not, as conditions may change completely.

Finally, some sites offer to give you a certain number of free spins to try the slot machines. Depending on the casino you choose, you can get from 10 to 200 free spins, enough to play intensely without spending a single euro.