How to Maximize Your Chances of Winning at Slot Machines

Keep in mind that online slots, whether free or not, are a game. A game is not about winning every time, it’s about having fun. Secondly, it is not an investment that must necessarily generate a profit. This means that you have to be reasonable and set limits to your gambling. But then how do you win at slot machines?

The first important step is to check the redistribution rate of the machine. It must be greater than 90%.
Once this pre-requisite is clear and established, you can move on to learning the game itself. You must try to understand the game, and master the way it works. In general, a menu in the game allows you to access the main rules as well as the winnings table, which allows you to identify the symbols to be valued in order to make combinations on the winning lines.

If all this is under control, we can move on to the actual game. There is no particular strategy to adopt in order to win, except to be reasonable about the bets and make the most of the multipliers and bonuses. For progressive jackpot machines, you should keep an eye on the paytable, as it will tell you if you are close or far from the round that can trigger the jackpot.

That’s the essence of the advice you need to follow to win at slot machines. Cheating or trying to win at any cost is strongly discouraged. Online slots are real games of chance, which moreover, are assisted and controlled by computer with an RNG (random number generator). So forget about miracle combinations, and concentrate on the rules of the game you choose, and let fate decide your winnings.

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5 Tips for winning at slot machines

In order to play online slots properly and maximize your chances of winning, you need to know a few things, even if it is still primarily a game of chance. Before trying your luck, we give you these 5 tips to be the king of the one-armed bandit.

Understand the term redistribution rate to earn more simply

Often, a player who is not used to gambling will hesitate for a long time before turning to a slot machine. In front of the huge toy library of online casinos, how do you know which machine to choose? In principle, it is the overview of the game that attracts you or not. What you should do is also look at the rate of redistribution of games. Also called payout rate or payback rate, it indicates whether or not the machine is remunerative or not.

Let’s take an example: a machine with a 95% redistribution rate. As players play, they bet on this machine. At the end of 100 € of bets, the machine will have paid out the equivalent of 95 € to the players. That’s a €5 profit for the casino.

In land-based casinos, the rate is around 80 or 85%. On the Internet, it’s closer to 95%, so it’s much more interesting. This rate is indicated on every game and you can also ask the staff.

Increase your chances of winning at the slot machines: Payout tables

Another important thing before choosing your slot machine is to look at the payout table. What’s that? This is the table that shows the payout rate of the game, but also the different symbols, winning combinations, order of play and the amount of potential winnings. You can find it on the game page, or by clicking on the Paytable button. It is therefore valuable information to know if your goal is to hit the jackpot.

Playing the slot machine with strategy

Although we agree that there is no strategy possible in slot machines, there are some tricks that players may consider as such. The objective being to get the maximum amount of money back, it is best to increase the value of your chips to win more, proportionally. You can also vary the amount of your bets. This advice is valid if you don’t want to lose everything too quickly and maximize your chances of success.

Increase your chances of winning at the slot machine

Another piece of advice we can give you is to stay for a while on the same machine, the one you feel most comfortable on. It’s always easier when you’re in control of something. Try to analyse the rhythm of the game and how often the machine makes you win. Okay, there’s a random number generator, so you can’t predict how much and when you’re going to win at all, but it can give you a brief idea. If you lose several games in a row, feel free to bet more on the next ones, you never know! On the contrary, if the machine has just paid out a big win, or even the jackpot, it’s better to look elsewhere. Again, this is by no means an exact science.

Controlling your emotions and setting boundaries

Before playing, you should start by setting limits and objectives in terms of expenses, gains and time.

  • Expenses: Set an amount of bets you don’t want to exceed, no matter what happens. You must have defined an “envelope” and have fun only with this money;
  • Winnings: ask yourself how much money you get when you stop gambling. If that amount is reached, great, but it’s better not to continue because you may lose it all. Even if you have a very gambling mind, you will try again next time;
  • Time: you know the saying, the best things come to an end. That’s true of casino games. Set a maximum playing time to avoid fatigue, monotony, and addiction. This could backfire.

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Best Bonuses for Playing Slot Machines

FAQ – Slots

🎰 Why play slot machines?

Slot machines are, without a doubt, the simplest casino game. Indeed, just watch the reels spinning and hope to hit the Jackpot! In addition, there are many different styles of slots, which makes it possible to satisfy all types of gamblers.

πŸ’Έ What are the bets and winnings on machine slots?

Bets start at 1 cent (0.01€), and usually go up to 1€ per line. On the other hand, winnings start as low as a few Euros and can go up to several thousand Euros in the event of a Jackpot!

πŸ† Where to play online slots?

Several online casinos offer Slot Machine Bonuses. These include Croesus Casino and Royal Spinz!

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