Rollerball: How to read it well to win?

If you want to get started in online roulette, you will need to know one of the essential elements to play: the roulette mat. Knowing the roulette mat and its layout is important to be able to adjust your bets as well as possible. Knowing what each square corresponds to and how each player can best distribute their bets is fundamental to developing a winning strategy. We will help you to understand this in the following sections of this article.


Casino gaming mat: how does it look?

For all casino games such as roulette, but also blackjack or poker for example, you bet your chips on a carpet. If elements such as the wheel, the coloured squares or the ball are important, the roulette mat is even more important. You use it to show the dealer your bets, to keep track of the game, and to pay you your winning bets. The roulette mat is therefore the central element of the roulette wheel.

This roulette mat can take different shapes depending on the type of roulette you are playing. We will discuss the three different shapes of roulette wheels and the adaptations of the roulette mat for each of them.

French roulette mat

French roulette, also known as European roulette, is the most common roulette wheel. Knowing the French roulette mat is therefore the basis for mastering this casino game.

Here are the key points to remember:

French roulette has 37 numbers, 18 red, 18 black and the green zero. Each of these numbers is of course marked and distributed on the roulette mat in a particular way.

  • There are 3 columns of 12 numbers.
  • Each number is associated with a colour, starting with 1 red and ending with 36 red.
  • The zero is placed at the top of the mat, except in green.
  • On either side of the three columns of numbers, there are double chance bets: even, odd, black, red, 1 to 18, 19 to 36.
  • Also present are triple bets, where you can bet on the first, second or third dozen.

You can bet your chips on any square you want, with no restrictions.

American roulette mat

The American roulette mat looks a lot like the French roulette mat. However, it has some differences. The rules between the two variants are quite minimal, so if you learn to read the French roulette mat, you will easily be able to read the American roulette mat.

The main difference is the presence of two zeros as opposed to one for French Roulette. This results in the presence of a double column of zeros on the American roulette table. This gives the casino an added advantage, as the zero and double zero are completely separate.
Other differences, the dozen do not exist. The arrangement of the numbers on the roulette wheel also differs from the French version.

For the rest, the American roulette mat is similar to the French roulette mat and the rules are the same.

English roulette mat

English roulette is yet another variant of the original French roulette. The rules are similar but there is a fundamental difference between the two: it is not possible to bet on zero.

On the roulette mat, the zero is present. However, you are not allowed to bet on it. While in French roulette you can set up strategies to try to limit your losses by betting on the full zero, this is not possible in the English version.

This version of roulette is very rare. The English roulette mat looks like the American one, aborted from double zero. The English version of the roulette is therefore a hybrid version between the French and American versions.

The best online casinos for playing roulette

In order to get used to playing the different versions of roulette, we invite you to try them out with free roulette games. We advise you to start with French roulette, which offers a solid foundation, and then move on to the other two versions. You can then choose the one you prefer.

All casinos offer free roulette games. When choosing which one to play, it is important to focus on the following three points:

  • The security of the casino and its transactions.
  • Roulette bonus available if you wish to switch to real money.
  • The atmosphere proposed on the casino to enjoy a maximum of pleasure.

To help you make a choice, we have compiled a comparison table of the best online casinos. These carefully selected casinos will allow you to play free games. All you have to do is register. You can then get used to betting your chips on the roulette mats.

Getting into the habit of reading the roulette mat is fundamental, as it will allow you to play the best odds, diversify your positions and reduce your risk of loss. For example, you will be able to play side events (red, odd, first third) and a full number that is neither red, odd nor in the first third. Such a strategy allows you to smooth out the risk and win big.

The dealer, the roulette mat player..

The roulette mat is the croupier’s working tool. It’s how he’s going to be able to take the bets, figure out what you’ve done, see if you’ve won and pay you your winnings. When you play roulette, you are playing against the casino, but not against the dealer. That person is simply a facilitator, paid by the casino, to make sure that the game is going well. He should be seen more as a referee than as an opponent. This is why we advise you to respect the rules of the casino or you will be ejected by the dealer. For example, martingales are prohibited in many casinos.

He throws the ball, tells you when you can bet, distributes the winnings. To do this job to the best of their ability, they must know the rules by heart. So don’t hesitate to ask them for information if you are not familiar with some of the boxes on the roulette floor. They can’t advise you on a bet, but they can inform you if you don’t know the technical vocabulary or how a square works. For maximum fun, we strongly recommend that you practice beforehand to understand how the roulette mat works.

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