Casino RTG : Software and Bonus Review on French Casinos

Casino RTG is one of the former ones in the field of online casino gambling (see list of online gambling software). Present since the beginning of the industry, the company has been able to adapt to the different evolutions, to the point of surpassing most of its competitors in the offer it proposes. Oriented towards both the casino manager and the player, the designer is one of the big names in the industry.

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Strong points
Realistic Art Direction

Design quality

Personalized assistance


Long updates

By focusing on optimal rendering quality and unique designs, Casino RTG is an essential partner for all online casino owners. And this quality can be seen in all the games produced by the company, whatever they may be.

Far from being satisfied with a single range, the designer is at the origin of applications as diverse as they are varied, from card games to dice games and slot machines. Moreover, the firm takes a close interest in video poker, a sector often abandoned by its competitors, leaving all the room for Casino RTG, which has made it its specialty.

What makes the difference with this designer is without a doubt his assumed taste for realistic effects. Whether it’s for virtual slots or table games, the movements are carefully designed to simulate real-world behavior and give the player a new Playtech-style feeling.

But such a technical feat would not be viable if the system that propels it was not large enough. Indeed, this is often the case for games with excellent graphics, the response time can be lengthened and discourage users. But this is not the case at RTG. And for good reason, their tools are developed to ensure smooth playback and a seamless gaming experience, no matter what resources are required.

In addition, all the applications developed are designed for accessibility and mobility. Thus, they are designed to be played both on mobile and on computer, with a quality that is always present and that adapts to the performance of the game screen.

But that is not all there is to services. Because to buy from this developer is to choose a global offer including many advantages, both from the player’s and the casino’s point of view. Indeed, it is a real commitment that Casino RTG takes towards its customers, by offering a whole system of personalized assistance.

The functionalities tend to help the integration of applications, to bring a quality support to the use, or to promote the loyalty of the players. All these services are made possible thanks to a complete management software provided at the time of the partnership.

With this highly customizable interface, casino owners are therefore able to control all of their games, while providing players with enhanced security and the assurance of responsive and quality customer service.

However, customization of the management platform also has its drawbacks. Indeed, almost all the elements can be modified by the casino owner, up to the choice of the payment rate. This implies that depending on the site you play on, you will not necessarily have the same guaranteed winnings, which may put off some players.

Moreover, although the high quality of the animations does not affect the fluidity of the game, it seems that the updates take a long time to be implemented. This is however a lesser evil considering the gaming experience they imply.

Introducing the publisher Casino Real Time Gaming

Real Time Gaming was founded in the United States in 1998, before settling in sunny Costa Rica ten years later, a land highly favoured by the leaders in the field.

With its experience forged over the years and according to market developments, the company has all the necessary elements to establish itself with an international clientele, while continuing to innovate in order to present games with incredible realistic effects.

Thus, without ever denying its history, the designer has extended its range of products over the years, developing all kinds of games to the great satisfaction of its customers. Casino RTG is one of the rare developers to be interested in slot machines as well as video poker, craps or even lottery games, in order to reach an ever-growing public with diverse profiles.


Is Casino RTG legal and reliable?

As with all casino game designers, the issue of legitimacy and reliability is based on specific certifications, which are intended to be both reassuring and respectful of the laws in force in the client countries.

Casino RTG is no exception to the rule, far from it. Aware of the positive impact that the validation of its games represents, the company submits all its applications to the TST organization, which issues one of the most renowned certifications in the field. And to ensure its image, Casino RTG refuses to market an application that has not passed the test.

In addition, the designer uses state-of-the-art encryption for user data and financial transactions.


Incredible bonus opportunities and promotions

Not only are the Casino RTG games present in many French casinos, but their partnerships also allow the sites to offer very interesting bonuses to players for using their software.

Thus, a deposit bonus can easily be awarded to new users, from 100% to 400% of the initial amount, for a total of up to €7000 in bonuses. These bonuses are among the largest bonuses currently issued by online casinos.

Some of them also offer free spins, up to 20 to 100 spins depending on the casino, which is very similar to what Microgaming bonuses offer.

What’s more, there are RTG casinos that grant bonuses without any deposit conditions, which are more than worthwhile compared to most of their competitors. With a minimum of 20€ and a maximum of 50€, you can get a nice starting credit to get your hands on the designer’s various games.