Roulette Casino Tip: How to win at roulette

Roulette offers great possibilities to improve the player’s luck. These tips on online casino roulette and the associated strategies that have been developed are particularly applicable in online roulette. We offer you this guide to give you an overview of good practices that will help you increase your chances of winning money at roulette.

Roulette in a nutshell.

Roulette is a game of chance subject to the laws of probability. Each draw is independent, which means that each time you play, you can accurately calculate your chances of winning. These draws may be independent, but they are subject to the laws of large numbers. Thus, over an unlimited number of draws, the proportion of simple chances that red and black will come out is the same. Many casino roulette tricks have been developed from this observation.

Knowing this, it is possible to influence your “luck” by optimizing your positions. There is no miracle method that will allow you to win every time, just tips and strategies to adopt to maximize your chances of success at roulette and the casino.

If you would like to know more about how roulette works, we invite you to consult the beginner’s guide on our site.

Martingale: The most popular method.

The first and probably the best known strategy for maximizing your chances at roulette is martingale. We have written a complete guide to the 15 best martingales that you can find here. There are many of them and each one has its Pros and Cons.

Among some of these martingales, (which we will not discuss in more detail here), we can cite three that are very effective:

  • Labouchère’s method This martingale is based on the idea that two losses must be compensated with a single gain. By winning only one third of your moves, you will be in balance.
  • Paroli’s method This strategy is ideal for those who find it difficult to control themselves. It requires you to define in advance the number of winning moves and to bet only if you win, in order not to liquidate all your capital too quickly.
  • Alembert’s method : The best known method of martingale. It is the opposite of the Paroli, since you will increase your bets with every loss.

These strategies are often prohibited by physical casinos because they are very effective in making quick money by playing with odds. However, you will be able to implement them in online casinos, hence the interest in applying these tricks on this kind of casino roulette. This technique is not cheating. You simply play with the odds to your advantage to maximize your chances of winning. None of these strategies will guarantee you 100% success.

The concept of martingale resides in two simple principles: good bet management and a clear vision of its strategy. These examples of common sense are applicable to all other tricks and are applied in poker as well as in all other strategy games.

But before implementing these casino wheeling strategies and tricks with your money, it’s important to understand how the different martingales work and find your favorite. Therefore, opt for the free games that online casinos offer you for that, and the best bonuses to inflate your bankroll.

Thus, to come back to the case of martingale at roulette, it is the technique most used by players. You must remain vigilant, because a bad series can make you lose all your capital quite quickly.

Fibonacci: An effective method.

The Fibonacci method is one of the oldest tricks for managing roulette bets. This method comes from the young Leonardo Pisano, better known as Fibonacci, who was an Italian mathematician. His studies led to the discovery of the famous mathematical sequence known as the “Fibonacci Sequence”: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc.

All you have to do to establish this sequence is to take the two previous terms and add them together to obtain it. For example, 34 = 13 21. This sequence is related to the famous golden section that allowed the enactment of cathedrals in the 12th century, to the calculations of logarithmic spirals, the golden square, Pascal’s triangle, etc.. It is therefore a starting point for fundamental calculations in many mathematical theories. Obviously, these principles have been transposed to probabilities, to games of chance, and therefore used to create roulette and casino tricks.

To use the Fibonacci method, the player will bet €1 on a binary bet, offering as many chances of winning as losing (red or black, even or odd, etc.). If this first bet wins, the Fibonacci method is then over and the player will start a new series by betting €1. If this first bet loses, we will bet the next move according to the Fibonacci sequence, so €1 again. If this second bet loses again, we will bet €2, and so on until one bet wins. We will then eliminate the last two losing bets and bet the amount of the last two losing bets again.

Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc.

In this example, we can see that the Fibonacci sequence makes it possible to lose a majority of strokes while still making money. Here, the player wins only 5 moves out of 13 (or 38%) and still wins. The progressive and clever rise allows to erase two losing necks with only one winning move, while preserving the capital. Even better: by losing 6 of the first 7 moves, the player is only -7€ in total and only has to bet 3€.

As Fibonacci’s sequel shows, in the event of 10 losing moves, the player will find himself having to bet €89 and will already have lost €143. The increase in stakes then quickly becomes very high. However, the probability of losing 10 in a row is very small. And as the law of large numbers proves, the more you lose, the more likely you are to win in the future. In general, you have to lose between 14 and 16 moves in a row (depending on the casino) to find yourself in a situation where the casino will no longer allow you to increase your bets due to its betting cap. The Fibonacci method is then very difficult to catch up.

Full number: the other winning strategy.

Whether in physical casinos or online casinos, finding the full number is extremely difficult. It’s so hard to find it that the casino will pay you 35 times your bet if you succeed! Even though there are many tips to win at casino roulette on the Internet and promise you a miracle method to always find the right number, don’t believe it.

There are, however, some numbers that are a little more likely to come out than others in the physical tables. Depending on a dealer’s ball throw, the inclination of the roulette wheel, or the force with which the ball is thrown, it is possible that some areas will come out more often than others. This is called the Hire Theorem.

Just like the planets that make an elliptical motion around an axis, the roulette wheel rotates around an axis and the ball used in the roulette wheel is subject to the same properties and laws of physics. It is therefore theoretically possible to calculate approximately where the ball will fall, or at least in what zone. From there, betting on the 5 or 6 numbers around this zone will ensure that you win every time. But in this is very difficult to predict because dealers change often and these differences are imperceptible to the naked eye. It is impossible to do these kinds of calculations and head equations in a matter of seconds. So this casino trick only works in theory.

In online casinos, on the other hand, algorithms are used to define your draws. They are designed to be secure, so it is impossible to pip the game. Another trick is to optimize the odds in roulette. You will therefore play binary choices in martingale (red or black) which pays you twice your bet. Thus, you will win on average every other round and keep your capital. At the same time, you always bet one chip on zero, which is neither black nor red. So, if you play red and zero for example, there are three possible outcomes:

  • Red comes out, you have bet two chips (one on red and one on zero) and you win two thanks to red. Your capital remains intact.
  • Black comes out, you have bet two chips (one on red and one on zero) and then you lose two chips. In the next round, you will bet two chips on red and one on zero.
  • The zero comes out, you bet two chips (one on red and one on zero). You lose one chip on red but win 36 chips on zero.

With this very cautious strategy, which mixes the martingale and the full number, you are sure to earn money if the zero comes out in your first 35 moves.

Another trick that complements the previous one that can be put forward is Marigny’s theory. She postulates that every event in roulette is subject to the laws of probability and that each of them is interdependent. Indeed, when analyzing the draws, we tend to focus on one aspect only (black or red, which number, etc.). However, by combining all possible factors (color, pair, third, number, area, horse, etc.) we can define a probability that a particular event is more likely to happen than others.


For example, if you look at the last 1000 prints, you can see that what is most likely to come out is the red, even, in the orphan zone, in the first third, because that is what is least likely to come out. So it’s probably the 34 that’s likely to come out. The player can then bet a large amount on 34, a slightly smaller amount on the numbers around 34, another amount on the other orphans, as well as on red, even and third to cover himself. Thus, by combining all these probabilities, he is guaranteed to win something. If his calculations are correct, he will then be able to win the jackpot.

This casino roulette trick, however, involves the ability to calculate complex variables and equations with many unknowns, taking many factors into account. It is therefore very difficult to set up in a physical casino. On the other hand, thanks to your computer and online casinos you could implement this strategy.

But then again, know that there is no such thing as a miracle casino roulette strategy or trick that will allow you to make a fortune. However, there are some that we have seen that will allow you to maximize your chances and have an advantage over the casino in the long run. The martingale for example, offers you the assurance of winning money. But due to the exponential increase in stakes, there comes a point when you can no longer follow this strategy all the way to the end. Marigny’s or Hire’s theories will allow you to optimize your positions but are not infallible.

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