Casino Rival : Software and Bonus Review of French Casinos

While some developers of online casino software choose between computer and mobile, this is not the case at Casino Rival. This developer’s games have been present in all types of casinos for many years and are still being offered in large numbers by gaming site owners.
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Casino Rival, a publisher full of potential: its strengths and weaknesses

Strong points
Outstanding gaming experience

Browser Accessibility

A refined artistic direction


New products are rare

Limited gains

You don’t become one of the best by chance, especially in the online casino market. If Casino Rival has managed to make a place for itself in the field, it is because its offer perfectly meets the demand of users, both in terms of quantity and diversity of games offered.

Although slot machine applications remain the most numerous in the Casino Rival catalogue, the company also produces table games such as poker and blackjack. With the desire to establish itself in many casinos, it is by playing the diversity card that the designer has managed to gain legitimacy in this universe. If you are interested in slots, we recommend you read our review of the creators of IsoftBet software.

On the slot machine side, it is with an unprecedented innovation that Casino Rival has made a name for itself. Indeed, if most of its games are considered as classic, this is not the case of its i-Slots, exclusive to the brand, which quickly found their audience among online casino players.

With i-Slots, users are provided with a truly unique gaming experience. The application is initially presented as an ordinary slot machine, but its operation is new. With unique video sequences, the game unfolds like a narrative story, involving the player’s choice at various stages. The game then adapts to each option taken into account, enough to maintain a growing interest in a totally personalized adventure.

Casino Rival is part of an international and universal approach. In this respect, although some applications need to be downloaded, most of the games produced by the company are browser-based, and are optimized for both computer and mobile devices. It is therefore possible to play Casino Rival’s creations in all circumstances, and whatever the monitor has the way of the online gaming software from MicroGaming.

However, and this is often the case when catalogues are important, the graphics of the games are relatively simple. Indeed, the firm is more interested in the game system itself rather than the aesthetic aspect. Nevertheless, this makes it possible to offer fluid applications by reducing the loading time required.

In addition, Casino Rival games generally have lower winnings than most competitors. Once again, the company focuses on the gaming experience itself, sometimes to the detriment of certain essentials.

Moreover, although the existing game catalogue is very well stocked, new games are rare. More oriented towards optimizing and updating their already produced games, you have to be patient to discover new creations.

Find out more about Casino Rival

Casino Rival has been on the market since 2006. The company is therefore straddling two periods, between the first developers and the latest ones. Made up mostly of developers, the team has been able to develop innovative games to face the competition in place and to come.

Associated with partners who have been involved in the online casino business for a long time, the designer was able to use his experience and that of his collaborators to create a real sphere of trust between customer and supplier.

Thus, it is by benefiting from a strong support from Casino Rival that the casino owners are accompanied, in the installation as well as in the management of the applications. This guarantees a professional follow-up of each software, to provide the player with the most enjoyable experience possible.

Because that’s where the whole point of Casino Rival lies. Where others are more inclined to focus on graphic innovation and animation, this designer is committed to making the game both attractive and satisfying, particularly through the many features offered by its virtual slots.


The Rival publisher and its objective: to offer reliable and quality games

Ensuring a safe and fair playing field requires many means, both internal and independent of the company.

The company is based in Cyprus, which means that it is governed by European laws regarding online casino gambling. In addition to ensuring compliance with these rules, it is also a guarantee of quality with regard to Casino Rival’s reliability.

But where the company clearly stands out from its competitors is in its own approach to security. Not content to be controlled solely by institutions, the developer has developed its own certification circuit to ensure full compliance with the regulations in force.

So whether it’s data, transactions or gaming systems, all aspects are checked internally to ensure that they are safe to use, for players and casino owners alike.


Rival casinos’ promotions in shambles

Casino Rival is present on many online casino sites, which multiplies the possibilities of bonuses for the opportunity to enjoy its games.

Most of these casinos offer a credit bonus proportional to the first deposit of money, and this amount is different depending on the site. For example, to try Casino Royal games, you can receive a bonus of up to 505% of your initial deposit, up to a maximum of €2,500. The developer is therefore one of those for whom casinos give a bigger advantage.

In addition, some of them offer free spins, ranging from 25 to 200 depending on the casino, enough to test the slot machines without spending anything.

No-deposit bonuses at Casino Rival

Casinos offering no-deposit bonuses are also more numerous among those who use Casino Rival. Indeed, it is possible to obtain unconditional credits from €15 to €50, which is relatively rare on the market, especially considering the size of these amounts.