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You are surely about to choose among our tests an online casino on which you are going to play and therefore, very often, deposit money. It is therefore normal and legitimate to ask you about how we select the best online casinos and on what basis our scores are established.

List of all French-speaking online casinos

Here are all the reviews written by our team on the different online casinos playable from France, feel free to browse :

Finding fun to play online

Before you even think about winning or get scared about possible losses, before you even think about what type of casino you are going to subscribe to or how much you are going to deposit, you need to think about one essential thing: your pleasure Ask yourself how you will get the most out of this experience and based on your answer, you will be able to choose the type of casino, the type of bonus and the amount you wish to deposit

Once you’ve completed the process, you can compare the best casinos tested through our various comparison charts and start playing after you’ve registered.

A multitude of games available

Among our selection criteria, it goes without saying that we are interested in casinos offering the widest possible variety of games. Because many games means the possibility ofOnline Casino reviews satisfying a maximum of players.

All of the casinos we have included in our comparative ranking offer at least a total of 1000 different games. This includes table games (Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribean Stud, Ultimate Poker…) but also slot machine games, video poker games and finally the games offered in live casinos (live casino).

This selection criterion may seem totally arbitrary but it is nevertheless a guarantee of the casino’s quality because the more games a casino offers, the more it will have established numerous partnerships with game developers, this demonstrates the seriousness of the company and its ability to surround itself with good game developers.

Playing from home

When you play in an online casino room, you gain in comfort: you play from home, no need to prepare and move around, let alone take into account the schedules imposed by physical casinos. At any time you can stop and resume a few moments later. Playing from an online casino is playing from home with all the comforts and advantages that this entails. The only thing you need is a PC (or Mac) or a phone connected to the Internet! That’s all you need! Playing at the casino from home, from your sofa, bed or garden is simplicity without name.

A real gain in time

Beyond the undeniable advantage of staying at home, there is also another interest in playing at an online casino: you win a lot of time! No traveling, no need to show ID at the entrance of the casino, no waiting time in front of crowded slot machines, no need to wait until a round of roulette is over to start playing another machine you can start several games at the same time! So you save time and as the saying goes time is money!

What are the reasons for playing at an online casino?

How to choose your online casino? This question you must ask yourself if you want to enjoy your future gaming room. Indeed, this decision will determine the conditions under which you will play. The points that you will have to take into account are related to the means of payment, bonuses, conditions for withdrawing winnings and of course, as mentioned above, the number of games offered by the casino and their quality, reliability and integrity.

Variants and number of games

When you make your choice, you’ll have to check if the games you prefer are nice and present in the online casino room in question. It would be a shame if your favorite game isn’t present in the room in question

A registration still takes about ten minutes, so if you can avoid registering unnecessarily it will save you a lot of time. Also look in our comparison table to see if your type of game is present, even if you click on the link that leads to the casino to check if you know exactly the name of the game or machine you want to see on the room in question.

The bonuses

The choice of a room is very often conditioned by the bonus of a casino. But beware, a big bonus is not necessarily THE bonus you need. In our tests and reviews we also give you the ins and outs of each bonus: how to unlock it, its interest and the type of player for whom it is most interesting. Usually huge bonuses are harder to “clear” (i.e. unlock)

Speed of withdrawals

As important as it is to check how quickly withdrawals are processed (so that you can cash out your winnings quickly), it is not as important to find a room with no limits or ceilings on withdrawals.

Why? Quite simply because an online casino room that sets daily withdrawal limits is a cash management casino (e.g. withdrawal max €1000/day).

While a quick withdrawal is nice, a withdrawal of an unlimited amount can be very difficult to pay all players at once. (For example, if a player wins a big jackpot and decides to withdraw all of it at once, he may penalize other players and jeopardize the casino’s cash flow). It can therefore be concluded that a casino that sets withdrawal limits is a serious and realistic casino.

The average withdrawal time is 24 to 48 hours for Skrill/Neteller type e-wallets and 3 to 5 days for withdrawals by credit card or bank transfer.

Means of payment

Another proof of seriousness: the payment methods offered

The more of them, the better, for two reasons:

  • This shows that the company that operates the casino has established strong partnerships with banking institutions (VISA, Mastercard, etc…), with institutions that require that we show white paws (paypal, Skrill, Neteller) or with other payment modules such as Paysafecard or CashLib which are very demanding with casinos.
  • This gives you a choice, you will feel freer and more secure, especially as some payment methods do not leave any trace on bank statements for example.

What we analyze in an online casino

As you will have understood, there are several relatively important criteria to take into account before registering at an online casino, for you as players, but also for us as testers, because beyond the points we have mentioned (means of payment, quantity and quality of games, withdrawal times and bonuses) there are points that we must check for you before including them in our ranking. These are more technical criteria (on the FCRs in particular) and criteria that are used to establish reliability (cash flow, cash flow, solvency and liabilities of the casino for example)

By delivering you a TOP 3 ranking we present you the results of several weeks of tests by our teams. We are independent and have total integrity. No casino pays us to show them in our rankings or comparisons. Our reviews are based on real-life tests that we cross-reference with player reviews.

More Than Advice: Find Complete Guides is a reference in terms of tests and opinions. We are a team of players or former players who have specialized in online casino testing. But we are also able to present you with complete guides to casino games, we can also give you detailed blackjack game strategies or, for example, deliver methods to choose the most profitable variant of video poker games

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