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Complete Notice - Gratowin

Gratowin is a casino that’s on a roll, focused on scratch games but not only! This reliable casino is accessible for French players. Get an EXCLUSIVE 130% Bonus up to 200€ 7€ free thanks to the PROMO CODE: CRITIKJ130 . If you want to win a maximum amount of money while playing it “fine”, there is only one way: it’s GratoWin

There are more and more online casinos with different specificities as you can see in our online casino reviews. For its part, GratoWin specializes in scratch games and slot machines and is one of the best online casinos of the moment.

It is possible to play in France and other French-speaking countries. In order for players to immerse themselves in its universe and enjoy new and exciting moments of entertainment, the site offers a no deposit bonus of 7 euros.

The GratoWin account

As soon as you register, you have access to your GratoWin account. Registration gives you access to bonuses that you can enjoy with or without a deposit.

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You will then be able to start playing, either with real money or with play money on an ergonomic and easy to use interface.

From then on, you get to know the exciting world of scratch games.


  • Bonuses available with or without deposit
  • Ergonomic and easy to use interface
  • A wide choice of scratching games

Registration Process

To register on the site, it couldn’t be easier. On your home screen, you will first find the steps to be taken to access the site, which is free to register.

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As soon as you click on the dedicated button, you arrive on an open window asking you to complete some information :

  1. Your email address;
  2. Your screen name;
  3. Your account password;
  4. Confirmation of this password ;

You must then tick on the Terms of Service of the site. Then, you arrive at the second step of your registration.

This time you will be asked for more information of a personal nature:

  • Your first and last names;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Your address;
  • Your zip code ;
  • Your country;
  • The type of currency you want;

After validating this account, you can directly access the games without having to confirm it through your inbox. It should be noted that you directly have an amount of 7 € that you can use to enjoy your very first games on GratoWin.

Methods of payment

GratoWin offers various payment methods, including bank transfer, cheque or credit card (Maestro, MasterCard, VISA) without forgetting electronic wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. Note that you do not need to make a first deposit to get started.

This undoubtedly distinguishes GratoWin from other sites where you have to do at least once to be able to access the games with real money.
Concretely, you receive 7 € as soon as you sign up that you can use directly. If you win games, you can continue to have fun without having to pay a single cent.

Please note, however, that no withdrawals are possible until the player has made his first deposit.

The credibility of GratoWin

GratoWin is a young platform that went online in the summer of 2019, powered by a team of enthusiasts. It is a reliable site, its reliability being first of all due to the fact that it is duly certified by the State of Curaçao. This accreditation attests to the fact that its games are subject to regular checks by regulatory bodies.

Furthermore, GratoWin operates in compliance with the laws and regulations in force. GratoWin’s credibility is also confirmed by its membership of the Netoplay network, a true reference in the field of scratch games.

Withdrawal of winnings

From the bottom of the home page on the left, you have two separate buttons: one for deposit and one for withdrawal. You have 4 ways to make a withdrawal: by crediting your credit card, via e-wallet, by check or by bank transfer. You can access the corresponding amount after 72 hours.

All methods of payment

Several payment methods are possible, in this case bank cards and electronic wallets.

gratowin payment method

The VISA card
Several payment methods are offered by GratoWin. First of all you have the VISA card which is accepted everywhere on the internet. As on the other sites, you will have to provide the card number, the month and year of expiration, the cryptogram, the name of the holder, the amount of the deposit.
In the event that your account does not correspond to the cardholder, you will be asked to complete the information concerning the CB holder. The minimum deposit amount is €10. If you have a bonus code, do not hesitate to provide it.
MasterCard and Maestro
As far as bank cards are concerned, GratoWin is also compatible with MasterCard and Maestro.

As far as the choice of possible deposit amount is concerned, you have 5 choices of which 4 are predefined: 10, 25, 50 and 100 €.

The possible deposit amounts remain the same. If you do not use a card, but a specific account, you will be asked for your email address or account ID.
For more security, an authentication code or security ID is required. If you don’t have a Neteller account yet, you will be able to create one and a link to do so is suggested.
You can also pay via Skrill by VISA, MarsteCard, Divers Club International. Your e-mail address is useful to be able to access them. Once again, you can choose between five amounts: 10 euros, 25 euros, 50 euros, 100 euros or an amount of your choice.

The toy library: Slot machines and scratch games

GratoWin offers several games. However, you won’t find table games like poker or blackjack. It specializes in slot machines, but especially scratch games and other rather fun games such as dart throwing.

gratowin reviews games


  • A myriad of scratch games and slot machines;
  • Very well done and attractive interfaces;
  • Games available in both free and paid mode (real money);
  • A secure platform to have fun with peace of mind.

Software and technologies used

GratoWin is an online scratch game site that works with the Netoplay network, a real reference in this category. Indeed, it also owns Gratomania and Scratchmania. It works hand in hand with other sites such as Winspark and Winorama.

Netoplay is a well known supplier for the quality of its games. They are appreciated for their quality and originality. Their compatibility with different media should also be emphasized. Players also appreciate the possibility to play in both portrait and landscape mode. In all cases, its design is based on HTML5 and wireless technology. Also, no downloads are required to play the games available at GratoWin and this online casino is compatible with all browsers.

Types of casino games available

You have the possibility to play several types of games, mainly scratch games, slot machines, some casino games, but also sports games.

Scratching games
Scratch games are at the heart of GratoWin’s toy library. The principle is simple. It’s all about “scratching” (virtually speaking) and finding out if you’ve got the winning combination to pocket a bonus. Several universes are then explored to the great delight of players, including “Gold Rush”, “Royal Flush”, “Mystic Wins”, “Riches of Troy” and “Ali Baba”.
Slot machines
As with all slot machines, you win by getting a combination on a horizontal or vertical line. To do this, you have bet buttons with several possible amounts.
At a casino, you draw on a handle. In GratoWin, this is replaced by a button. This allows you to play several themes such as “50 Shades of Love”, “Codex”, “Vegas Light”, “Cleopatra”, “Vegas Cash”, “Lucky 7”, “Wizard Fortune”, “Zen Garden”, “Little Pigs”, and many more.
Entertaining games
On GratoWin, you are sure to have a great time. You will find great classics such as “Tic Tac Toe”, whose goal is to score 3 points. You can also have fun with “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.
Sports games
One of the big differences of GratoWin is the possibility to bet on sports. For example, you can bet on equestrian sports with “Horse Racing”. All you have to do is choose your horse. On “Frog race” on the other hand, you will place your bet on frogs.
In total, you will find various titles in this category such as “Super Stars”, “Super Kick”, “Sport Cards”, “Darts”, “Horse Racing”, “Goal Scorer” and “Frog Race”.
Some casino games
GratoWin offers some references to traditional casino games with titles such as “Black Jack Scratch”. This one resembles the game of the same name with the difference that you can play with 1 to 5 hands. The buttons always remain the same. The goal is similar to the classic version of blackjack, i.e. to beat the dealer with a maximum of 21 points.

Modernity and design

The design of GratoWin varies depending on the game. You will find both 2D and 3D titles. Whatever the display technology, the graphics are always attractive. Moreover, the games are always easy to understand and use. The buttons on the interface are well thought out. Animations such as sound effects and background music enhance the gaming experience.

So that you can have fun everywhere, GratoWin is available on computers, but also on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

A satisfying adventure on GratoWin

GratoWin offers a particularly captivating game world. As soon as you arrive on the site, you are greeted by a modern and colorful visual.

In addition, it is easy to handle. And, as mentioned earlier, no downloads are required to have fun.

Moreover, the diversity of the themes allows players to travel all over the world, but also in several eras such as Antiquity, the Middle Ages or the Contemporary Era.

GratoWin bonuses

Several bonuses are offered by GratoWin. The first is the €7 no deposit bonus. As soon as you create an account on the site, this amount is given to you so that you can access almost all the games except those intended for VIP members. Secondly, you have the 130% welcome bonus of €200. This is given to you upon your first deposit. These offers allow newcomers to take full advantage of the games available.


  • 7 euros obtained without deposit ;
  • 130% welcome bonus on first deposit ;
  • Special bonuses for VIP members;

Loyalty program on GratoWin (VIP Club)

GratoWin is a site that rewards the loyalty of its members. The longer you play, the greater your reward. This loyalty materializes in the form of points. To obtain one, you have to place a bet of 10 €.

gratowin vip account


  • System for transforming the points which are in turn convertible into silver ;
  • Exclusively dedicated games;
  • Regular deposit bonuses on certain days of the week;

The higher you are in this hierarchy, the greater the reward. Your ranking will give you access to special games and bonuses.

Bronze bearing detail
  • Access: 400 accumulated points convertible into 10 € ;
  • VIP Games unlocked ;
  • 10 € bonus for every deposit of 100 € from Sunday to Thursday ;
  • Monday deposits give a 5% bonus;
Silver bearing detail
  • Access: 1,500 points convertible into 50 € ;
  • VIP Games unlocked ;
  • Those who deposit a minimum of 150 € will receive 20 € from Sunday to Thursday;
  • On Mondays, 8% is granted for each deposit ;
Gold bearing detail
  • Access : 4 000 points convertible into 200 € ;
  • The VIP games are unlocked;
  • From Sunday to Thursday, for every deposit of 200 € or more, receive 30 € ;
  • On Mondays, for each deposit, receive a 12% bonus;
Platinum bearing detail
  • Access : 9 000 points convertible into 600 € ;
  • VIP games are available;
  • From Sunday to Thursday, for every deposit of minimum 250 €, a bonus of 40 € is offered;
  • On Mondays, a 15% bonus is given for each deposit.
Diamond bearing detail
  • Access : 20 000 points convertible into 2 500 € ;
  • VIP games are unlocked;
  • From a deposit of at least €300 from Sunday to Thursday, receive a bonus of €50 ;
  • On Mondays, for every deposit, a 20% bonus is offered.

What we think of GratoWin

GratoWin is a rather original online casino if you consider the games offered. It is also distinguished by the bonuses offered. Even though there are many online casinos, specializing in scratch games and slot machines is a rather daring bet.

At the same time, it is a distinction that can make all the difference and that could make GratoWin a must-have in this category.
In any case, it knows how to stand out. Indeed, the interface is attractive and well thought out: we can say that the trip is worth the detour. The themes are so numerous that there is no room for boredom.

Our advice for your first deposit

The bigger the deposit you make, the bigger the bonus you’ll get. However, the first deposit bonus is up to €200. It is therefore best to wager no more than €100. In addition, it is recommended to be careful with the first bets and not to put too much money and to remain reasonable.

Especially since you will be able to win as the bets come in. Winnings that you can bet again.

The mobile version of GratoWin

The online casino is available on your mobile phone or tablet. You will also be able to use your own account anytime and anywhere. No need to download, you just need an internet connection. Once you have entered your login details, you can start playing whenever you want

GratoWin customer service

Customer service is available both by email and by phone. As far as the telephone call is concerned, you must make a preliminary request by e-mail and you will be called back as soon as possible. It is recommended to make any request during working days, whenever possible.

If you need immediate answers, GratoWin provides a Live Chat service to get in touch with the support team. To do this, there is a “Chat” button in the lower part of the game screen.

Security at GratoWin

12-bit SSL technology secures your personal information. A special encryption system protects your data and makes it unusable by malicious outsiders.
GratoWin is a regulated casino. With a license from the State of Curaçao, its games are regularly monitored and the platform operates in accordance with specific laws and regulations.

Pros and Cons of GratoWin

  • An impressive number of games
  • Free registration
  • Free no deposit bonus
  • Attractive 130% First Deposit Bonus
  • Available on mobile supports
  • A secure platform
  • Absence of classic casino games (poker, roulette…)

To conclude on Gratowin

GratoWin is an online casino specializing in scratch games and slot machines. It offers hundreds of games that you can play with play money or real money.

Moreover, 7 € is given to you when you register. You are propelled into particularly fascinating universes in a secure environment.

FAQ about Gratowin: the answers to all your questions

💖 Is the connection to Gratowin simple?

It couldn’t be simpler. You just have to go to our magazine in click hereyou will discover the registration process that takes only a few minutes. You will then be able to play on Gratowin.

💖 Is our Gratowin opinion relevant?

Our casino experts are always objective when putting themselves in a casino test situation Click here to discover the Pros and Cons to play at Gratowin!

💖 Can Gratowin be considered a casino?

Of course I do. Even if the name probably makes you think of a scratch game site, Gratowin offers all the games of an online casino worthy of the name Click here to discover the casino games that Gratowin Casino makes available to you.

💖 Does Gratowin accept French players?

Yes, the players in France are even the first community present on Gratowin in terms of registered players Click here to access the registration button straight away!

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