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With a special place in the online casino market, Banzai Casino caters to a clientele that is often overlooked by its competitors: small and casual gamblers. These visitors, who may feel drowned in the unknown when accessing a classic casino, will find their place here.

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There are many different kinds of online casinos, and there is something for everyone, from the most seasoned and picky players to casual visitors who want to have a light-hearted entertainment experience. Banzai Casino is one of the sites focused on entertainment, and offers on its platform a wide and varied catalogue of virtual slots, table games and live casino games that we will present in this casino review.

Thanks to a simple and ergonomic interface, which places the game itself at the centre of the experience, Banzai Casino stands out from its competitors with quality applications, accessible in a fast and user-friendly site. There are no complicated steps to take and no long loading times. The casino is fluid and allows you to play in all circumstances.

The company, based in Cyprus, is geared towards a European clientele, and the entire player’s journey is therefore framed by the many territorial laws that ensure safety for both money transfers and fair play.

banzai casino home

Whether you are a solitaire gambler or a progressive jackpots fan, there is a Banzai Casino game for every player. Despite its recent opening in 2019, the casino has already attracted many visitors and has quickly become one of the most popular. This is the result of an exclusive catalogue, a strong customer service and numerous bonuses offered to newcomers and registered players alike.

Banzai Casino : Bonuses and Promotions

Like any new online casino, Banzai Casino is facing a big test: attractiveness. And yet, to attract players, it is a solution that has long since proven itself. Indeed, what better way to make people want to play than to offer rewards to newcomers?

Types of bonuses

That’s why, by signing up at Banzai Casino, players can get a bonus of 100% of their initial deposit, up to a maximum of €250, a little less than 300 free at Cresus Casino. In addition, over 30 € deposited, no less than 200 free spins are offered to test the numerous slot machines. This is a strong argument to attract visitors!

banzai casino promotions

However, you also have to be able to convince them to stay. To do this, Banzai Casino has set up a calendar of promotions to make the competition look good. For these regular rewards are three per week, which is much more than most other online casino sites. For your information, the days not to be missed at Banzai Casino are :

🎁 Tsunami Tuesday
Every Tuesday between 5pm and midnight, players receive a bonus of 25% of their deposit, with no limit.
🎁 Thursday is Sushi
It’s an original menu that runs from 4pm to 10pm every week. Depending on the amount of his deposit, the player gets a number of free spins to use on a virtual slot machine.
🎁 Zen Sunday
It is an original progressive bonus system to enjoy your weekend in total peace of mind. The share of the bonus evolves according to the number of deposits made between 9am and midnight every Sunday.

Banzai Casino : analysis ReviewGame

This online casino has nothing to do with most of its competitors who take themselves seriously and create a real hermetic casino atmosphere. At Banzai Casino, we want people to have fun, and everything is designed with that in mind. Whether by the choice of games or by the universe developed at the interface level, the site is in line with the unrestrained state of mind of certain Japanese games, which contributes to giving it a young and innovative image within the market.

Table games, whether live or not, are more formal. They are no less interesting, since all the applications are powered by creators recognized in this field, guaranteeing both reliability and fluidity of the gaming experience. The Banzai Casino live games are hosted by classic croupiers, so there is little room for delirium in this part of the casino, but the quality is there.

Another advantage of this platform is that it caters to players who have been neglected by the online casino industry. Indeed, no matter how much money is deposited, all visitors can find their account at Banzai Casino. It is with this in mind that the crazy universe was developed: to put the interest of the game before that of the money.

However, there are many jackpots, progressive and non-progressive, that make the game interesting, as well as exclusive bonuses that are not subject to betting conditions. It is quite rare for a casino to think about entertainment first and foremost, so it is worth mentioning.

Furthermore, in order to maintain this environment dedicated to leisure as a priority, Banzai Casino provides its players with various tools designed to control their spending and thus make gaming more responsible. Enough to convince even the most reticent or least accustomed players.

Quality games & software

Like Lucky8Banzai Casino sources games from the best names in the market, which allows them to offer a catalogue that is both well stocked and precisely selected to match their users.

banzai casino games

Betsoft software is among their suppliers, as is the case for many casinos, but there are also creators such as Yggdrasil, whose games are known for their originality and impressive graphics.

Partnering with these establishments not only ensures a wide and worthwhile choice, but also guarantees access to regulated games, whose algorithms and security have been proven over many years.

Banzai Casino also has a unique feature, since the casino gives players the opportunity to test the games in its catalogue for free. These are of course demonstration games that do not allow you to win money, but it is an opportunity to get familiar with the games and have fun without any risk.

The mobile version of Banzai Casino

Mobile accessibility has become a guarantee of quality among online casinos. If some people refuse to adapt to this new way of playing, this is not the case at Banzai Casino, far from it.

Indeed, the site is fully adapted for mobile browsers, and is thus accessible from any device. The adaptation is done in a fluid and ergonomic way. All you have to do is go to the casino’s website from your smartphone and let yourself be guided, to enjoy all the games available at any time.

Apart from the size of the screen, you won’t see any difference with a computer. The quality, speed and playing experience is the same, as is the access to the player profile and money transfers.

Exemplary customer service

banzai casino supportIn the same line as the rest of the site, everything related to assistance is optimized to find answers easily when needed. At the first level, a page of frequently asked questions helps to solve any general concerns that may arise when using the site.

But customer service does not stop there, as it is possible to contact experts via a live chat, or for questions requiring a more complex answer, a support service by email integrated into the website. The system in place allows the player not to feel abandoned in case of need, which contributes to the seriousness of the casino.

Means of payment

Most common payment methods are accepted at Banzai Casino. Once again, transparency is paramount, as a summary table allows visitors to see the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts associated with each payment method.

Credit card payments, for example, are possible for deposits of at least €10. The balance is then credited immediately and the minimum withdrawal amount is €20.

For more advanced players, Banzai Casino also offers the option of making a bank transfer for a minimum deposit of €1000. However, this procedure requires extensive verification. The transfer can take up to 5 days, and all withdrawals must be greater than €50.

Our opinion on opening an account at Banzai Casino 165

Choosing your online casino is like making a big purchase. It requires you to ask yourself many questions before you make your choice. In the case of Banzai Casino, the site’s objective being to put the game itself before the lure of winning, it is not to be recommended to the most advanced players who wish to experience professional gambling.

banzai casino registration

However, for players who are new to gambling or who wish to get rid of the serious image usually desired by casinos, Banzai is a wise choice for several reasons.

  • It allows you to take advantage of the latest generation applications, developed with the latest technologies, even in a demonstration state.
  • You do not need to make large deposits to play, nor to benefit from the various bonuses and rewards.
  • The interface is easy to access, both on computer and mobile, and its use requires no software installation.

For all these reasons, we would like to encourage you to create an account at Banzai Casino, if only to familiarize yourself with the world and try out many games for free.

Banzai Casino, our analysis

By betting on not taking itself seriously, the casino nevertheless manages to establish itself as legitimate, both by the choice of its partners and by its unfailing customer service. It is not for nothing that Banzai Casino, in just a few months of existence, is already among the best online casino sites.

In short, Banzai Casino is:

  • A wide catalogue of innovative games
  • A site designed for mobile browsers
  • Efficient and responsive customer service, close to the players
  • Numerous bonuses with no wagering requirements
  • Not optimized for seasoned players