Understanding the Return to Player Rate (RTP)

Let us be very clear from the outset, we are going to talk here about statistics, mathematics and chance in the broadest sense. If you’re allergic to numbers go your own way, but if you want to increase your chances of winning this step of understanding is essential.

It is a question of understanding the systems of reversions or redistribution of winnings to players. This redistribution is expressed in the form of a rate: we talk about RTP, the rate of redistribution to the players. Each game (roulette, slot machines, blackjack, etc…) has its own rate. For example, in France, the distribution rate in hardcore casinos is set at 88% for games such as blackjack, stud, etc. (table games) and 85% for slot machines. But what about online? The offer is so varied, the games are so numerous and the legislation is different.

To be very clear, and for all those who do not wish to go further, the casino, in the short or medium term will always have the advantage over you, if you win in a very short time interval only due to chance, or in other words to your luck. In the long term, you can try to reduce this share of luck and thus fight against variance by applying strategies for example or by knowing exactly the statistics for each game.

For others, those of you who want to delve deeper, let’s take a look at these JRTs and then look at how to fight variance and try to beat the bank, at table games-or the house, the casino-at machines and scratch games.

What is the RRT: Return to Player Rate to players or redistribution of winnings?

In concrete terms, the RJR is the long-term statistical rate of total earnings divided by the total amount invested.

The Return to Player Rate to players, also known as the expected return or casino payout rate, is an average percentage of the casinos payout to players in the same online or hard-copy casino.

In our case we will only develop the rates of the online casinos since this is the case we are interested in. However, it is interesting to have a head that the Return to Player Rate to players in online casinos is 10-12% higher for slot machines, 1-3% higher for table games compared to real casinos. This is due to the savings of dealers for example, but also to the volumes of players that are not even comparable (some online casinos have thousands of players connected simultaneously and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

The case of roulette

The probability of winning when you bet on the black or red color is 18, it is the number of numbers of this color, divided by 37 which is the total number of numbers on the cylinder because you must not forget the zero. Taking into account that the payout is 2 times the amount bet, then the standard RTP of the roulette wheel to infinity is 2 * (18/37) = 0.973 = 97.3%

So if you bet 100 times Β£5 and end up with $490 by just playing red black roulette, the RTP will be (490/(5×100))*100 = 98%

You’ll be above the RJRT, but you’ll still be a loser. To hope to become a winner, you will have to rely either on luck, or establish investment strategies to reduce the 2.7% gap between you and the winner.

Case of Blackjack

In this card game, which is very popular among experienced players, the normal RTP (infinite and with a purely mathematical strategy) is 99.5%, which is the game where the bank is the winning month (that’s why blackjack is often excluded from the bets to be made to unlock online casino bonuses).

However, in the case of live casinos (live casino on online casinos) depending on the cards remaining in the 6 decks of the game on the table, the FCR can vary between 94.5 and 102.5%: the game can then become exploitable if the “card counters” (name given to some players) are able to use it. Once again, our strategy articles can be used to help you become a blackjack winner in this particular case.

The case of slot machines

The case of slots (slot machines) in online casinos is very special. Indeed, slot machines are subject to very little regulation and regulation, and it is better to find out beforehand about the payout rate of the machine you are going to play on.

More generally, the FCR of slot machines in online casinos ranges from 92% to 99%. So you see a big disparity. Take the time to find out about each machine, some casinos clearly display the RTP of each machine, others do not…

Variance in online casino games

What is variance? It is simply the ratio that will be created between the risk and the reward (risk/rewards)

We can then identify 3 types of variances:

  1. A low variance: in this case the gain expectation is low but so is the risk.
  2. A high variance: here the gain will be potentially very high but the risk will be just as high
  3. An average variance: we will be halfway between the 2 previous variances.

Some players advocate a high variance in order to make a one shot deal and hope to get a big win quickly or withdraw just as quickly if it goes wrong. These players think that the more you play (in time) the more you give the casino the chance to make you lose.

Conversely, other players prefer a very low variance, play for a long time, minimize risk and try to exploit game strategies (martingale or flypicking at roulette, slots at slot machines or the K.O. Count at blackjack in particular)

In both cases, you have to stick to your playing style, you will be much more successful by sticking to volatility (variance) rather than changing your style during the game. Have a good game.

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