Play n Go Casino : Software and Bonus Review at French Casinos

Although every year new casino game providers are created, there are companies that manage to stay the course while maintaining quality service. Despite its historical presence, Play n Go has managed to stay ahead of its new competitors, and continues to offer many games that fill the online casino catalogs in a rapidly expanding environment as you can see on our list of online game publishers.

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The strengths and weaknesses of Play n Go Casino

Strong points
Rich and varied range of games

Instant Mode

Graphics designed for all resolutions


More quantity, less quality

While most of its competitors are cautious about this approach, Play n Go is playing the transparency card by proudly announcing their desire to dominate the online casino gaming market.

Since its birth, the company has been able to develop a catalogue that is both complete and diversified (almost equivalent to Betsoft‘s catalogue!) to allow the greatest number of players to benefit from its applications. This is also why many online casinos call upon this designer. Because the range of games is rich and varied, this avoids overly multiplying the number of game suppliers, and favors the customer relationship between the casino and the developer.

Not only does it save time in setting up, but it also makes it easier to get technical support when needed, so that casinos are never left in the lurch.

As far as the games themselves are concerned, it’s the diversity that’s important to remember. Indeed, Play n go is not satisfied with just offering virtual slot machines. The company develops many solutions, such as table games, lotteries or scratch tickets. This is enough to convince all profiles of players, whatever their habits.

All applications created by Play n Go work in instant mode. That’s also what makes it one of the market leaders. A simple integration into the casino’s website, and you’re done. No need to download any software to play, which also contributes to easy access on mobile phones.

Because this is also one of the challenges of this designer. Beyond the classic online casino market, the company intends to make a name for itself in the mobile gaming field by offering fully compatible and intuitive applications for smartphone players.

With graphics designed for all resolutions, and animations that adapt to the performance of the device, Play n Go is playable on absolutely any screen, without any loss of player satisfaction.

On the other hand, the quantity of games offered is sometimes to the detriment of quality and innovation. Although the applications are fluid and allow you to play with pleasure for long hours, don’t expect Play n Go Casino to be a great innovation.

Indeed, the graphics may be pushed and the animations nicely worked, but the universes are classic to say the least and few are out of the ordinary.

Nevertheless, Play n Go games meet all expectations regarding casino games, from ergonomics to winning possibilities, interesting mini-games and frequent bonuses.

Presentation of the company

Play n Go Casino was born in the 90s in Sweden. The company was therefore present on the circuit from the very first hours of online gaming, which allowed it to easily gain undisputed legitimacy and to improve its games in line with technological developments. Play n Go casino has added its stone to the edifice of the major online gaming publishers against giants such as the publisher MicroGaming.

The company has now grown to 350 employees working in several teams across Europe, in Hungary, Malta, Sweden and England.

Made up of complementary expert profiles, the offices work in collaboration with each other to enable the company to position itself ever more strongly, with the aim of dominating the sector.

Thanks to its history, Play n Go has been able to go through the different eras of online gaming by constantly adapting. This is what allowed it to be among the first to take an interest in mobile gaming, and the developer has now become a must-have for casinos available on mobile.

Without forgetting the fun of the game, Play n Go focuses on the productivity of its agents to provide an ever-growing range of slot machines, table games and lotteries. For the company, market domination is achieved through the importance of the catalogue above all else.


Legality and fair play of the game

Play n Go’s presence in various European territories guarantees absolute compliance with the rules of safety and fair play. Indeed, without this factor, the establishment in these countries would be impossible. It is therefore without a doubt a guarantee for the player and the casino owner.

In addition, tests are frequently carried out to validate the random nature of the gains and the compliance with the constantly changing laws.

In addition, Play n Go has set up a personalized support system between the company and the gaming site manager. Thus, for each casino, a project manager is designated at Play n Go, in order to exchange on the administration and management of the account. This is not only reassuring for the casino owner, but also a guarantee for the player, who can enjoy the games at his disposal without any worries.


Bonus possibilities

In partnership with Play n Go Casino, many casinos offer their users the opportunity to take advantage of various discounts, rewards or rewards depending on their terms and conditions. It is therefore not uncommon to be able to enjoy Play n Go games without having to put your hand in your pocket, or even in moderation.

Indeed, among these sites, most of them allow you to get a credit bonus at the time of your first deposit. This amount can vary from 100 to 2000€, representing from 100% to 300% of the initial deposit. In short, the casino offers you one to three times your base wager so you can have fun without counting.

At the moment, we have not found a Play n Go casino that offers a no-deposit bonus. However, some do offer free spins on the slot machines to test the games before succumbing. You can get 20-50 free spins depending on the casino you choose.