VISA Casino: the most popular bank card for online casinos

As a means of payment that has been known throughout the world for several decades, Visa offers a bank card and financing options. Its simplicity and reliability have made the Visa bank card a card regularly offered by banks to their customers, just like its main competitor MasterCard. But which online casinos accept Visa as a method of payment? Is your money deposit taken into account quickly? Is it possible to recover winnings at an online casino with Visa? With this article, find out how Visa works at an online casino.

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Historical point: VISA is more than half a century old

The history of Visa is very old. It dates back to 1958, when the Bank of America launched its own payment card in California, under the name BankAmeriCard. In 1977, the card was renamed Visa and the company itself was renamed VISA (an acronym for Visa International Service Association). 60 years after the creation of this card, the American firm has become a mastodon, made up of 21,000 financial companies, present throughout the world and has become the world’s leading payment system for financial flows. With 3.3 billion Visa cards distributed worldwide, it is ranked second behind the Chinese company UnionPay and its 7 billion bank cards.

Visa credit and debit cards are no longer required. They are the standard in payment solutions, both online and at merchants. When a person pays, a computer instantly checks the account balance and authorizes or denies the transaction.

Is there a specific procedure to follow for using Visa at online casinos ?

From the moment you select a online casino accepting VisaIf you are in possession of the relevant bank card, you must go to your personal space to make a deposit. Do it carefully and keep in mind that the game must remain a game, and that you can ask for help from dedicated associations if you encounter difficulties.

How do I play at an online casino with VISA?

Before going into detail about the use of your visa card at an online casinowe prefer to state that we have found that some casinos do not accept Visa Electron transactions. This payment card with a limited ceiling and systematic balance inquiry is generally shunned by online casino gaming platforms.

Visa for the deposit

Equipped with your visa credit cardTo make your first deposit at an online casino. Select this payment method and then select the amount you wish to credit to your player account. A checking stage will be required to validate the transaction (usually a code sent to your smartphone). Once this transaction has been validated, it usually appears in your player account after a few seconds. We have noted that this payment can sometimes take up to 24 hours to register, but this is extremely rare.

Visa for withdrawal

It is also possible to collect earnings of online casino with Visa. However, it is important to check the terms and conditions of each casino’s winnings release policy. In our experience UK online casinos with Visa accepting the withdrawal of winnings by this means take into account the request for payment within 3 to 5 days on average, and sometimes about ten days. If you wish to receive your winnings more quickly, do not hesitate to choose another method of withdrawal.

Look out! Some online casinos condition the withdrawal of winnings by using the same method used for the last deposit. In other words, if you deposit money in e-wallet, these casinos require you to collect your winnings in the same way (with varying timeframes).

What are the costs involved when you use Visa at a virtual casino ?

The online casinos accepting Visa as a method of payment have the option of applying a fee for such use. If we have not noticed any fees applied when depositing at an online casinoWithdrawals may incur processing fees.

In any case, we strongly recommend that you check every point in the conditions of use of Visa at an online casino. Our selection of best online casinos accepting Visa as a method of payment invites you to discover reliable sites, which clearly indicate their general terms of service.

The cream of the French online casino VISA

As the world’s most widely used means of payment, Visa is present as a means of payment in all online casinos around the world. This card is linked to and issued from your bank account. The Visa card has 16 digits, which all start with 4, a visual cryptogram, a validity date. Recently, a new tool has appeared: the Verified by Visa. It is a code received by SMS or email that you have to enter to validate your payment.

Visa cards can be either debit or credit. A credit card consists of a revolving cash reserve, which is not attached to the current account, and which the customer can renew regularly. This is the much-discussed “revolving credit” offered by companies such as Cetelem or Sofinco. A debit card, on the other hand, is a card that allows you to debit your bank account directly. We advise you, when playing at the casino, not to venture to use credit cards.

Depositing your money to a casino account with your Visa card is the most traditional way to do it. It has the advantage of being completely safe and available everywhere. Also, you probably already have a Visa debit card at home, so it’s the easiest way to deposit your money and get started gambling. To choose your casino carefully, we have compiled a list of the best casinos where you can deposit money with your Visa card.

Visa Card: Pros and Cons

The advantages of depositing at a casino with your Visa card are quite obvious: all casinos offer this means of payment, the transactions are safe since it is the banking system itself that ensures the transactions, and immediate. Secured by Visa” offers an additional layer of security.

There aren’t really any drawbacks to using your Visa card, but there are important things to consider. First of all, your Visa card is linked to a bank account. Banks don’t really like to gamble. It is not uncommon for banks to refuse to allow your card to be used on casino sites. This problem leads us to another related point: the lack of confidentiality. Indeed, you cannot go unnoticed if you are a casino player. If you win money, you will be on the front line and if you have addiction problems, you can be registered very quickly.

Finally, if you deposit at a fraudulent casino, you expose yourself to the risk of having your banking information stolen and thus jeopardize your personal finances.

Deposit or withdraw money with VISA at an online casinoIs it safe?

Any transaction by credit card, on an online casino as elsewhere, must be done with caution and assurance that the site selected is reliable and secure. Insofar as you need to enter your credit card numbers to deposit money or withdraw your winnings, vigilance is the order of the day.

Check the site security protocol used (presence of the small padlock displaying the independent security certificate, 128-bit SSL encryption regularly tested and updated ), and never use an unsecured internet connection (such as a public wifi point for example) to login to your player account. In addition, remember to have the memory of your computer or smartphone checked and/or wiped regularly.

Get casino bonuses by depositing with VISA

Unfortunately, this payment method does not offer any special bonuses. If any appear, we will let you know!

Does this payment method limit access to casino games?

At an online casino, you are allowed to play at any of the blackjack, roulette, slot machine or poker tables that are offered, even if you credit your player account in Visa. The best online casinos with Visa the information gathered in our comparative table will open the doors to an immersive and pleasant universe, whether realistic or completely crazy.

Not only credit your online casino player account by Visa does not limit access to the gaming tables, but you can even play faster than if you had credited your player account through another means, since the visa deposits at a virtual casino are usually taken into account immediately.

Our opinion on Visa as a payment method at a casino

Used around the world for over half a century, the visa credit card has largely won over its users. Online casino players are not to be outdone, since they can credit their player account in Visa for many years. Thanks to its system of transaction checkThe Visa credit card is recommended for playing at an online casino. Still hesitating? Discover our ranking of the best online casinos that accept VisaYou will find many bonuses at avantageux !

VISA Casino FAQs: stop looking, all the answers are here

Is VISA accepted in all casinos at ligne ?

The Visa credit card is indeed accepted in almost all online casinos, including those we recommend in our table.

Can I get casino bonuses if I deposit with VISA ?

It all depends on the bonus program of the casino you are playing at, but yes, there are periods of time when a deposit made with a Visa credit card can be credited to your account.

What casino games can I play if I deposit with a VISA ?

You can play all the games offered by the French (or international) online casino accepting Visa.

How fast is the withdrawal of winnings with a VISA ?

Withdrawing Visa winnings at an online casino takes a few days on average, up to about ten days. To pay out your winnings faster, you will need to use another payment method, such as an e-wallet.