Ticket Surf Casino: this payment solution is rare in French online casinos

A Ticket Surf is a way of payment which, like many prepaid tickets, allows people to convert their cash into a code. The Ticket Surf system makes it possible to use this code to pay for online purchases, while protecting the consumer’s personal data. Ticket Surf also offers another service, called Ticket Premium. It is a code that allows you to reload a prepaid card, to have access to a platform for managing your accounts and can be used anywhere. This service was launched in France in 2003 and has since become widely available. Ticket Surf is a major French player and an alternative payment method that is particularly appreciated by casino players in France. More than 200 online casino sites in France accept Ticket Surf as a means of deposit. Ticket Surf has also been adopted in 15 countries and is available in 20,000 points of sale around the world.

The best casinos accepting Ticket Surf

Ticket Surf is available mainly in the French-speaking border countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland) but also in the former French colonies in Africa. Thus, Ticket Surf is a particularly interesting way for African populations who wish to play at the casino or simply send money to a relative. Ticket Surf is thus mainly intended for French-speaking people, even if an English version of their site exists.

The online gambling regulatory authority (ARJEL) is the body that determines which casino is allowed to operate in France and which means of payment are accepted. Many alternative means of payment do not pass the ARJEL filter and are therefore prohibited in France. However, Ticket Surf (like Neosurf, another French company) is allowed. Thus, you will be able to use this payment method on well-known poker sites such as Winamax or PokerStars for example.

As far as casinos are concerned, there are a great many of them. We have chosen to offer you this selection of the best casinos that accept Ticket Surf for their deposits in order to save you precious time.

One of the great advantages of Ticket Surf is the possibility to buy a ticket by SMS. So it has never been easier to invest money in a casino. Other ways to credit Ticket Surf exist, such as Paypal for example. Thus, using Ticket Surf for your casino games will give you excellent flexibility.

Casino Ticket Surf : Pros and Cons

As we have just mentioned, the main asset of Ticket Surf is its incredible flexibility. Getting a Ticket Surf code for the casino is therefore the easiest thing to do. In addition, Ticket Surf offers a personalized fund management account with Ticket Premium. The codes are easy to buy in French speaking countries. The ARJEL authorizes this means of payment, which is something rare.

Another positive point that we have not yet mentioned here is the security of transactions. Ticket Surf transactions are encrypted and impossible to hack. In addition, you will avoid using your personal banking information to play at the casino. The discretion of Ticket Surf is therefore an asset for those who wish to remain anonymous or avoid jeopardizing their banking data. Finally, two last positive points: the possibility of accumulating many tickets to make deposits of a high amount and the very good After Sales Service.

If Ticket Surf is a very interesting alternative means of payment, we can still mention at least two important problems. First of all, the only currency accepted is the Euro. Also, Ticket Surf is really a French-French system that is for the moment difficult to export outside the French-speaking world. The other major problem concerns the fees, which are relatively high.

Ticket Surf in Online Casinos

The casinos offering Ticket Surf are therefore very numerous in France. This system is a real alternative when we know that many other means of payment are prohibited by the ARJEL. Moreover, some casinos offer specific bonuses (sometimes up to 15%) when using Ticket Surf. Given the very high number of French casinos that accept Ticket Surf, we strongly invite you to use the comparison table above, showing you the best Ticket Surf casinos.