Skrill Casino: a serious payment method for online casino players

Launched in 2001 in England, the Skrill payment method is one of the so-called alternative payment methods. Offering among others a prepaid card, but also an electronic wallet system, Skrill guarantees the security of each transaction. You can use Skrill in an online casino, whether it is French or international. But does a casino that accepts Skrill as a deposit or payment method charge a fee? Are the transactions fast with this payment method? Are you entitled to a bonus if you deposit money into your player account using this method? This article will tell you everything you need to know about this secure payment method.

TOP Casinos to deposit your money with Skrill Casino

Historical point: Skrill Casino France will amaze you

Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, is a service that allows you to send and receive a multitude of currencies online in a secure manner (e-wallet). Everything is done instantly and it is possible to register without a credit card. This direct competitor of Paypal is focused in the field of online gambling. Thus, it is possible to deposit real money into one’s casino account with Skrill for a long time. Indeed, Skrill’s ancestor, Moneybookers, was founded in 2001 in England. The company only changed its name in 2011 to give itself a more international dimension, but the activities around the casino, gaming sites or sports betting have not changed.

How to use Skrill on an online casino ?

If you choose a online casino with Skrill as a payment method, you will need to have a Skrill account (and possibly an affiliated prepaid card). Open your skrill account in a few minutes directly from the official website. Once in possession of this account, you will be able to both deposit money into your player account and request to withdraw your winnings, under certain conditions.

Is there a specific procedure to follow to use Skrill on online casinos ?

As with any other means of payment, you must follow a specific procedure to credit your player account as well as to pay out your winnings. It is important that you carefully read the general terms and conditions for depositing and withdrawing from a online casino accepting Skrill as a method of payment.

How do I use this British payment method?

First of all, please have your payment identifiers or your Skrill prepaid card ready. Then go to the “bank” part of your player account, which may also be called “cashier” depending on the sites used on our website ranking of the best online casinos with Skrill.

Skrill for deposition

For deposit money into your online casino player account by SkrillWe recommend that you set up your Skrill account in such a way that you do not risk any overshoot. Select the amount you wish to wager at the slot machine, poker, blackjack or online roulette tables, taking care to be cautious. As soon as your transaction is registered, you can play immediately!

Skrill for withdrawal

The withdrawal of online casino winnings with Skrill works on the same principle as the deposit, although we regret the somewhat long delays in taking into account. As a general rule, the deposit to your Skrill account takes between 48 to 72 hours, sometimes more depending on the site used. Please note! Many are the platforms of online casino games to apply conditions for the release of drastic gains (such as the obligation to bet up to 50 times the amount to be released). Study them carefully before embarking on your first transaction.

What are the costs involved when you use Skrill on a virtual casino ?

If the UK online casinos with Skrill generally do not charge for transactions through this channel, keep in mind that the Skrill service is subject to certain fees.

For both deposits and withdrawals, we did not notice any special charges on the online casinos with Skrill which we recommend in our comparison table. On the other hand, Skrill charges a fee for receiving and using its service, even though these fees are among the lowest on the market. For example, non-use of the account for more than 12 months is charged €5, or each receipt of payment results in a fee of 1%, far from the more than 3% of its competitor PayPal.

We invite you to check all fees related to the use of Skrill on an online casino with the customer service department of the brand, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises during your future transaction.

The best casinos accepting Skrill

Skrill has been in the online gambling business for almost twenty years and there are a large number of casinos around the world accepting deposits, payments and withdrawals through Skrill. It is ideal for casino players and gamblers. It is very easy to open an account and just make a bank transfer to activate your account. You go this way to withdraw your money from your casino account to your Skrill account. All this is done securely and immediately. Skrill is one of the best instant online payment sites, and works as a very serious alternative to traditional banks. Skrill also offers prepaid bank cards. They will allow you to spend the money you withdraw from your Skrill casino accounts in shops. You will not even need to go through the traditional banking system and will be able to keep some discretion in these casino activities thanks to Skrill. Your credit card details and personal information are also not visible at Skrill casinos.

This discretion has a strong impact on Skrill in France. Indeed, casino games are regulated by a state body, called the Autorité de Régulation des Jeux En Ligne (ARJEL). The ARJEL issues licenses to the various online casinos that allow them to operate their games on the national territory. However, the anonymisation of personal data offered by Skrill prohibits casinos from accepting this payment method as a means of deposit, online payment or withdrawal. The aim is thus to prevent money laundering. However, if you have the possibility to open a casino account to benefit from Skrill from abroad, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of it.

To help you understand this, we’ve listed for you the best casinos offering Skrill as a means of deposit and withdrawal.

Skrill: Pros and Cons

If nearly 30 million users trust this platform, it is because it has many advantages. Among these are the following:

  • High quality customer service and excellent reputation.
  • Possibility of crediting your Skrill account by bank card, debit card, credit card or bank transfer.
  • Total security of transactions (money transfer).
  • Anonymization of transactions to allow great discretion of your Skrill Casino deposits.
  • Wide choice of currencies to send and receive money from all over the world.
  • Very low operating costs.
  • Specialized in the world of casino and gambling for almost twenty years and therefore a presence of Skrill on almost all casinos.
  • The account creation, validation and sending procedures are extremely simple.
  • Skrill’s Mastercard which allows you to withdraw money directly, as if it were a bank account, from over 1.5 million ATMs worldwide or to pay merchants directly.

Skrill’s negative points are really few. Nevertheless, there are a few points we need to mention.

  • Withdrawal limits of €20,000 in 3 month increments to limit money laundering.
  • Not available in French casinos.

Deposit or withdraw money with Skrill on an online casinoIs it safe?

In fact, unless you force payment voluntarily, it is not possible to exceed a game limit that you have set with Skrill. Thus, using Skrill on an online casino is considered a reliable method of payment. However, never forget that web hackers are competing ingeniously to try to steal your personal and bank details.

Thus, you should not connect to an internet connection that is not secure (such as a public wifi for example). In addition, use an up-to-date, high-performance antivirus and firewall before playing at an online casino.

And finally, there is no point in checking his equipment if the casino gambling site is unreliable. Check the platform’s security protocol before entering any personal information (use of complex encryption encryption, security checks by an independent agency).

Do you get bonuses at an online casino that accepts Skrill?

Indeed, Skrill being an alternative payment method, some casinos offer dedicated bonuses, the aim being to motivate players to use them. If you are unsure if you are eligible for Skrill deposit promotions, please contact your casino’s customer service department.

At a Skrill online casino, you have access to all the games

Many people believe that choosing an alternative payment method at an online casino limits access to it, especially when it comes to gaming tables. This is not true! The best online casinos with Skrill in our comparison table offer exactly the same access to the gaming tables, whether you top up your player account with Skrill as with any other payment method.

The only downside is that the casino concerned must accept Skrill as a means of payment. As some online casinos offer exclusive gaming tables, resulting from a partnership with the biggest developers, you will have access to these new tables only if the online casino accepts Skrill.

To counter this, many platforms also offer deposit bonuses if you use alternative payment methods, such as Skrill. One person’s misfortune makes another person happy: you may have sites that refuse this payment method, but others will improve your playing time.

Our opinion on Skrill as a payment method at a casino

Simple, fast and reliable, with even some advantages, we can only advise you to make a deposit of money as a request for payout of winnings at an online casino via Skrill. In addition, your Skrill account can be useful on many other sites. Thanks to our best online casinos with SkrillIf you have an account, you boost your game time or your user experience. So why do you go to priver ?

Skrill Casino FAQs – no more doubts

Here are the questions that come up most often in your comments. If you have any other questions, don”t hesitate to contact our experts!

How does Skrill  work?

Skrill is an e-wallet that also offers a prepaid card to pay your transactions on the internet and play at an online casino.

How do I make a deposit to a casino with Skrill ?

Directly from your player account, select Skrill as your deposit method. Then enter the amount to be credited before you can access real money wagering.

Which casinos accept Skrill at France ?

More and more casinos in France are accepting Skrill. Check if the chosen site accepts this method of payment directly from the “bank” or “cashier” tab.

Can I withdraw my Skrill winnings at ligne ?

If the online casino accepts Skrill and under certain unlocking conditions, yes, you can withdraw your winnings by Skrill at an online casino.

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