Papaya Casino: the new casino payment method that will make people talk about it

Following the discontinuation of Neteller at most online casinos, players have been waiting a long time for an innovative payment method, such as Papaya. This new payment method (originally created in 2012) has been a resounding success on online gaming platforms. But which online casinos accept Papaya? Does this e-wallet allow you to deposit money as well as withdraw your winnings quickly? What about the security of Papaya transactions at a virtual casino? We tell you all about this new payment method in online casinos, which has a great future ahead of it.

TOP Casinos to deposit your money with Papaya Casino

Historical point: Papaya Casino Online, a recent adventure

Papaya is an e-wallet, like Paypal or Skrill, which we talk about in other articles. Papaya was created in 2012 and has been growing ever since. It has been granted regulatory licenses since its creation in 2012 by European Union member states, notably Malta. Papaya can be used both for depositing money into casino accounts and as a back-up bank account or online payment method.

Recently, Papaya, in addition to offering its platform on the Internet, has recently added a mobile application to allow even easier management of its e-wallet. Many serious casinos are adopting Papaya as a means of deposit and withdrawal. The fees are low, so Papaya for the casino represents a very good way to manage its real money from online gambling. Find out below the different casinos that accept Papaya.

How to use Papaya in an online casino ?

Use Papaya on a French online casino is no more complex than using any other payment method. You can deposit money into your player account as well as withdraw winnings. The downside is that unfortunately online casinos that accept Papaya are still too few. However, the reliability and security of the transactions carried out in this way can only contribute to greater success in the near future.

Is there a specific procedure to follow to use Papaya in online casinos ?

First of all, you must have a papaya account you will need to have the casino software active to use it on an online casino. Don’t panic, it only takes a few minutes to create it directly from the official website. Your Papaya account is ready for immediate usebut you’ll have to have it checked to remove the limitations. This check is done by sending supporting documents to the department and may take several days.

How do I use this payment method?

Once your Papaya account is activated and ready to be used at your favorite online casino, go to the banking area of your player account. If you have a papaya MasterCard (that you’ll have to ask Papaya if you need to), you can also use it to deposit money or withdraw your winnings at a virtual casino.

Papaya for deposit

From the “bank” or “cashier” area of your player account, choose Papaya as your deposit method. Enter the amount to be withdrawn from your Papaya account and credited to your player account. As an e-wallet deposit, your transaction will be credited to your player account Papaya at an online casino is taken into account immediately. You can therefore play immediately after you enter the poker, slots, roulette or blackjack tables on your platform, to choose from the best online casinos accepting Papaya of our page.

Papaya for withdrawal

Again, the function of papaya e-wallet allows you to withdraw your winnings quickly, even though some of the unlocking conditions applied by online casinos can sometimes be burdensome. If you meet these conditions, your winnings will appear in your Papaya account within minutes of your request being validated by the online casino customer service used.

What are the costs involved when you use Papaya on a virtual casino ?

If the time limits for depositing money and withdrawal of winnings by Papaya are generally appreciable, we deplore the fees applied by the service. These fees are not directly related to the chosen online casino, but rather to the “management and processing fees” of your Papaya account. It is always unpleasant to deposit a small percentage of your money in an e-wallet and only be able to use part of it.

Is there a fee for the deposit?

We emphasize that the online casino that accepts Papaya as a payment solution has every interest in not charging its players when they make a deposit. But since your Papaya account must be funded from another payment source, and since there is a charge for this, it is tempting to say that a online casino transaction by Papaya costs money.

Is there a fee for withdrawal?

With respect to the fees applied by a online casino with PapayaThe latter is free to set them at the amount of his choice. Nevertheless, in the face of enormous competition, an online casino gambling site will have to offer the lowest possible fees if it wishes to acquire and retain players.

The best online casinos accepting Papaya

Many serious casinos accept deposits and withdrawals via Papaya. Papaya is an excellent solution for casino lovers. This e-wallet works like a prepaid account: you won’t be able to deposit more money than you have. Manage your spending in the casino in the best possible way with Papaya. Moreover, you can access it at any time, money transfers are immediate and the platform is very easy to use. Finally, Papaya is prized by casinos because it is totally secure. Its financial regulation license obtained from Malta attests to this. Papaya is adored by casino players and gamblers because it offers total confidentiality in its money transactions.

You can take advantage of a prepaid bank card to spend your money won at the casino with Papaya, without going through the traditional bank box. With this card, you can withdraw and spend your money at the merchants, in total security and confidentiality. No personal bank account is required. Papaya’s goal is to bring you security and simplicity. You will be able to take care of the essential: playing at the casino and winning the jackpot.

To do this, we need to find the casinos that accept Papaya. Since this payment platform is becoming increasingly popular, many casinos that offer all types of games (table games, slots, slot machines or dealer gaming) have Papaya as a means of deposit or withdrawal. We have selected the best casinos to make your search easier. Some will even offer you special bonuses if you deposit with Papaya Casino.

Papaya Casino: Pros and Cons

The advantages of Papaya are quite obvious. Here are the 5 main ones that we are going to highlight:

  • The ease of use of the Papaya platform. It is very easy to deposit funds in your casino thanks to Papaya.
  • Mobility. Papaya offers a dedicated application that will allow you to manage your money at any time. You can also benefit from a bank card to spend your hard-earned money.
  • Transaction security. When you deposit money into your casino account with Papaya, you can be sure that the money will reach its destination. It is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.
  • The confidentiality that Papaya offers you. All your transactions are encrypted and anonymous. Enjoy the joys of the casino with Papaya, without being bothered with this little pleasure.
  • 24/7 support. Papaya puts customer service at the heart of its development strategy.
  • Available for French players.

However, there are still areas for improvement. Like everything else, Papaya has the defects of its qualities.

  • Papaya offers a lot of confidentiality. France fights against the risk of fraud and money laundering. Few casinos in France therefore offer the possibility to deposit money with Papaya.
  • The credit card is only available in specific countries (Italy, Greece, Malta, etc.). France is not one of them, again in line with the government’s desire to combat fraud.
  • The fees are quite high. In the order of 3 to 5% per transaction. The security and quality of customer service comes at a price.

Deposit or withdraw money with Papaya at an online casinoIs it safe?

Since it is impossible to exceed limits, and in addition you do not have to enter any bank details for each transaction, the Papaya payment method is deemed to be secure. But for total peace of mind, it is preferable to use a online casino with Papaya which guarantees its security, in particular by encrypting its data in an encrypted manner and remaining easily reachable if necessary.

But the risk of hacking your personal information linked to your player account can also increase if you use a computer or smartphone to log in without regularly cleaning its memory. Furthermore, log in to your space only from a private internet connection (forget about connections to a hotspot or public wifi).

Bonuses for Papaya Casino users

Casinos sometimes offer bonuses for a first deposit or for every deposit with Papaya. These vary from 10 to 30%. It is always worth taking advantage of such bonus offers to increase your starting capital and thus have the opportunity to make free bets. Also, to save you from wasting time searching for all the casinos that offer a promotion on the Papaya e-wallet, we have made a selection of them earlier in this article.

Does this payment method limit access to casino games?

A limitation on access to the gaming tables does not depend on the payment method used to crediting an online casino player account. This is the case for Papaya: if the online casino accepts this payment solution, you will have access to the same tables as all other players.

On the other hand, since online casinos accepting Papaya are still few in number, you may need another payment method to access some sites, such as a traditional bank card or another e-wallet.

Our opinion on Papaya as a payment method at a casino

Although still unknown to online casino players, the Papaya payment method has a bright future ahead of it, since it works on the same principle as an e-wallet. As such, both deposits and withdrawals are processed very quickly, allowing you to play all your favorite games and feel the adrenaline of gambling.

Papaya Casino FAQ: Want to know more?

Here are the most frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this payment method, please feel free to ask us by email

How does Papaya  work?

Papaya is an electronic wallet. It allows you to quickly credit your online casino player account as well as withdraw your winnings.

How do I make a deposit to a casino with Papaya ?

Even if Papaya is not yet very well known, you can easily use it like any other e-wallet. Your transactions are processed quickly through it.

Which casinos accept Papaya at France ?

French online casinos that accept Papaya are still too rare. If the selected casino doesn’t offer this payment method, pass your way and go to one of its competitors to find the best casino with Papaya.

Can I withdraw my winnings with Papaya at ligne ?

Yes, absolutely, and it’s even recommended. As your winnings will appear on your Papaya account, it will then be an e-wallet winnings payment, one of the fastest methods.

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