Neteller Casino: the most popular e-wallet in the online casino world

Originally a simple e-wallet created more than 20 years ago, the Neteller payment method has won over its users for its simplicity. This method is usually compared to PayPal or Skrill, two other popular e-wallets in the online casino world. In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, Neteller also offers a prepaid card (physical or virtual), to be used everywhere. But can you use Neteller at your favorite online casinos? Is this payment method reliable and fast? Is it easy to contact Neteller if needed? We tell you all about this payment method, to be used at one of the Neteller-accepting online casinos we recommend.

TOP Casinos to deposit your money with Neteller Casino

Historical point : Neteller Casino in France

Casino enthusiasts are familiar with the Neteller payment system. This system is one of the most popular systems in existence. This digital wallet was launched in 1999 by Optimal Payments PLC a Canadian company. The company is now located on the Isle of Man, a British possession which is less taxed. This nevertheless gives it the licence to operate in the European Union. It is historically one of the first to enter the electronic wallet market. Neteller allows you to make purchases and payments online, without having to reveal your banking or personal information. Neteller is therefore widely used by casino players and gamblers who wish to keep their passion discreet. Its seniority gives it authority and credibility beyond measure.

How to use Neteller at an online casino ?

To deposit money or withdraw winnings, there are many ways to do so online casinos that accept Neteller. But to use this method, you still need to have a neteller account and/or a prepaid card MasterCard Neteller Prepaid (or Net Card in case of a verified account). Find out how to make a transaction on a online casino with Netellerone of PayPal’s direct competitors.

Is there a specific procedure to follow for use Neteller in online casinos ?

First, open your Neteller account directly online from the official website. To open a simple account with systematic authorization, this creation only takes a few minutes. This Neteller account is subject to certain limitations of use, but rest assured: they are very broad (up to 900 € per day depending on the chosen formula). On the other hand, we draw your attention to the fact that credit your Neteller account involves costs, generally in the range of 2.5% (compared to just over 3% in 2023 for PayPal).

How do I use this payment method?

Once you have your Neteller account, and possibly the associated prepaid card, go to the payment area of your player account. You can find it more easily on your online casino accepting Neteller with a “Cashier” or “Bank” button, generally present at the top of the home page. Before registering your first neteller transactionIf you are using a credit card, do not forget to consult the general terms and conditions of use of this payment method to avoid any unpleasant surprises, especially when it comes to withdrawals.

Neteller for the deposit

Once logged into your player account, select Neteller as your deposit method. Enter the amount you wish to credit to your player account and submit your transaction request. In our experience, a depositing money to an online casino by Neteller is taken into account immediately (or within a few hours), meaning that you can play your own money immediately. However, beware of the risks associated with gambling, and get help if you experience financial or social difficulties.

Neteller for withdrawal

Unlike depositing money in this way, the withdrawal of winnings in Neteller is effective within a few days. Depending on the site chosen from our best online casinos accepting Netelleryou can withdraw your winnings with little (if ever) fees. However, it is not uncommon for online casinos with Neteller to condition withdrawals, sometimes drastically. For example, you will need to have accumulated at least X amount of money before you can claim a winnings release from Neteller.

What are the costs incurred when you use Neteller at a virtual casino ?

As mentioned briefly above, Neteller works on the principle of the e-wallet, which you can top up by any means. However, it is this neteller account top-up which is subject to a fee (of around 2.5% on average). In other words, if theusing Neteller at an online casino is generally not subject to special fees, however, you should anticipate the fees that you would incur on any type of transaction through Neteller.

The best casinos accepting Neteller

There are many casinos that accept Neteller because of its popularity and seniority. Its operation is similar to Paypal: you are on a platform where you can receive and send your money, link an account or a credit card. You can also have a prepaid bank card to spend the balance of your Neteller account.

A real alternative to banking, Neteller attracts fans of virtual casino because it allows you to manage your budget as well as possible.

It is very easy for a French casino player to register at Neteller. Just go to the website, create a username and password. The details you enter to prove your identity will be completely confidential and will not be visible. You can also opt for the Neteller “Express” account creation option, which allows you to create your account even faster but has a fund limit. This feature is a great way to limit your wagering at the casino.

The platform also ensures the confidentiality of all its transactions. Neteller casino is therefore a real alternative for enthusiasts. Moreover, Neteller casino is very appreciated because it offers completely free transaction fees. Finally, an incomparable loyalty program is offered by the platform.

Since Neteller is so interesting for you to deposit your funds and almost all casinos offer this payment method, we have selected for you the best Neteller casinos on the market.

Neteller: Pros and Cons

We have identified 5 major reasons to trust and adopt Neteller casino.

  • First of all personal data is totally secure with Neteller casino. There is no risk of exposing your banking data either.
  • Neteller’s age offers a high level of security and reliability, verified over time.
  • No transaction fees. Neteller offers the simplicity of its platform completely free of charge.
  • Instant Real Money Transfer, which allows you to make a bank transfer without delay and enjoy the joys of the casino immediately.
  • A unique loyalty points system. Each euro sent to a merchant gives you VIP status and points, which you can convert into gifts.

The only negative point we were able to identify was the fee for using the prepaid card. Each withdrawal will cost you 4€. But Neteller has to be able to finance its platform. Moreover, withdrawing the jackpot obtained from slot machines or sports betting in cash is a real asset.

Deposit or withdraw money with Neteller at an online casinoIs it safe?

Neteller is one of the secure payment methods on an online casino. Whether you use the e-wallet function or the neteller prepaid cardSystematic interrogation prevents you from exceeding your playing limits. Moreover, the neteller transaction check guarantees an effective fight against the risks of fraudulent use of your means of payment.

However, you must play on a online casino that accepts Neteller and ensures optimal protection of your sensitive personal data (sSL encryption of the data, verification of compliance by an independent body ). The customer service department of the relevant online casino should be easily accessible in your native language, so that you can get quick troubleshooting if necessary.

And finally, remember that you should be careful when entering personal information. To do this, make sure you regularly clean your computer’s memory and use a secure internet connection (Avoid connections on public networks, never communicate your personal identifiers…).

Neteller casino bonus: don’t forget to activate yours

The number of French casinos offering Neteller as a payment method is very high. There was a time when this means of payment was less and less present. But in recent years, Neteller has been gaining market share. The Neteller casino payment system is approved by the Autorité de Régulation des Jeux d Argent En Ligne (ARJEL), the French regulator. This one is very strict and has already banned many means of payment. Neteller being authorized for the casino, its market share has been growing steadily to replace those that have been banned.

To encourage you to join their casino rather than a competitor, some of them even go so far as to offer you exclusive bonuses on your first deposit. If you deposit at their casino with Neteller, you can expect up to a 15% bonus. Sometimes this bonus is valid every time you deposit at the casino with Neteller. To find the best bonus offers, please see the table above. It shows the best casinos that we have selected for you. Enjoying a unique bonus every time you reload your casino account with Neteller is a luxury you should definitely take advantage of. The free transactions can only convince you to take action and register at Neteller Casino.

This payment means does it limit theaccess to casino games ?

To our knowledge, there is no such thing as no restricted access at blackjack, roulette, slot machines, poker or any other online casino game if you are playing at an online casino if you are playing your neteller filing. On the contrary, most virtual casinos are choosing to boost deposits and improve the time it takes to complete transactions. Select the online casino that offers the best bonuses from our ranking of reputable casinos with Neteller.

Our opinion on Neteller as a method of payment at a casino?

An alternative payment method that has been shaking the PayPal giant for a few years now, Neteller allows you to deposit as well as withdraw money from a virtual casino that accepts this method of deposit. Neteller transactions at an online casino are generally reliable and fast. With special offers and other deposit bonuses to boost your user experience, check out our selection of reliable online casinos with Neteller accepted as a deposit or withdrawal method.

Neteller Casino FAQs: ask us your questions

Our experts are at your disposal to answer you quickly, do not hesitate to contact them.

✅ Where to pay with Neteller?

You can pay in many online shops and French online casinos that accept Neteller. In addition, the majority of international online casino gambling sites also accept this payment method.

✅ How to open a Neteller account?

To open an account, go to the official website and follow the procedure indicated. You can choose between several account and prepaid card packages, which are billed differently depending on the type of account. Check the terms and conditions of each Neteller account package.

✅ Which sites accept Neteller?

Many online casinos accept Neteller as a deposit and payment method. You can find the best casinos with Neteller from our ranking.

✅ How to check a Neteller account?

In order to obtain a verified Neteller account, you will need to provide the site with several official documents (proof of identity, domicile, funds…) and download an application on your smartphone. Thanks to the latter, you will be able to take your documents or a photo of your face to confirm your identity.

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