Neosurf Casino: a very convenient prepaid solution to deposit at an online casino

Originally created in 2004 and offering both an e-wallet and a prepaid card, the Neosurf payment method has won over casino gamblers around the world for its reliability and simplicity. For the past few years, Neosurf has been offering only a prepaid card in the amount of your choice as a service. Which online casinos accept Neosurf as a deposit method? Is it safe to deposit money on an online casino with Neosurf? This complete notice on the use of Neosurf on a virtual casino includes all the useful information about this payment solution.

TOP Casino to deposit your money with NeoSurf Casino

Historical point : Neosurf Casino France

Neosurf is a prepaid card, which can be purchased at a tobacco store. This prepaid payment solution is void of any money at the time of purchase and you will have to reload it using single-use codes that can be purchased in cash. This card allows you to make all types of secure purchases on the internet. Operating as the market leader in prepaid cards (Paysafecard), Neosurf offers two particular aspects. Firstly, it is a French company, founded in 2004 by the Confederation of Tobacco Debitters. It is therefore very unlikely that this card will disappear in France, unlike its competitors, due to the strong lobbying exercised by this profession. The other positive point is that in France, Neosurf is currently one of the only prepaid cards that is still accepted by the authorities.

It is impossible to pay if you have no credit left on your card. Using Neosurf is therefore an excellent way to manage your budget. With 135,000 points of sale worldwide, it is one of the most widely used payment systems on Earth.

How to use Neosurf on an online casino ?

In order to credit your player account by Neosurf at an online casino, you must have a Neosurf card, either physical or dematerialized. These cards can be bought at tobacconists and in many shops, with any 135,000 points of sale worldwide. You can also buy a Neosurf ticket from the official website (or the sites offering this service), in order to use it directly on your player account. Choose the amount of your Neosurf card between 10 € and 100 € to set your playing limits and not be afraid to exceed them.

How to use this made in France payment method?

It is from your online casino player account that you can enter the single-use code of your Neosurf card. After accepting the transaction, you can play immediately with the credited money, without having to use up your entire balance. In other words, you can split your spending on the neosurf card to play at the casino on the one hand, and make your purchases online (or in a store that accepts this payment) on the other hand.

Neosurf for deposition

Once you have your Neosurf card and logged into your player account, you must request a deposit in the appropriate “bank” or “cashier” area. Some online casinos accepting Neosurf offer a direct money deposit link to simplify this procedure. Please remember your Neosurf ticket can be divided up. For example, if you only wish to wager €50 at an online casino, but your card is credited with €100, the balance on your card can be used for another transaction on a new card or with a new code. Get closer to the neosurf customer service to find out about these terms and conditions.

Neosurf for withdrawal

In the days when Neosurf was still an e-wallet, you could withdraw your winnings through it. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Since the Neosurf payment method is now only a prepaid card, it is no longer an electronic wallet can only be used as a deposit at an online casino…but.. not indented.

If you have accumulated winnings at an online casino and you comply with the general terms and conditions for unlocking, which some platforms may over-regulate, you will have to choose a withdrawal by credit card, bank transfer or other means withdrawal method accepted by the site.

What are the fees to bear when you use Neosurf on a virtual casino?

Deposit money at an online casino can sometimes incur a processing fee, which is deducted from your balance. However, these fees are generally recognized on withdrawals of winnings, not on deposits. Since UK online casinos (and international) accepting Neosurf are growing in number, choose one that doesn’t charge a fee to use this payment method.

Is there a fee for the deposit?

The best online casinos with Neosurf of our rankings confirm that the money deposit in Neosurf does not incur any costs. As with any prepaid card transaction, the amount allocated to your gaming hours is available immediately after your credit is taken into account. Roulette, blackjack, poker and slots are yours to play, with the adrenaline of gambling, but the peace of mind of a fixed limit that can’t be exceeded (unless you buy another Neosurf ticket).

The best casinos accepting Neosurf

If you wish to deposit money to your casino account with a prepaid card, Neosurf is one of the only means available in France. The advantage of converting your cash into a single-use code is multiple: security, discretion, ease of management of your finances and above all, the possibility of betting on an online casino with your cash, without going through the traditional bank.

There are different ranges of Neosurf prepaid cards. The classic version offers reload codes ranging from 10€ to 100€, usable in all casinos. These vouchers can of course be cumulated with each other. There is also the child version of the card, which prevents a minor from using it on casino sites. So make sure you opt for the classic version to enjoy Neosurf casino games. Recently, Neosurf offers an electronic wallet that allows you to manage your balance even more easily: MyNeosurf. This platform allows you to credit your prepaid card via bank transfer, credit card or check.

You will have understood it, adopting Neosurf for your casino games has many advantages. You can even sometimes withdraw the balance of your casino winnings directly to your Neosurf prepaid card.

The French casinos that offer Neosurf as a means of deposit are extremely numerous. The problem for you is to select the best casinos offering Neosurf as a means of payment. In order to make your life easier, we have decided to offer you a selection of casinos that accept Neosurf. Moreover, some casinos in this selection offer you special bonuses if you use Neosurf as a means of payment. It is important to choose secure casinos when depositing your money. Thus, in addition to saving you time, opting for our selection of Neosurf casinos is an additional guarantee of security for you.

Casino Neosurf : Pros and Cons

The advantages of Neosurf are extremely numerous. This French company is one of the most used alternative payment methods in the world, the overwhelming majority of casinos offer it as a means of deposit and it will not be banned in France. In addition, there are two types of cards (adult and minor), it is easy to get codes, payments are fast and secure (the encryption of transactions is of the same quality as for any traditional payment). Using Neosurf allows you to better manage your budget and remain anonymous by avoiding depositing your cash on a traditional bank card. In the same way, by not giving your banking information when paying online on casinos, you avoid the risk of hacking your accounts. Finally, last bonus: each time you use Neosurf you earn loyalty points (called Neomiles), which you can convert into gifts (jewellery, video games, etc.).

The only negative point we can point out is the blocking of some of your funds if you make a transfer between your bank account and Myneosurf.

Is it safe to deposit or withdraw money with Neosurf on an online casino?

If you are sure that play at a secure online casino (i.e. it confirms that it encrypts its data with complex encryption and regularly has the transaction protocols independently verified), go to Neosurf as a payment method! To the nearest euro, you credit the amount of your choice on your Neosurf cardwhich cannot be exceeded and can even be split to use the balance for another transaction (on the online casino as in any other store accepting this type of payment).

Neosurf Bonus in Online Casinos

Online casinos love to multiply the deposit methods offered to their players. Indeed, casinos earn money when there are many users on their sites. Thus, Neosurf casinos are very numerous on the market. Some of them even allow themselves to offer you an exclusive Neosurf casino bonus of up to 10% of each deposit. Finally, you should know that some banks block payments that are used for gambling. Going through Neosurf to play at the casino is therefore an interesting and safe way to get around this problem.

Does Neosurf Casino restrict access to casino games?

Strictly speaking, play on an online casino with Neosurf does not limit access to a platform’s toy library, as long as the platform accepts this method of payment. However, if the online casino in question has exclusive games developed with leading publishers, but refuses the money deposits in Neosurfyou will be indirectly deprived of these gaming tables.

To compensate for this limitation, check that the so-called exclusive tables are not actually present on competing sites that accept Neosurf. Or else, choose another secure payment methodsuch as depositing money with an e-wallet or other prepaid card such as Ecopayz or a CashLib coupon.

Our opinion on Neosurf as a casino payment method

<p>Allowing you to credit the amount of your choice to an online casino to play for real money (cautiously) and automatically set betting limits, the neosurf prepaid card is a reliable and secure payment solution. Taken into account immediately, the amount credited may even give rise to additional bonuses (over a period of time, for example). So, choose your gaming platform from our ranking of the best online casinos accepting Neosurf to combine fun and safety in the world of online casino gambling.

Neosurf Casino FAQ: always more answers for you

Here are the questions we think will be helpful when you think about the deposit method you will use.

✅ Where to buy Neosurf ?

Neosurf cards can be purchased in tobacconists, specialty stores and at one of the 135,000 points of sale around the world. If you are unable to travel, buy your Neosurf card online directly from the official shop.

✅ Which casino accepts Neosurf ?

Casinos that accept the Neosurf prepaid card as a deposit method are sometimes difficult to find. Check carefully the accepted deposit methods, or trust us by choosing one of the online casinos we recommend.

✅ How does Neosurf  work?

If Neosurf has long been an electronic wallet, it is now a prepaid card. As such, it can be used without any risk of exceeding the limit.

✅ Is Neosurf popular in online casinos français ?

Players who use French casinos that accept Neosurf are delighted with this payment method which guarantees a limit and prevents it from being exceeded. In addition, French and international players regularly use Neosurf at their favorite online casino.