Casino MasterCard: a simple and secure way to deposit your money at a casino

The MasterCard banking network is known throughout the world as a means of payment, and users are particularly fond of the MasterCard bank card of the same name. Accepted in several tens of millions of stores around the world, the MasterCard bank card facilitates reliable and secure transactions, ideal for casino gaming sites. But is this method of payment at an online casino reliable? Is it subject to specific fees or conditions of use? Find out everything you need to know about using MasterCard at online casinos.

TOP Casinos to deposit your money with MasterCard Casino

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MasterCard Wordlwide is an American company based in New York State, offering a payment and withdrawal system called MasterCard. Unlike Visa, which is a cooperative owned by 21,000 companies, MasterCard has been a publicly traded company since 2006. MasterCard is, after Visa, the world’s second largest payment card network in terms of financial flows.

MasterCard was founded in 1966, almost 10 years after BankAmericard (the former name of the Visa card), by the union of several American banks, the most famous of which was Wells Fargo. MasterCard’s goal is to compete with the undisputed market leader: Visa. The history of these two companies has therefore been linked for more than 50 years. With more than 2 billion MasterCard cards in circulation, the company has become one of the key players in the payment industry.

How to use MasterCard at an online casino ?

Your everyday MasterCard is linked to your bank account. This allows you to use it to credit your player account and wager money at an online casino, taking care to set and respect your limits.

How do I use this payment method?

If you already have your MasterCard, both depositing money and withdrawing winnings through it is done in the same way as a normal internet banking transaction, with all the potential risks that this entails. This is why you should always be careful, even when using a secure online casino that accepts MasterCard.

MasterCard for deposit

Once connected to your personal space of online casino accepting MasterCardgo to the money deposit area. Depending on the chosen site, follow the procedure indicated by selecting MasterCard as a deposit method. Choose the amount you wish to credit to your player account and validate the transaction. Once accepted, you can immediately play at your favorite poker, blackjack or roulette tables.

MasterCard for withdrawal

After gaining gaming experience and carefully betting your own money, you’ve managed to accumulate winnings, which it’s time to unlock. If you comply with the terms and conditions for unlocking your winnings (sometimes binding in terms of amount or time limit), it is possible to receive them through MasterCard. Faster than a traditional bank transfer, the payment of winnings by MasterCard is generally accepted by most best UK and international online casinoswhich you can find in our ranking.

What are the costs involved when you use MasterCard at a virtual casino ?

Whether you want to deposit money or withdraw your winnings at an online casinoDepending on the site you choose, you may be subject to a processing fee. Nevertheless, our experience with casino gaming platforms allows us to affirm that masterCard transaction fees are virtually non-existent.

Is there a fee for the deposit?

In all transparency, we fully understand that the majority of online casinos do not wish to apply a fees when depositing money by MasterCard. Indeed, as this payment solution is undoubtedly one of the most widely used worldwide, a virtual casino has no interest in offering less advantageous terms of use than its competitors.

Is there a fee for withdrawal?

Once again, many online casinos do not apply no fees when withdrawing winnings via MasterCard. However, we would prefer to clarify that if the processing fee for an payment of winnings by MasterCard at a casino remain rare, we found that processing times can sometimes vary, as can the general conditions for release. For example, some online casinos condition the withdrawal of winnings to a minimum amount and a time limit, usually between 48 and 72 hours.

The best casinos accepting MasterCard

MasterCard is much less used in Europe than Visa in private households. It is perceived more as a payment system for business cards. Yet it offers the same advantages and security as its Californian counterpart. MasterCard cards are issued by the company’s partner banks and are directly linked to your bank account for a monthly fee. Almost all merchants and websites accept it as a means of payment.

For example, all casinos around the world accept MasterCard as a means of payment. Online payment is made by entering the 16 digits on the card (the first digit always starts with 5), as well as the card’s validity date and the cryptographic key. In addition, you may need to validate the transaction, either by SMS or voice call to your bank. MasterCard is therefore a very secure means of payment.

In all cases your MasterCard is linked to your bank account. You will therefore need to have sufficient funds in your bank account to be able to deposit money at a casino. MasterCard offers debit cards (which take money directly from your bank account), credit cards (which are cards that come with a consumer loan) and cards with systematic authorization, called Maestro. These cards are intended for populations at risk of bank failure. We therefore strongly advise you to use only MasterCard debit cards.

MasterCard: Pros and Cons

Some of the key benefits of MasterCard include :

  • MasterCard’s presence on all casino sites.
  • MasterCard is linked directly to your bank account. MasterCard also allows you to easily withdraw your casino winnings directly to your bank account.
  • Transaction security is very strong (SMS code, encryption of transactions, security of the banking system).
  • It’s easy to get one: all you have to do is be at a MasterCard partner bank.

Although there are undeniable advantages, we must not forget to mention some disadvantages related to the use of MasterCard for the casino :

  • Fees may apply on each credit card deposit (on average 2%, in addition to the cost of credit which is prohibitive).
  • Some casinos won’t accept this card. Many banks refuse to allow it to be used in casinos. MasterCard is therefore a payment intermediary rather “casino-friendly”.
  • No anonymity. Your bank will know you like to gamble.
  • Risk of having your bank details stolen if you enter them on a fraudulent site.

Deposit or withdraw money with MasterCard at a casino online, is it secure?

Contrary to popular belief, a masterCard banking transaction at an online casino is no more dangerous than other means of payment, as banks have made numerous security efforts. However, it is imperative that you check the security of the online casino being used and your navigation before entering any bank details. In case of doubt, give preference to a prepayment or by e-wallet.

MasterCard Bonus at Online Casinos

As we have just mentioned, having your MasterCard information stolen can be quite dramatic. People often only have one bank account and getting their information stolen often means serious problems. Therefore, we invite you to choose the casinos where you deposit your money with the utmost care. In order to make this search easier for you, we have created a list of the best online casinos, which accept and are accepted by MasterCard and are totally secure. Some even offer exclusive welcome bonuses, sometimes up to 100% of your deposit.

Nevertheless, and despite these small worries, using MasterCard to deposit your money at online casinos remains one of the safest and most preferred ways in the world. However, if you want more anonymity, to keep your banking information confidential, to have a way to not mix your personal accounts and the money you give to the casino or wish to benefit from exclusive bonuses, we invite you to consult the articles dealing with other means of depositing for casinos.

Does this payment method limit access to casino games?

After several trials of online casinos with MasterCardwe can state that there is no such thing as no restrictions on access to the gaming tables when you choose this payment method. The opposite would confirm the online casino’s lack of seriousness, which you will need to blacklist without reservation to proceed to an online casino accepting MasterCard that we recommend.

Our masterCard review as a method of payment at a casino?

In just a few minutes, a depositing money by MasterCard at an online casino opens the doors to gambling, which you will take care to practice with caution and composure. From the moment you choose a secure online casino among our ranking of the best French and international platformsyou can use MasterCard as your payment solution.

Mastercard Casino FAQ: Need more information?

Here are some questions that may help you when choosing a casino.

✅ Is it better to use a MasterCard or VISA to play at casino ?

Both bank cards are equal in terms of security or transaction reliability. Personally, we have a preference for MasterCard, but each player is free to use the service of their choice.

✅ Are all casino games accessible with an MasterCard ?

Yes, absolutely all the games are accessible on an online casino recharged by MasterCard. Please stop by if you find that this is not the case.

✅ Is there a list of casinos that accept MasterCard ?

Choose the best online casino that accepts MasterCard directly from our comparison chart. You’ll be able to access exclusive offers for a better user experience.

✅ Is MasterCard more popular in France or at Canada ?

MasterCard is as popular in France as it is in Canada, even though Canadians were the first to use this fast and secure payment system.