Ecopayz Casino: discover one of the best payment solutions of 2023

When you see how easy it is to use Ecopayz at an online casino, it’s hard to believe that this payment method has been around for over 20 years. The Ecopayz payment solution combines both an e-wallet and a prepaid card, allowing you to choose how you want to credit your player account. Which online casinos offer Ecopayz as a deposit or withdrawal method? Are Ecopayz reviews reliable? Is there a French casino that accepts Ecopayz? Focus on the use of this payment method at the best online casinos.

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Historical point : Ecopayz Casino France

EcoPayz is a payment system company whose main objective is to offer an alternative to traditional payment solutions. This company, present in 25 countries, therefore focuses on the management of online payments by offering a unique payment card that combines security and confidentiality.

EcoPayz is an extremely experienced player in the field of dematerialized payment. Created in 2000, member of the Com Tec Co Group (a group of companies expert in financial services) and with operating licenses from European Union countries, its pedigree is undoubtedly one of the safest on the market. This seriousness allows EcoPayz to be present as a means of payment on many merchants on the web. Among these, online casinos are on the front line.

How do I use Ecopayz at an online casino?

Many online casinos that accept Ecopayz as a means of payment. However, we regret to inform you that this method of depositing or withdrawing at a virtual casino is no longer accepted at French casinos. The francophone players will therefore have to fall back on canadian or Belgian casinos to play their games of blackjack, slots, poker or roulette.

Is there a specific procedure to follow for use Ecopayz on online casinos ?

Well, technically speaking, you can totally create an Ecopayz account to use this service as a payment method (by e-wallet as well as by prepaid card). However, keep in mind that UK casinos no longer accept Ecopayz. Once the online casino accepting Ecopayz selected, you can fully credit your player account as well as withdraw your winnings in this way.

Ecopayz for the deposit

Once you have logged in to the online casino of your choice, which you can select from our best online casinos accepting EcopayzTo make a deposit, go to the “Bank” or “Cashier” area and then to the “Make a deposit” menu (these services may change slightly from one site name to another). Fill in the required fields to register your deposit, taking care to select Ecopayz.

You can then either use your ecopayz e-wallet or an EcoCard (the Ecopayz prepaid card) to credit your player account. In the event that you use a payment system directly linked to your bank account, use caution when using your own money to play at the casino with Ecopayz.

Ecopay for withdrawal

Working on the same principle as depositing money into your player account, the withdrawal of winnings at an online casino in Ecopayz is done from the “bank” area. Once you have read the conditions and possible restrictions on withdrawals, choose Ecopayz to withdraw your winnings.

Make sure you regularly monitor this transaction from your personal space, knowing that the payment of earnings in Ecopayz may take a few days and be conditioned for a fee depending on the casino used. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, please refer to the general terms and conditions for using a payment method at an online casino, which may be unfriendly, but which will clearly indicate any fees or delays for a withdrawal of winnings.

What are the costs involved when you use Ecopayz on a virtual casino ?

When you use any payment method at an online casino, the casino will apply the terms and conditions of use of its choice, and may charge a processing fee for both depositing and withdrawing money from a player’s account. However, it should be pointed out that, in the face of increasing competition, most online casino gaming platforms limit their fees, at the risk of their players escaping to another, more accommodating virtual casino.

Is there a fee for the deposit?

Some online casinos accepting Ecopayz as a method of payment may apply a fee to each deposit. In our experience, these casinos remain rare, having no interest in offending players who wish to play for money with their services. Before using your ecopayz account to deposit money into your player account, please make sure that the online casino does not charge a fee (or very little). If this is not the case, go on your way and let yourself be tempted by one of the best casinos with Ecopayz of our ranking.

Is there a fee for withdrawal?

Unlike depositing money in Ecopayz at an online casino, which is usually free of charge, the withdrawing winnings with Ecopayz may be subject to specific processing fees or limitations. For example, some online casinos charge a minimum of €50 or €100 for Ecopayz withdrawals. In addition, if the casino accepts this withdrawal method, it will process the transaction on an Ecopayz e-wallet It is not possible to obtain an EcoCard as a means of paying out winnings.

Best casinos accepting Ecopayz

Your EcoPayz account is easy to manage. It’s a kind of platform where you only need to make a transfer to fund your account. It can then be used like a traditional bank account. You will also be able to withdraw your casino winnings to this account. You can then choose either to withdraw these funds directly to your personal bank account or to benefit from EcoPayz Card. This virtual card allows you to pay online on any site. Your EcoPayz account therefore works just like a bank account and your money will be completely safe.

EcoPayz offers complete anonymity of your transactions and personal data. You can thus use EcoPayz as an additional bank account, much more discreet. Send money easily to another EcoPayz user or pay with your virtual card to play at the casino. If you win money at the casino, you can withdraw it to your EcoPayz account. You will then be able to use the virtual card to buy things for yourself. All this, in total anonymity! Another advantage is the transfer of your money from EcoPayz to Paypal for free. You will then be able to multiply your sources of funding of your accounts for even more discretion!

The seniority, experience and seriousness of EcoPayz are reflected in its choice of partnerships. Indeed, although this platform has a certain success, it is not available everywhere. And for good reason: it carefully selects merchants offering EcoPayz as a means of payment. In order to make it easier for you, we have selected for you the best casinos offering EcoPayz as a means of deposit and withdrawal.

Ecopayz Online Casino: Pros and Cons

The advantages of EcoPayz are declined in 5 precise points:

  • Anonymity of transactions.
  • Security, thanks to encryption, SSL and TLS.
  • The platform is extremely complete and looks like a traditional bank account.
  • Speed of transactions.
  • The guarantee that a merchant offering EcoPayz is trustworthy.

The only negative point we can mention is undoubtedly the transaction costs. EcoPayz offers a service of remarkable quality, fast, reliable, secure and complete. But like any quality product, it comes at a price. EcoPayz therefore imposes transaction fees for transfers, but also for payments with its virtual card.

Deposit or withdraw money with Ecopayz at a casino online, is it secure?

As with any banking transaction, crediting one’s online casino player account with real money requires caution. We can only recommend that you select a secure online casino with high data encryption. Also remember to use a private internet connection and to regularly clean the memory of your computer or smartphone.

Once these routine checks have been completed, play at the casino with Ecopayz does not represent any particular risk, as long as you can use a prepaid card Ecopayz MasterCard with systematic interrogation and limited ceiling. If you are experiencing difficulties related to gambling, this payment means allows you to set your limits and have no possibility of exceeding them.

Ecopayz Bonus in Online Casinos

Online casinos in general and gambling in particular lend themselves well to EcoPayz. Indeed, traditional banks have a rather negative view of gambling. In order to benefit from casino winnings without getting into trouble, opting for EcoPayz is a smart option. Of course, it will cost you a fee, but discretion is priceless. The EcoPayz virtual card, which can be either Visa or Mastercard is accepted by all merchants. This way, you secure your financial data by not providing your personal bank details. In addition, gambling at the casino can be expensive. The control of your money is therefore essential. Having an extra account for these small pleasures is therefore a very good idea to manage your money as a good father of family.

Finally, to definitively convince you of the interest of adopting EcoPayz, you should know that some casinos offer bonuses (up to 15% for some) for each deposit with this payment method. We invite you to consult the comparison table above to take advantage of these bonuses, which cannot be refused!

Does this payment method limit access to casino games?

Currently, we are not aware of any French or international online casino that restricts access to their gaming tables if you deposit money through Ecopayz at an online casino. We have even noticed that the most reputable platforms consider Ecopayz deposits as an alternative payment method, offering an additional bonus. In other words, with an ecopayz deposit at some online casinos, you play even more than if you had deposited money by any other means.

Our opinion on Ecopayz as a method of payment at a casino?

Feel free to use Ecopayz to play at a casino online that accepts this payment method! Reliable, secure and fast, this payment solution is part of a responsible, risk-free gambling practice. Thanks to Ecopayz, you can choose between an electronic wallet or a prepaid card to deposit money or withdraw winnings. Although Ecopayz is more accepted in French casinosplayers can still take advantage of the advantages of Ecopayz on an online casino francophone or international.

Ecopayz Casino FAQs: we’re happy to answer your questions

Every month, our editorial staff makes a selection of the most relevant questions and our experts answer them for you

✅ Yis there a charge if I use Ecopayz at casino ?

It all depends on the online casino you select. Please remember to check the terms and conditions for that payment method at the casino before making any deposits.

✅ How does Ecopayz  work?

Ecopayz works like an e-wallet and like a prepaid card, since it offers both methods of payment. In all cases, the payment is secure and capped, so that you can play serenely without fear of exceeding your limits.

✅ Is there a list of casinos that accept Ecopayz ?

From our article you can find the best casinos that accept Ecopayz as a payment method. Beware! Ecopayz is, for the moment, no longer accepted on French online casinos.

✅ Is Ecopayz more popular in France or at Canada ?

No doubt about Canadian casinos! Players in Canada enjoy this payment method for depositing money or withdrawing winnings. When payment by Ecopayz was still accepted in French casinos, it was still very popular with players.