Bancontact Casino: the most popular bank card in Belgium at the service of the casino

As a means of payment for Belgian players, Bancontact has existed for many years, even if its name is very recent. Providing not only a debit card, but also an application that allows you to manage transactions easily, several online casinos accept deposits or withdrawals via Bancontact. But is it easy to use this payment method on a casino gaming site? Is it reserved for Belgian players? Find out everything you need to know about Bancontact payment at an online casino.

TOP Casinos to deposit your money with Bancontact Casino

Historical point: Bancontact Casino Belgium

The two best-known payment systems in the world are undoubtedly Visa and MasterCard. However, there are many other players: AmericanExpress, UnionPay or Bancontact. And it is precisely the latter that we are going to talk to you about here. Bancontact is therefore a payment solution, known until 2016 as Bancontact/MisterCash, shortened to Bancontact since that date. This payment solution was born in 1979 in Belgium from the alliance of several banks (BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, KredietBank and Belfius) who wanted to launch their own payment solution in the country. Bancontact has become very well established in Belgium, to the point where it is the leading electronic payment system in the country. Managed by the banks, Bancontact is therefore an extremely serious payment method.

How do I use Bancontact at an online casino?

As explained above, Bancontact is a Belgian payment solution, generally reserved for players of that nationality. This is why most belgian online casinos accept this method of deposit or withdrawal. In this part, discover how to use Bancontact in a virtual casino.

Is it necessary to follow a specific procedure to use Bancontact on online casinos?

If you are a Bancontact customer, you can use your payment card in the same way as any other bank card with immediate debit. If this is not the case, deposit money or withdraw your winnings in Bancontact at an online casino might be more difficult. As a player not domiciled in BelgiumYou can use other payment methods such as bank transfer, credit card or e-wallet.

How to use this Belgian payment method?

The use of Bancontact as a payment method on an online casino is similar to other accepted methods. In particular, you can use your Bancontact payment card or the application to bancontact smartphone to make your transaction (deposit as withdrawal). After registering your transaction, you can track it in real time from your player account.

Bancontact for the deposit

For deposit money on your player account by Bancontact, select one of our recommended sites that accept this payment method. Choose the amount to deposit and validate your transaction. Depending on the online casino selected, this deposit may be taken into account immediately, as it may take up to 48 hours to appear in your player account. We recommend that you choose a casino accepting Bancontact which minimizes the time it takes for you to start your first games of roulette, poker, blackjack or slots.

Bancontact for withdrawal

Based on our experience with best online casinos accepting Bancontact paymentsWe can say that withdrawals of winnings through this method take longer than deposits. As with other accepted withdrawal methods, it generally takes between 48 and 72 hours to process, sometimes more, in addition to the usual payment time. As far as we know, the fastest withdrawal methods are still electronic wallets and encrypted cash, when accepted by the online casino.

What are the fees you have to pay when you use Bancontact at a virtual casino?

Sometimes, depending on the casino selected, there may be a fee for using certain payment methods. However, these fees are rare when depositing or withdrawing by card, as with Bancontact. For example, our Top Casinos Bancontact do not apply any fees when you deposit money into your player account or withdraw your winnings with this payment method created in Belgium.

Are there any fees for deposit or withdrawal?

According to our various tests on reliable casinos accepting the Bancontact payment methodAs far as we are concerned, we have not noticed any particular charges for depositing money into a player account, such as for withdrawing winnings. Some casinos make these transactions subject to a certain amount (e.g. a mandatory minimum payment of 100 euros) depending on the method of payment chosen, but as Bancontact is primarily a bank card, it is not one of the methods subject to charges. However, remain vigilant when using sensitive personal data, such as your bank details.

The best casinos accepting Bancontact

In Belgium, casino gambling is regulated by the Commission des Jeux de Hasard de Belgique (CJHB). Since Bancontact is the main means of payment in Belgium, it is logical that casinos offer this means of payment to their nationals. However, in order to facilitate their international spending, Bancontact has forged very strong partnerships with Visa and Mastercard. If you have a Bancontact, it is therefore entirely possible to pay online in all casinos in the world. Nevertheless, it is a considerable advantage to choose a casino that offers Bancontact as a means of payment. Indeed, the transaction costs are often well reduced. In addition to this, casinos sometimes offer specific bonuses if you use these means of deposit.

If you would like to use a Bancontact instead of your traditional Visa or MasterCard, simply apply to an approved bank. Most often, these are Belgian banks, since this means of payment originates from them. However, the very strong presence of ING and BNP Paribas in both France and Belgium (who are among the co-founders of this payment system) can allow you to benefit from Bancontact in France under certain conditions. In addition, the Schengen area offers the possibility of free movement of capital. You can therefore open a bank account in Belgium if you wish. We invite you to contact the banks directly and follow their instructions. Some of them impose draconian conditions for opening accounts in Belgium.

If you want to know the best casinos offering Bancontact as a deposit method, we have compiled this exhaustive list. It is intended to make your life easier and to help you find the casinos offering specific Bancontact bonuses.

Bancontact Casino: Pros and Cons

One of the advantages of Bancontact, which explains its massive adoption in Belgium, is its low cost compared to its Visa or MasterCard competitors. Created and owned by banks, it is a safe and easy way to deposit money in casinos.

The main disadvantage we can mention here is the difficulty for a French person to get a Bancontact card. It involves opening a bank account in Belgium. However, opening an account in Belgium is not easy because this country is considered under certain aspects as a tax haven. The FISC is therefore very attentive and it is often necessary to be able to prove residence in Belgium to open an account there.

Depositing or withdrawing money with Bancontact at an online casino, is it secure?

Depositing money or withdrawing winnings from an online casino player account represents an exchange of sensitive data. If this exchange is not secure, the risk of your data being hacked explodes. Therefore, always make sure that you only play at secure casinos, which offer complex encryption of their transactions and information. If you are certain that the virtual casino is reliable, you can use Bancontact as a means of paymentprovided that the gaming site offers it.

Of course, using a secure online casino does not exempt you from the basic rules of secure browsing (regular memory wiping, use of a private connection, etc.). Furthermore, it is strongly recommended toInstall the official Bancontact application on your smartphone and only use it to conduct a transaction at an online casino.

Bonus Bancontact in Online Casinos

If you are French, paying with Bancontact in online casinos is not easy. However, some casinos offer very interesting bonuses, up to 15% per deposit. Moreover, the number of French casinos offering Bancontact as a means of payment is close to nil. Since casinos are regulated in France by the ARJEL, it is this authority that determines the means of payment accepted by casinos. Bancontact is far from being at the top of this list, unlike Visa or MasterCard.

Finding Bancontact as a means of payment in online casinos in France is therefore very rare. It is also difficult to get a Bancontact for a French person. Faced with these difficulties, we strongly advise you to turn to other, much more accessible payment methods. To do so, we invite you to consult the other sections of our site and our focus dedicated to the different payment methods for casinos.

Does this payment method limit access to casino games?

When you use Bancontact at Online CasinoIf you are playing at 777 Casino, 777 Casino or any other online casino, there is no particular reason why you should not enjoy the same quality of play as with other more traditional payment methods. Once your player account has been credited, several hundred slot machines, poker, roulette and blackjack tables await you in realistic and immersive environments.

Using Bancontact may even entitle you to additional benefits. In addition to the fact that some casinos offer bonus Bancontact depositsThey can also set up special offers using Bancontact on a specific table. This way, you can maximize your chances of trying to win the jackpot at your favorite gaming tables.

Our opinion on Bancontact as a payment method at a casino

We regret that the bancontact payment method or, because of its prerequisites, more reserved for the inhabitants of Belgium. However, we can only note that the deposits and withdrawals of money in Bancontact on an online casino are reliable and fast. Belgian players or residents of Belgium can thus take advantage of numerous belgian online casinosFrench or international restaurants that offer a wide range of table styles.

You’ve got it: if you have a bancontact account, treat yourself by selecting one of the online casinos that accept the Bancontact payment cards that we recommend. Join them by clicking on one of them in our table of best Belgian casinos with Bancontact.

FAQ Bancontact Casino: our experts at the service of Belgium

Come and read the answers our experts provided during our Q&A session

✅ Is the bancontact method simple at utiliser ?

The Bancontact payment method in online casinos is used in the same way as traditional bank cards, except that they are logically reserved for Belgian residents. Deposits are generally taken into account quickly, but withdrawals can sometimes take a little longer.

✅ Is the Bancontact Casino method reserved for Belgique ?

Any citizen of the Schengen area can open a bank account (including a Bancontact account) in a country concerned. However, each bank is free to apply the conditions for allocating a payment method, and it is not unusual for Belgian banks to ask their customers for proof of residence or Belgian nationality.

✅ Is it possible to withdraw your winnings with Bancontact ?

If you are a Belgian player or have a Bancontact account, select an online casino that accepts this payment method. From there, you can withdraw your winnings with Bancontact, taking into account the average processing time.

✅ Are there any charges for using Bancontact ?

Each online casino has its own fee policy depending on the payment method chosen. You should be aware of the possible fees applied when using Bancontact to deposit or withdraw money from an online casino.