No Deposit Bonus Casino: play for free at the casino without making a deposit

Usually, bonuses are obtained by making a deposit of a certain amount of money. However, there are casinos that offer you bonuses simply by registering. These are called no-deposit bonus casinos. Their purpose, of course, is to allow you to play without depositing money. The online casinos then try to keep you loyal with a pleasant atmosphere and fun games.

These bonuses are rare, but rest assured, makes your life easier and offers you a comparison of the best no-deposit bonus offers available to French speaking players.

Top 10 Online Casino with no deposit bonus English

On these sites, you will be able to receive a no-deposit bonus. The amount varies according to the offer. To take advantage of this offer, nothing could be simpler: just click on the links provided, register and enter the promotional code indicated (if necessary). You will then be able to benefit from your free bonus. You will have other bonuses at your disposal, such as “Free spins” for example.

Top 8 – Players’ favourite no-deposit bonuses: free spins

Casinos sometimes prefer to offerFree spinsbonuses. You will be able to play a predefined number of spins at the slot machines of your choice, all for free. As with no-deposit bonuses, free spins give you the opportunity to play for free to discover the platform. And you will usually be able to get your winnings back, with the same conditions as for the no deposit bonus. It is therefore possible to win money easily. To take advantage of this offer, nothing could be simpler: follow the links, register and enter the code indicated on our site. The comparison table above shows the number of free spins you can enjoy.
These offers are made to introduce new games to players. They are therefore generally available to both new and existing users of the platform.

The types of no deposit bonuses you can find online

There are three different types of no-deposit bonuses that you will find in your favorite online casinos:

  • The free welcome bonus that can be combined with a deposit offer. This bonus allows you to experience the casino as a whole. It is dedicated to slots players but can also be used on other games. This is stated in the terms and conditions.
  • Free spins”, i.e. the possibility to play a few rounds with a particular game. Of course, here you only have the slots players that are concerned.
  • Free playing time, an option unfortunately unavailable in France.

Online casino free bonus : Game-specific promotions

Casinos know that every player has his preferences. That’s why there are no-deposit bonuses offered for all casino games. There is something for everyone, casinos try to adapt to the expectations of players. These promotions can be no-deposit bonuses, free spins, deposit bonuses. In all cases, players are required to have bonus codes in order to take advantage of these offers most of the time, although this practice tends to fade.

What we observed

Slot bonus codes
The most popular and numerous bonus codes are those for slot machines. In fact, in the previous game, you could discover 10 that are excellent and no deposit bonus codes. But there are a lot of bonuses, the best of them being those after deposit. Sometimes you can get up to 400% on your first deposit. This means that for every €100 deposited, you play with €500. Casinos like people who play slots, so their offers are excellent. However, please make sure that the offers are not no-deposit cash-out bonuses, otherwise you will need to make a deposit in order to be able to withdraw your future winnings.
Free Blackjack Promotions
Blackjack is a slightly more technical game, where strategy is required and where luck, although it plays an important role, is not the only factor for success. There are indeed tips to optimize your winnings and it is therefore not very advantageous for casinos to offer you a free bonus without making a deposit. You will therefore often have to go through the deposit box, with which you can receive interesting bonuses. But be careful, these bonuses will be subject to strict conditions in order to be able to recover your winnings.
Video poker codes
Like blackjack, poker is a game of strategy. It is played in every real casino in the world. Online casinos offer another form of this game: video poker. It is a form of virtual poker where you play alone against the bank. And since it is even easier to win at video poker than at blackjack, a no-deposit bonus is not possible in online casinos. However, video poker is a particularly popular game that is gaining followers every day. There are many casinos that offer deposit bonuses for playing video poker. If you do have to go through the deposit box, you can be sure that you will receive quality bonuses.
Free Roulette Offers
The nature of roulette makes the no-deposit bonus impossible. It is possible to reduce your risk of losing close to zero by playing two opposite events (even/odd, black/red, etc.) on the same spin. If the casino were to offer you a no-deposit bonus, all you would need to do is play two opposing events (e.g. red and black at the same time 60 times) for a certain amount of time to validate the minimum wagering requirement and get the bonus amount back in your pocket. Roulette is therefore excluded from the no-deposit bonus offers.

No-deposit Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions: read them

The terms and conditions of the online casino you are playing at will tell you how much you need to wager in order to withdraw the money to your bank account. The wagering requirements are expressed as a multiple of the amount of your bonus.

For example, it is generally accepted that you have to wager 10-20 times the amount of the no deposit casino bonus offered in order to withdraw it, which can make it difficult to recover. This multiple can sometimes go up to 60 times. In addition, many games are excluded. So you will have to pay attention to what the bonus actually offers you and decide if it is really worthwhile for you to get it. The idea is that you should never refuse a free bonus, even if the conditions are not favourable to you.
Please be aware that no deposit bonus offers may have several names, such as “no deposit bonus casino”, “no deposit bonus no download”, “no deposit bonus casino no cash out/withdrawal”, etc. Remember, getting a bonus can allow you to make a good bet and hopefully hit the jackpot without having to risk your money.

Online casino with no deposit bonus, limits

As we have explained before, please pay close attention to the terms and conditions of the no-deposit bonus online casino offers imposed by the casinos. The rules are usually strict, it may be difficult for you to withdraw the won money. Sometimes it is even only usable on certain types of games. Card games, such as poker or blackjack, where a strategy can be put in place to maximize your chances of winning, are very often excluded. The objective of a casino is to win money, not to offer you money. Their strategy therefore consists in allocating you an amount to play on their platform to discover the site and build your loyalty. But it is not in their interest to allow you to get this money back.

Understand that these no-deposit bonuses are a good way to have fun without taking any risks, while discovering a new world, but not necessarily a way to get rich. If you are a beginner or want to try a new platform, these promotional offers are ideal.

Free Bonus FAQ – The answers to your questions

Every day you contact us about the free bonus, the offer that all players want to get as often as possible. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to our customer service department.

What is a no-deposit bonus at an online casino?

A No Deposit Bonus Online Casino is the opportunity to play your favorite games without having to deposit a single cent. This is especially interesting to test the different platforms and games and thus choose the one you prefer. It is also a good way to get started for the first time without taking any risks. Take these bonuses for what they are: the solution to discover new platforms, to have a good time and if you play well, a good way to make money.

How do I claim a no deposit bonus code?

Overall, the procedure for obtaining a no-deposit bonus is as follows: simply register, validate your account, enter the promotion code indicated on our site and meet the specific requirements of each site. The no-deposit bonus is usually credited automatically but you may need to contact support to receive it. In any case, it is your responsibility to check the specific requirements of each site. The procedure is simple and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support. Casinos often offer live chat to solve your problems. Customer satisfaction is one of their main goals, because they know that a dissatisfied customer is a customer who will leave. Therefore, they will respond to you with the utmost kindness.

What are the advantages of a no-deposit casino?

The main advantage of an online casino with no-deposit bonus is of course, for the player, to be able to enjoy the games offered by the platform, without having to deposit real money. This is ideal for beginners, people who want to test a new casino, a new game or a new strategy. You can, thanks to this bonus, play with peace of mind, without any obligation of result to return to your expenses. In general, casinos offering such bonuses are serious, solid and popular: if they weren’t, they couldn’t afford to offer money to newcomers so easily. So this is a sign of quality. Likewise, if they were not sure that their platform was pleasant, they would not allow you to enjoy it so easily.

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