Mobile Online Casino: Play on iOS or Android

The development of smartphones and tablets over the last few years allows gamers to enjoy the best casino games on their mobile from anywhere. Casino operators, aware of the growing phenomenon of mobile gaming, are adapting and now almost all offer a mobile casino version.

You will have understood it, the offer of casino for mobile is immense. To help you see more clearly, we have selected the best online casinos, compatible for mobile phones, in the following table.

Top Casinos Mobile – Play from your smartphone or tablet

The development of mobility and new communication tools allows casino operators to experiment with new initiatives. The mobile casino is one of the most important areas of development at the moment. In France, this is a real trend, as more and more players want to play at the casino from their mobile phone. This is also an advantage for casinos. They can thus offer players access to their platform at any time. By giving more opportunities for players to play, this leads to more players and therefore more winnings for the casino.

So you don’t have to connect to your computer to play any more. The main casino software is now responsive and therefore adaptable to mobile phones. Some even offer even more optimized applications for playing casino games on the mobile. You can access these platforms from Android devices, but also from various Apple products (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and even Blackberry.

Mobile casino: iPhone or iPad, same fight?

First of all, let’s start our tour of the mobile casino with Apple products. They now account for more than 30% of the smartphone and tablet market share. You can play the casino on the site in mobile version or via apps. As Apple offers a particular application development, valid only in the Apple ecosystem, not all casino operators have a mobile version for the Apple brand. Nevertheless, many of them offer at least the possibility to play via their casino interface in mobile version. Whether it is blackjack, slot machines or poker, the main games are available in these modes.

The possibility to play on a mobile casino is offered by the best casinos on the market. Apple being a brand of excellence, having its application on this OS is a guarantee of seriousness. We can mention for example the Lucky8 casino or the Cresus Casino platform. However, make sure you always choose a secure mobile casino that will offer you free games and the best bonuses.

It is obviously easier to play from a tablet than from a smartphone, as the screen is larger. But to get the most out of the mobile casino experience, the smartphone is ideal. You’ll be able to have fun from absolutely anywhere! Whether you prefer the iPhone or the iPad, there’s not much difference, each offers an advantage in mobile casino that the other does not. However, the iPad is the tablet market leader, unlike Android, which dominates the smartphone market.

Casino mobile: Android, the market leader.

Android is the most used OS on the market. Developed by Google, it is present on all phone brands, with a few exceptions (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and even Nokia since a few years for example). This dominant position has an interesting consequence: casino operators develop mobile casino software and applications very easily on this OS. If you have a smartphone or a tablet under Android, your favorite casinos will most certainly have a dedicated application to play mobile casino! We can mention NordiCasino or Tropezia Palace as for Apple, but also the very good Cheri Casino for example.

Technological development has made it possible to democratize smartphones and online games. In just 10 years, mobile devices have acquired an impressive computing capacity and some of the technologies needed for its growth. We can cite for example touch, which offers undeniable gaming comfort, improved screen quality, improved graphics, flash technologies, 3G and then 4G to connect to the Internet at high speed from anywhere, HTML language, etc.. All these advances have enabled the rise of portable screen gaming. This evolution is now affecting the mobile casino.

A normal person spends an average of one hour a day playing on their smartphone. Imagine the opportunity for casinos if each of them spent even ten minutes enjoying the mobile casino games available! You can easily imagine the economic stakes for these casinos to develop their own mobile casino software. The offer is plethoric and sorting through all the mobile casinos is difficult. That’s why we’ve provided you with the comparison table above.

More information on mobile casino gaming software

It is important to note that mobile casino gaming software may also be available on less common OSes such as Blackberry or Windows Phone. Also, not all of them require a download. Taking advantage of the responsive version of a website is usually more than enough to enjoy the best mobile casino games.

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