MicroGaming Casinos : Casino Software and Bonus Review

Often regarded as one of the founders of online gaming, the Isle of Man-based MicroGaming company, founded in 1994, has a proven track record and has caused many competitors to bow to the mere pronunciation of its name. Discover this company that has become a must in the online casino games industry and has established itself as a leader in its field with a remarkable level of expertise in the world of online casino games and especially thanks to its casino software!

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MicroGaming Casinos: Pros and Cons

Strong points
Best provider of casino gaming software according to reviews

Offers the widest possible variety of games with over 600 titles

Free spins promotions and huge no-deposit bonuses


Not widely available in France

MicroGaming offers a wide selection of games of all kinds including casino games, Bingo, Poker and many more! Among this wide range of games, it goes without saying that one of the leading companies in the field has its strengths, but also its weaknesses.

As you will have understood, the advantages are much more impactful than the disadvantages at MicroGaming, which manages to compensate for its shortcomings without difficulty through the quality of its services.

Find out everything you need to know about MicroGaming

MicroGaming is one of the leading brands offering online casino software. Launched in 1994, it has established itself for more than 10 years as the best software provider for casinos. In 2002, MicroGaming’s expertise was recognized and recognized when it was awarded the prestigious prize for best online casino game publisher by the famous Casino Meister. This was followed by the launch of its online poker network in 2003 and the launch of the first mobile casino software in 2004. Things have subsequently accelerated for the company, which is growing exponentially, offering more and more services and content without compromising the quality of its products. With more than 600 branded games, it is easy to understand why MicroGaming wanted to become the benchmark for online casino games, which was enough to confuse many of its competitors who could only bow to the speed of development, quality and reliability of the games offered. MicroGaming’s goal remains simple, to stay at the top by offering more and more diversity and quality to its customers, a strategy that always seems to bear fruit.


MicroGaming Casino: security first and foremost

The company has chosen to focus on the impeccable safety and reliability of its products. As a result, its reputation for its games is unblemished and reputed to be totally reliable. This high level of security and reliability is achieved thanks to a random number generator, a well-functioning security and confidentiality charter and a strong emphasis on data security. All of which is enough to seduce many online casinos that are jostling to offer such high quality games to their customers. In fact, there has been an increasingly significant increase in the number of users on sites with MicroGaming games, which are much more attractive than those of their competitors.


What are the bonuses at MicroGaming casino?

The bonuses offered in MicroGaming games are always what attract the most players. In fact, the majority of classic bonuses include welcome packs, but also free spins or no-deposit offers, as well as a loyalty program that has been carefully thought out to perfection. The no-deposit offer attracts the new player who chooses it almost every time. In this way, they can try out all the games offered by the platform and create their own review before making their first deposit. Of course, there are certain betting conditions, but this is always appreciated by the new user who wants to discover the site. Welcome packs are often split into several pieces and will be awarded as deposits are made, with offers of up to ten bonus deposits. This will attract even more users to play MicroGaming games.