Roulette Live: introduction and presentation of the most popular game in online casinos

Live roulette is the new trend of the moment for fans of this game. Although it doesn’t give you the same feeling as playing in a live casino, it does however allow you to immerse yourself more deeply into the game and enjoy a very pleasant user experience.

For beginners, live roulette is a type of online roulette where you can see a dealer being filmed by a webcam. You watch all the actions he does live and you can benefit from various features depending on the site where you play this game such as for example :

  • The list of the last numbers that were released. This will allow you to eventually establish a strategy based on this.
  • The ability to chat with the dealer via a chat room. Some times he will answer you vocally, other times he will answer you in writing. In some cases, you will be able to play in English, but these games do not run permanently.
  • You can also talk with other players on some versions of the game. This allows you to socialize a little or to relax the atmosphere by telling jokes for example.

Top 3 casinos to play live Roulette

Where to play live roulette France?

If you want to play live roulette in France, you will need to choose a casino that :

  • Accepts English players.
  • Has a roulette set with a live croupier.
  • Be reliable and pay out your winnings if you make big wins.

It is not always easy to find such a casino, as the choice and unscrupulous establishments are legion. However, we have good news for you: we have already compiled a list of online casinos that offer live roulette in France.

Simply choose one of the following establishments to create an account on it and start your adventure directly on live roulette France :

How the live roulette works

Live roulette works the same way as a classic game. However, due to the specificity of webcam and internet gaming, there will be some small differences. A live roulette move is played as follows:

  • First, you have to choose the variant you wish to play. If you want the “classic” version, choose the European live roulette.
  • When you arrive at the table, start by saying hello to the dealer and other players. This will allow you to verify that the games are not rigged and that you can trust the casino.
  • For the game itself, you will have to place your bets before a certain limit on the squares you want. You can bet on a color, an even or odd number, a single number or a group of numbers, etc. You are free to play as you wish.
  • Unlike a real casino where the dealer announces “All bets are off” to inform players that they can no longer bet, in live roulette bets will be automatically suspended by the system. So don’t think too hard before placing your bets, as you may have to wait until the next round to play.
  • When the results have fallen, the players are automatically paid by the system. The croupier does not check who are the winners and losers as in a hardcore casino. This saves time and allows you to move on to the next game.

Is there a special way to play live roulette?

If you want to play roulette live, you don’t have to do anything special. The gameplay is very similar to that of classic roulette on the internet, except that you are facing a dealer who is filmed by a webcam.

However, if you are new to this game, it is important that you start by learning the rules. This will allow you to avoid some very costly mistakes and you will understand all aspects of this game.

Even if you want to play roulette live quickly, we believe that studying the game is essential if you want to avoid losing money foolishly in your first few games. We understand that you want to play for real money right away, but spending a little time understanding how the game works and its peculiarities will save you a lot of money by avoiding rookie mistakes. Think of it as a long term investment.

The advantages of live online roulette

Here are the advantages of playing live online roulette compared to its dealerless version:

  • You can be sure that the parties have integrity. Even though normal games are controlled by the regulator, some players are suspicious and do not trust these games. With live online roulette, you can be sure that nothing is rigged.
  • Your immersion in the game is optimal. While you’ll never get to the level of the games in a hardcore casino, you’ll get the best online gaming experience possible.
  • The games are user-friendly thanks to the integrated chat. You can talk to the dealer or other players at the tables as you wish. This way you can have fun on your favorite game while socializing with people.
  • There are different croupiers out there. If you prefer to play with a male dealer or a female dealer, simply navigate from table to table. There is normally something for everyone so you can choose your favorite dealer before you start playing.

Disadvantages of live roulette online

Of course, there are not only advantages to playing live roulette online. There are a few drawbacks, which are as follows:

  • There is moderation on the chat. For example, if you lose a shot, get mad at yourself and start insulting the dealer, you’ll get kicked off the table.
  • The game is slower than a classic online roulette game. Each player has to place their bets and this can take a long time. So there is a stopwatch and you have to wait until the end of the game for the dealer to finally throw the ball.
  • The initial goal of live online roulette was to provide a casino like experience. However, the atmosphere in a casino will always be better than any online atmosphere.
  • The minimum bets are quite high. Unlike normal roulette where you can bet a few cents, on live online roulette you will usually have to bet at least €1.
  • Dealers don’t always speak English. Outside of certain hours, the only parts you have access to are those with English-speaking dealers. If you are not fluent in English, you will not be able to communicate with the dealer and other players.

What is the training level of the live roulette dealer?

Since there is a live roulette dealer who handles each game, one has to wonder about their level of training and therefore their competence to be a dealer. Just like in a casino, it is important that the person throwing the ball knows his job properly.

However, the level of dealer training that you will see in live roulette games is lighter than in a live casino for several reasons:

  • The dealer will not be responsible for distributing the winnings to the players at the end of the game. This will be done automatically by the software.
  • You don’t need a dealer who knows how to quickly distribute chips to newcomers on the table because, again, everything is managed by the program.
  • The dealer should also not be trained to deal with complaining players or cheaters. If a player puts a bad mood into the game, the dealer may either exclude him or cut off his live chat. Finally, cheating is not possible in the online game, since players cannot physically manipulate the chips.

But that doesn’t mean the dealer doesn’t need to be trained. Before being hired, he will have to be trained in:

  • Be smiling and polite to the players. Since he will be the first person you see, he will be the image of the casino.
  • The dealer must also know the rules of the game. This is not necessarily important for the smooth running of a game, since everything is automated, but more importantly to be able to answer players’ questions.
  • The croupier must also be able to throw the ball correctly.
  • Finally, the dealer needs to know when a player crosses the line on the chat and deserves to be excluded. You always have to find a good compromise between letting people complain a little bit because they have lost money and excluding those who set a bad mood.

Is it possible to find free live roulette?

Generally, it is always possible to play casino games for play money before playing them for real money. However, finding free live roulette is not always easy.

While some establishments allow players to play for play money on live casino games, this is not really the norm everywhere. And this is quite easily explained: running these games is very expensive because you have to pay the dealers.

When you play these games, one dealer usually operates for 30 minutes and then another one replaces him and they alternate all day long. Dealers need to be as focused as possible, which is why it takes two dealers at the same time to run a table. That’s a double expense in wages. That’s why the minimum bets on these games are quite high compared to other games.

However, if it is not at all common to be able to play for play money on these games, you can open these games and watch what happens. You can’t play live roulette for free, but you have the opportunity to see how it all works and whether you like it or not.

The concept is similar for other casino games with a live dealer. The costs are similar and you can’t enjoy free games on all sites either. You will have to be content with opening the windows of the different games and attend the games as a simple spectator.


Live roulette is an interesting game because it provides a feeling quite similar to a real casino. If you want to find a good compromise between staying at home and enjoying good sensations, this is an interesting option.

The rules of the game are the same as those of a classic online roulette game. The only difference is that the games will be hosted by a dealer. Depending on the casino, you can choose from different variants, which will allow you to play the version of the game you prefer.

If you have never tried live roulette before, we advise you to try it as soon as possible to make up your own mind about the game. To do so, we recommend that you use the list of our reliable English speaking casinos that offer live roulette. This way you will avoid playing at unscrupulous establishments where you will never receive your winnings for example.

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