Casino live : Playing live with real dealers has never been so much fun

The imagination of casino game creators combined with technological development has resulted in a revolutionary and truly fun game offer: live casino! These are games offered in real time by hardcore casinos and transmitted via HD cameras to your computer or your smartphones and tablets. This gaming mode lets you interact live with dealers who listen to you and follow your decisions.

The live casino currently offers games such as BlackJack, roulette, baccarat and sometimes Punto banco. It is offered in the best online casinos in France.

Top 5 Casino Live to play live

To help you in your approach, we have established for you the ranking of the best Live online casinos available from your country with the table below :

The operation of a Live Casino is quite simple to understand

Wondering how a live casino works? It’s not that complicated! In concrete terms, a camera is placed above the gaming table and the dealer, who is physically present in a real casino. It is this set of cameras that surround the table that allows you to broadcast on your screens the images you see during your game. A graphical user interface is also superimposed on the table, allowing you to communicate with the croupier live on your gaming intentions. The dealer sees what you want to do and can deal cards, place bets, or spin the wheel.

The live dealer also has another screen in front of him that allows him to read your comments that you can make in the live chat. This is how you can start a conversation with him.

French players are increasingly choosing live casino games

It’s obvious, more and more players are turning to live casino when it comes to playing table games. The reasons are many and varied. Sometimes well-founded, they have more to do with personal feelings than with real facts, but it is always a question of having more fun, more humanity and more fun!

Here are the reasons why French gamblers turn to live casino for their gambling.

The live casino gets back in touch with the human touch

If there’s one thing you can blame the online casino for, it’s a lack of humanity. From now on, this reproach is no longer founded, the live casino has allowed players to reconnect with human contact by making the bridge between them and a real dealer.

The dealers smile, talk to us and set the mood. Some casinos even offer “BlackJack Party” theme tables where music and dealers are the entertainment of the evening!

A real revolution, especially when the croupiers (or dealers) are charming! Note also that some dealers can advise and guide us in our gaming actions. The interaction is magical!

The atmosphere of a real casino without leaving home

The atmosphere of the casinos, ah what an atmosphere! The famous “Nothing’s wrong anymore! “or “The games are done” that reason, the sound of the cards clacking on the carpet, the ball resounding in the roulette cylinder, the croupier who makes his announcements, the amount of bets that ignites and the croupier who congratulates us in case of victory or reassures us when we lose: all this contributes to the joys of playing live.

The feeling of mastering the variable “luck”..

The fact that the croupiers, the cards and the ball are in front of us, real and real, can reassure some who might doubt the integrity of the game in virtual casinos. But make no mistake, luck is just as cruel or just as surprising at the live casino tables as it is at the regular tables!

Talking to the dealer

That it is pleasant to be able to play with your regular croupiers, to link a relationship between regular players and croupiers. These men and women take pleasure and apply themselves to make our time at the table enjoyable. They greet us, talk to us and very often allow us to better understand the game!

More realism, more fun with the live casino

The feeling of being in a real casino is real, nothing is missing, everything is there, the noise and atmosphere of the room, the croupier that reminds us of the gambling actions, the other players who also interact and the excitement of the game as a whole. The live casino is to the casino what virtual reality is to video gaming!

live casino

What are the advantages of a live online casino?

IF you are reading this you are still not convinced of the real “plus” that live online casino offers. Fun, realism, games within everyone’s reach, transparency accentuated with shuffles in front of you, cameras positioned everywhere to check the absolute integrity of the game: all this is possible with a live casino. And unlike physical casinos, here the dealers are available 24/7!

The advantages of live gaming

Authentic, like in the casino

Beyond the visual aspect (you are in a real casino), other elements will make you think you are there: you are surrounded by players from all over the world, of all levels, big players (sometimes even very big) and real professional croupiers.

First of all, let’s go back to the visual side: these are real tables, real roulette games, in a real land-based casino. Only, these tables are reserved for players who are connected online.

These tables are equipped with one or more cameras that broadcast live the games and actions of the dealers and the players as a whole (live broadcast: with a latency of less than half a second depending on your connection type, discussed below).

Then, as you cannot act directly on the table (you are behind your screen), there is a graphical interface, which also acts in real time. It allows you, just like in the casino, to place chips, choose your bets, chat with the dealer (or even the other players) and always in real time.

Very often also, to make sure you are live, the dealer or the croupier will allude to what time it is. Sometimes, TV screens behind the gaming table will show live streaming news channels to prove to you that everything is live.

Likewise, the dealer will call you by name (or your nickname), and greet you when you arrive at the table. He also invites you to place your bets when it’s your turn, always calling you by your name or nickname. The feeling of being in a real casino will soon overwhelm you: it’s really very pleasant!

Beginner or amateur: there's something for everyone!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced online casino player, whether you’ve ever been to a physical casino or not, it doesn’t matter, you’ll find fun in this new live casino concept from your PC / tablet or mobile.

Indeed, dealers are very quick to identify the level of play of the person they are dealing with and it is not uncommon to see dealers giving advice to a beginner player or, on the contrary, complimenting a player whom they feel in full control of his gambling actions.

For expert players, it goes even further, as the VIP programs at live casinos are very advanced and allow players who play for large amounts to get cashback quite easily. In addition, there are VIP tables dedicated to big players so that they can be dealt with in a different way with privileged support.

For beginner players, the live casino is a unique opportunity to try out new games discreetly, they will be able to ask live questions to the dealers who will be happy to help and answer them. It is even possible to call a game manager who can come and give information (note that in this case, the language used by the dealers is English, it is very rare to find a dealer who speaks French)

Fully transparent casino games

One of the huge advantages of the live casino is that we see everything, live, right in front of us, everything happens right in front of our eyes, from the throwing of the ball in roulette, the shuffling of the cards in blackjack, the shuffling of the cards in the bank, the dealing of the cards, everything is managed by a system of HD cameras, RFID cards (with chips to detect every card that passes in front of a cell).

It can happen that the dealer makes a mistake in the distribution, or in advertisements. In these cases, it is possible to involve a supervisor who will playback (on recordings) the game action to verify your statements. But in any case, these errors are very rare and will always be corrected. You can also ask for an explanation of each move, just like in the hard casino.

Finally, just like in virtual casinos, classic games and table games, statistics are displayed in real time and allow you to check the integrity of the game and the draws.

The casinos providing these live casino services are real virtual establishments that have obtained licenses in the country from which they operate.

Permanent accessibility

Physical casinos, especially in France, are not always open 24 hours a day and sometimes you would like to play in the casino in front of a real croupier but this is not possible. The live casino on the internet fully meets this problem since they are open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day!

Plus, because you can play from your phone or tablet, you’re ready to play at any time!

Our 4 tips for playing live games at a casino

live casino

The realism and immersion that these live casinos will offer you can push you to play more than you should, that’s why we give you some advice to avoid many inconveniences. The game should remain a pleasure, especially when you are facing humans, unlike virtual tables where you play against machines or robot dealers. We recommend live games in small doses!

Our advice on live games

Don't risk big: avoid unnecessary risks

As always, we can’t remind you enough: play reasonable bets within your financial means, don’t cut yourself, your friends and family off from the world to play gambling. You must stay in control of the situation, this moment of gambling must be a pleasure, a satisfaction and whether you win or lose, it must not spoil your mood in any way.

The management of your bets is essential, it is what will condition your bonuses, your ability to deal with bad luck. We recommend that you never wager more than 5% of your total prize pool.

You must place bets well below this 5% threshold. The longer you play at these real money tables, the more fun you will have.

Having a good connection

Here we’ll discuss one of the most important points for playing at a live casino: you absolutely must have a broadband internet connection on your PC or a 4G connection on your mobile phone.

The resources needed from a technical specification point of view are not important as such (no need for a big processor or a state of the art mobile phone to play at a live casino). On the other hand, the connection has to be excellent, because as you have understood it is a kind of live streaming, with no (or almost no) latency. ADSL is often enough, if you don’t download anything at the same time. But we still recommend a 10Mega connection minimum. As for mobiles, 4G is mandatory!

If you notice slowdowns, you have the possibility in the table settings to change the video definition and to disable the sound, this will have the effect of being less bandwidth consuming and thus make the game more fluid (this will avoid the jerky effect if your connection is limited).

Tip: Sit at the table without playing, you can watch a few moves before betting your own money, so you can see if your connection allows you to play properly.

Receive exclusive bonuses for live games

In some online casino rooms you can find 100% “CASINO LIVE” oriented bonuses: some rooms offer cashback on all your losing bets, other casinos will offer reload bonuses only for playing at the live online casino. Sometimes online casino rooms also offer bonuses to entice you to play at their own table (more and more casinos offer blackjack tables in the color of the online casino you are playing at, with secret cards that award iPad or iPhone type gifts hidden in the deck of cards).

Tip: Watch out for our live casino bonuses in our comparisons!

Take advantage of the croupier's help and ask him your questions

As mentioned above, don’t hesitate to ask questions to the staff present at the tables: the dealers, the game managers and anyone else present at the tables: they will answer you, help you and guide you with pleasure, it’s one of the huge advantages of the live casino!

Play live casino games from your mobile or tablet phone

The ability to play from your mobile phone (Android, IOS or Windows mobile)live casino mobile or your tablet allows you to play on the casino mobile Don’t neglect your connection, keep a close eye on the quality of reception, whether it is your wifi or cellular network connection.

Once you’ve gotten rid of this technical/network hassle, you can play without restriction at any live casino from your smartphone or tablet, from your browser or by downloading the casino application if it’s available in your store.

Variants of games available at a live casino

Just like standard online casinos, a direct casino offers all the usual table games that are offered in physical casinos. But the favorites of the French players are :

  • Live roulette;
  • Live Blackjack;
  • Live baccarat.

Free live casino: it doesn’t exist

To our knowledge, there is no free live casino table game. The exploitation of the dealers/dealers is far too great for the casino to offer “play money” versions of these tables.

However, you can train by watching the tables for free, without betting, as you would in a real casino. Watching to learn, to strategize before you throw in the towel and bet real money is a strategy that pays off. It will save you a lot of disappointment and make you better before you get to the table!

The history of live live casino: need for more interactivity

In order to understand how live casino gambling has become possible, one has to look at the big casino groups. The first tests took place on Asian casinos that wanted to meet the growing demand for players who could not physically go to physical casinos.

The difficulties resided mainly in video compression: this compression had to be qualitative enough to give an excellent impression of the game, but it also had to be quite large (high compression requiring less bandwidth and therefore accessible to more players with a simple ADSL connection).

The big Asian online casinos have, as usual, beaten the casinos from all over the world and the first live casinos come to us from Asia.

Very soon, this technology will be adopted worldwide and will be coupled with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, which allows cells to detect a chip (placed in a card or token) in order to make the player interact with the other side of the world behind his screen.

The graphical interfaces have also improved, to the point that nowadays, the feeling of being physically present with the dealer is enormous.

Play safely at a French live casino

Casinos as a whole are generally totally secure and offer transparent and reliable services. But to make sure you are playing at a casino where your transactions are protected, we invite you to always use one of our links to register at a French live casino. This also works for casinos that do not offer live mode.

You will thus avoid playing in casinos where you have no certainty as to the security and integrity of the games offered.

Play at the best live casino thanks to our experts’ selection

As you will have understood, the essential asset of playing at a live casino is fun. But for your gaming experience to be perfect, you need to select the best live casino. Taking the time to select your live casino through our tests and reviews is important. Taking the time to register by selecting the right bonus for you is important.

That’s why our experts have selected the best live casinos in France, just for you. You can make your choice from the following table:

Casino Live FAQ – The answers to all your questions

Every week, you can send us your questions, we will answer you by email. If we see questions that come up regularly, we will include them in our FAQ!

πŸ”₯ Is the live casino game mode available in France?

When you browse our special Live Casino page, we feature a Top 5 of the best live casinos. These casinos are of course available in France, you can register without any problem by clicking on the links in our table. In just a few minutes you will be able to start the game after making your first deposit!

πŸ”₯ Is it possible to win money on a live roulette game?

We have a lot of roulette players who ask us if the return rate is the same as a return rate they would expect in a land-based casino. Of course the answer is yes, you can win money at a live roulette table just like you could win real money when playing from a land based casino, the game is the same, the dealer runs the table the same way. You’ll just have to rely on your luck!

πŸ”₯ Does live blackjack allow players to use strategies?

Live blackjack is the best way to improve yourself since you have playing conditions that are very close to the real conditions of a land-based casino. But in addition, you have the opportunity to have the basic strategy chart in front of you. So you can’t go wrong and put the odds on your side. The advantage is in your favour! What are you waiting for to register at one of our recommended casinos?

πŸ”₯ Does a live casino offer bonuses like other casinos?

Online casinos put you in a real situation with the live mode and like in land-based casinos, when you play in the live casino mode, you don’t have any bonuses available. It’s a shame, we conceive it but maybe better that way.

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