Blackjack live, know everything in a few minutes about this game mode impossible to circumvent

In recent years, a new way of playing has emerged in online casinos, and one of the results is the arrival of live Blackjack. As with all live games, this is an opportunity for players to enjoy a new kind of entertainment, in an atmosphere close to a land-based casino, with all the comforts of home.

Online casinos and game application developers regularly face challenges involving technological research, game safety, and the quest for originality. Their goal, to attract more and more visitors thanks to innovative and enticing gaming interfaces.

In table games, such as online Blackjack, poker or even roulette, the stakes were mainly on the human aspect of the experience. For land-based casino gamblers, frustration could be felt when playing against an anonymous machine activated by algorithms.

In order not to lose part of their potential audience, online casinos have therefore gradually resorted to a new form of gambling: the live casino. By integrating a human dimension into the applications in the form of a real live dealer, the experience is thus increased and convinces more and more players.

While in poker and roulette, the dealer’s role is less important, the same cannot be said for live Blackjack. Indeed, since he represents the bank and plays a full role in the game, his real presence is a real asset. We explain everything you need to know about live Blackjack.

Top 3 casinos to play Blackjack live

What is the Live Online Blackjack ?

Casino regulars are already familiar with this new way of playing live online Blackjack. Indeed, although it is one of the latest innovations in gambling, it has been around for a few years now, and its democratization is already well underway.

Live casinos have become so widespread that even land-based casinos sometimes use this method. They then set up video rooms dedicated to live Blackjack so that their players can play, while saving on the use of croupiers physically present.

Because this is the principle of live Blackjack. Building on existing applications in online casino catalogs, the designers decided to improve this by integrating a real presence, the dealer’s presence, which symbolizes the bank, into the virtual gaming mat.

Concretely, the game mode itself changes relatively little for the player. He continues to place his bets, place his orders and collect his winnings in a virtual way, simply by clicking on the buttons provided for this purpose on the interface.

The real change is that instead of a computer algorithm, a live Blackjack dealer, in the flesh, is in charge of the draw, implementing the actions chosen by the player, and redistributing the chips.

The croupier operates from a studio, located either in a land-based casino or in independent premises, depending on the situation. From this studio, he is filmed by one or more cameras, and only the screen then separates the two opponents, who can therefore play and interact in real conditions.

How does the Live Blackjack ?

For the player, little change, then. The Live Blackjack interface looks like a classic application. It has at its disposal the betting elements, with the choice of the amount according to the table conditions, simple action buttons to draw and stay, as well as more advanced action buttons to double, split or bet insurance.

The card draw is displayed differently depending on the application and the casino. Some allow you to show the actual cards drawn directly, placed on the deck by the dealer, while others go through an animation effect by displaying virtual copies of the cards on the screen.

In addition, the player usually has the opportunity to interact directly with the dealer, and not necessarily in the game. Indeed, most of these live Blackjack France applications have either a live chat or a voice server, which allows the player to converse (within reason) with the dealer. This is an opportunity, for novices for example, to ask for advice or explanations.

For the croupier, little change from his usual activity, since he continues to deal the cards and animate the game in real conditions. The only thing is the betting and winnings. Since these are not materialized, they are not physically present on the table and are debited and credited virtually, as in a classic online Blackjack game.

Why play live casino Blackjack ?

There are not the same advantages to playing live casino Blackjack as there are in a fully virtual game, and the conditions under which the game is played may not be suitable for all players. As a general rule, it should be noted that Live Blackjack is best recommended for those who wish to experience the game as close to real life as possible.

Rediscover the atmosphere of a casino

Because this is the main issue in live Blackjack. It’s all about finding the traditional atmosphere around a real gaming table, with all the tension, waiting, and special atmosphere that it entails.

Playing with a live Blackjack dealer is like setting up a real casino room in your living room, and experiencing the game as close to reality as possible, while staying in the comfort of your own home.

Experience the game in real conditions

Another significant advantage is the game of Blackjack itself. Although mastering the theory of the rules is essential, there is nothing like practice to become familiar with the game.

Of course, this can be done on a virtual application. But if your goal is to know how to play well enough to face real opponents, there is nothing like live Blackjack to familiarize yourself not only with the different phases of the game, but also with all the terms used by the dealer during the game.

Take advantage of the croupier to continue learning

Moreover, as mentioned above, several solutions can be made available to the player to establish a real contact with the playmaker. We advise you to take the opportunity, if you feel the need, to ask your questions, make your comments, and continue your learning with a professional in the field.

To do this, make sure your dealer is in a good position to respond to you, in which case you can have a fun and educational time that will serve you well throughout your playing career.

How to play live Blackjack France ?

Casino catalogues are now packed with live Blackjack France applications, leaving an impressive choice of establishments and developers to experience them. However, the decision is yours and should be made according to your preferences and appreciation.

Choose your casino

First of all, it is always worth remembering that the choice of casino is very important in the gaming experience. Choosing a casino that suits you will make you feel comfortable and not get lost in overly complex interfaces.

While some of the more seasoned players may tend to turn to casinos with more professional aspects, we generally recommend that younger players opt for more accessible establishments.

Choosing your game and dealer

Once you’ve decided which casino is right for you, the next step is to choose which live Blackjack application to go to. Once again, it is a question of feeling that will arise. Whether it’s the gaming interface or the dealer itself, everything will play a part in your decision. Just one piece of advice: don’t linger on a table if you don’t like something.

Our recommendation Cresus casino live blackjack

Among all the catalogues available on the Internet, Cresus casino live blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most accessible, especially for young players. Renowned for its graphic image, its ergonomics and the quality of its games, Cresus Casino has a wide range of live Blackjack, from which you can choose the one that suits you best and launch yourself into the adventure.

The Blackjack casino liveIt’s a matter of taste

It’s no coincidence that there are so many games and ways to play in online casinos. With the diverse audience that the gaming community represents, casinos must constantly review their catalogues to ensure that they offer games that suit everyone.

Given the impressive number of possibilities available to you, you have the opportunity to choose the one you like the most. When looking for entertainment, it is important to feel comfortable and at ease when playing online casino, especially live Blackjack casino.

Indeed, as soon as you integrate human relations, even virtualized ones, in an online game, it is necessary that the current passes well. That’s why you should never force yourself. It’s better to leave a table than to stay there and have a bad time.


✅Où can we play live blackjack?

Today there are many online casinos, especially in France, where it is possible to play live Blackjack. The important thing is to choose your casino carefully, and to go through the catalogue before registering, to make sure that their gaming offer suits you.

✅Est is live blackjack safer than regular blackjack?

In both cases, the games are checked and verified multiple times. Safety is therefore guaranteed in all cases. Some players simply prefer to have the dealer drawing the cards in front of them, which tends to reassure them about a virtual draw.

✅Peut do you win big at live blackjack?

As with classic Blackjack, winnings are mainly related to the player’s control. In fact, the more you know about the rules and strategies, the more you will be able to win large amounts

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