Keno: The Guide to Understanding It All

Keno is a very simple game of chance that consists of betting on winning numbers. Available online and also in land-based establishments, this casino game has a very large number of fans worldwide. It also represents the fourth most popular drawing game of the French games or FDJ. One thing that is easy to understand when you see the rules of the game very easy to access and the amount of winnings. To cut you the souffle !

Technical presentation of keno

Today, although with a less prestigious status, Keno is still loved as much as ever. In French-speaking countries, it is associated with the lottery and will even become an FDJ drawing game on September 10, 1993. The draw carried out each week by the FDJ brings together several thousand players. With the era of the Internet, many variants with the key to enormous winnings are proposed on the online casinos. In all cases, the rules remain unchanged.

Classic version of Keno

Traditional keno is the kind you find in casinos and bingo halls. To be eligible, you need all the necessary equipment. These include numbered balls, usually as many as 80, which are placed in a rotating cage for mixing. Still on the organizer’s side, there is also a mechanical system that is used to draw the 20 winning numbers.

The player must have a pencil or pen to tick the box and a cardboard or game board. The equipment then consists of several boxes numbered in the same way as the balls used, i.e. from 1 to 80. It should also be noted that things are a little different with the FDJ. Indeed, participants must choose between 2 and 10 numbers out of the 70 on the bulletin and bet between 1 and 5 € per grid. Each draw allows to win up to 1 000 000 €.

Version offered by online casinos

Online, it’s clear that Keno doesn’t require all this equipment. Indeed, the game system is automated and controlled by dedicated organizations. For the draw, random number generators are used. They allow for random and fair results. Also, virtual cards are presented to the user at the beginning of the games. To choose the number(s), he simply has to click with the computer mouse. The other particularity with online Keno is that the platforms allow different types of bets. You can also get a lot of Keno bonuses at the best online casinos.

Bonus Keno: Getting Started

The best way to get started easily and safely is to take advantage of the Keno bonuses. Many sites offer “other table game bonuses” that can be used as a keno bonus. They can also offer bonuses dedicated to the lottery in general that can be used for Keno.

Still others offer bonus packs to French players after a first deposit, in which they include a keno bonus round. This is clearly a minor game for casinos today, but it is nevertheless becoming more and more popular and offers good chances of winning. In addition, lotteries are still a lot of fun to play. Whether you are a beginner or not, Keno bonuses allow you to inflate your bankroll effortlessly and with minimal risk. There are no free Keno bonuses, but only after you have paid in. Therefore, you will be required to deposit into your casino account the amount required to make the most of the Keno bonus. Reclaiming your Keno winnings from your Keno bonus will be fairly easy. You will be playing for money without taking the risk of impacting your own capital and without pressure thanks to the Keno Bonus.

How to choose your Keno bonus

Never forget to pay attention to the conditions of use of the Keno bonus and it is sometimes very complicated to fully enjoy it. It’s up to you to check what they say and the restrictions associated with them. Keno bonuses are not very developed and are sometimes part of a package, so you have to make sure that it is really interesting to take advantage of them and it can sometimes be quite complicated to understand.

But rest assured, the Keno bonuses proposed in the comparative table above are all selected by our team, reliable and easy to recover. They are also the best you can find and we only recommend reputable and safe casinos.

Aim of the game and role of the player

The similarity between Keno and other distractions such as bingo and sic bo is quite great. Indeed, the game consists of predicting the twenty numbers that will be drawn among the eighty possibilities that exist. This makes the games quite difficult, but quite fun. Once set up, the players must choose between 1 and 20 numbers and tick the corresponding boxes on the grid. They must also register their bets and wait for the draw. Discover the best Keno tips from our experts.

The different winnings in Keno depend on the number of matches the player gets. The player has a better chance of winning if he chooses more than one number or spot. Before a player can claim a prize, however, he or she must have a certain number of correct numbers, depending on the amount of money wagered. It is therefore required :

  • At least one correct box on the 15 of the bet “ ticked boxes ” ;
  • 8 correct results for the “ contre ” where you have to predict undrawn numbers;
  • All 13 issues chosen for the “ All winning ” ;
  • An exact total by zone for “ Inferior/Superior ” ;
  • Correct combinations for the choice ” Combination “.

History and evolution of the game

The history of Keno can be traced back several thousand years, more precisely between 205 and 187 B.C. It was during this period of the Han dynasty that the game originated in the depths of Ancient China. Invented by the emperor Cheung Leung in order to finance the armies of his country, it will be diverted to other purposes, including educational. In the 10th century, the youngest children will use it to learn the alphabet and literature.

In the 19th century, Chinese immigrants working on the tracks of the future railroads brought the Chinese lottery to the United States. If it consisted of choosing numbers and drawing lots, this version is a far cry from the one we know today. Indeed, the numbers were represented by the symbols of the Qianziwen, the “ Classique of a Thousand Caractères ”, and the grid consisted of 120 characters. To win the game, the player had to guess entirely one of the 8 sub-divisions.

Because of the laws against gambling in the United States, another variant of Keno was invented in the 1930s by the Chinese bourgeoisie. It’s called Keno Race. It was based on a betting system similar to horse racing. A fictitious horse will then replace each number. The game will be popular with the entire American population and modifications will allow it to be adapted to the new public. However, it was not until 1931 that it became legal in Nevada.

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