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Keno is a very entertaining lottery game that offers many combinations of winnings. One of the main advantages of Keno is that you know what you are going to win in advance. The winnings are therefore not, as in Lotto for example, divided among all the winners but are fixed in advance. Understanding how winnings are calculated is therefore important for those who wish to maximize their Keno earnings.

How are Keno Winnings calculated?

Keno Gain

First of all, we invite you to consult the relevant section of our site to learn the rules and tips of Keno, which you will find here. On this page we will focus on the actual payoffs of Keno.

Since Keno is more complete than other lottery games, it is obviously more complicated to understand how the winnings are calculated. Having a good knowledge of the Keno payout tables is fundamental to your success and to setting your Keno bets. If you don’t, it will be difficult for you to get the most out of your winnings.

The calculation of Keno winnings is a combination of the number of numbers you check (which will increase your chances of winning, the amount of your bet and the maximum potential jackpot) and the number of numbers that are actually drawn and win.

In an ideal scenario, the player ticks all 20 numbers in an online Keno and they all come out. It is then the mega jackpot that will make you rich. La Française Des Jeux (FDJ), which offers its “Winner for Life” Keno that you can play at the tobacconist’s, offers you to choose 10 winning numbers that will be drawn and thus give you €100,000 per year for life. Keno winnings are absolutely incredible if you hit the jackpot. But of course, having 10 good numbers is extremely unlikely. So we’re going to focus on all the intermediate Keno winnings that will still allow you to make money.

Lifetime Winner Keno: How to play?

It is important to differentiate between Keno that you can play in a traditional or online casino and the Keno offered by the FDJ. The rules are different. The FDJ offers a twice daily draw of Keno, called “Keno, Winner for Life”. It is today the 3rd lottery played in France, behind the Euromillions and Lotto. It is thus a game quite appreciated by the initiates.

The jackpot is set by the FDJ at €100,000 per year. You will receive this money for the rest of your life. You can also choose to take €2 million cash instead if you prefer. In addition, you can benefit from a multiplier that multiplies your Keno winnings by 10. You can then expect to earn up to €1 million a year for life. These amounts are unbelievable and yet few people know the power of Keno winnings.

Here are the basic rules to follow:

  • The grid has 70 numbers (compared to 80 for online Keno). You will be able to check off between 2 and 10 numbers.
  • The stake varies from 1 to 10€, according to your desires. Of course, Keno winnings increase if you bet more.
  • You can earn ten times more with the multiplier. However, the grid price of your Keno will be doubled.
  • You check off the numbers on a chart at the tobacconist’s. The draws take place at noon and in the evening, so you have half a day to analyse the draws and think about your next bets.
  • To get the €100,000 for life, you’ll need to have all 10 numbers drawn.

How many numbers to win?

Of course, if you don’t get the 10 winning numbers, you still win a fairly substantial intermediate sum. Moreover, you do not have to check all 10 numbers and you can check at least 2 of them. However, as we’ve explained, the payout in Keno increases as you bet more numbers.
Let us take two examples. You play €1 and check off 5 numbers, just like in Lotto. 4 winning numbers come up and you pocket €10.
You play a second game by playing €2, and checking off 7 numbers. 4 winning numbers come up again, but this time you pocket €4.

Why is there such a difference? Because the Keno payout grid depends as much on the number of winning numbers as the number of numbers you check off! We therefore advise you, if your capital allows it, to always bet 10 numbers. However, it is up to you to arbitrate this kind of decision. Never forget that Keno is a game of chance and Keno winnings are random. Don’t take too many risks with your capital if it is modest enough and prefer in this case to play two games with 5 numbers in each, rather than just one game with 10 numbers. Choose the best strategy and stick to it.

The percentage chance of winning the jackpot in Keno is lower than in Lotto. However, you can adjust your bets to maximize your winnings and have a much better chance of winning intermediate amounts of several hundred euros than in the lottery. Keno winnings are therefore interesting if you have a clear strategy.

Keno: How do you calculate your winnings?

For more visibility, we have concocted for you this table of Keno winnings. It will give you a clear idea of what you can expect to win in Keno. It is issued by the FDJ only to Keno winners or tobacconists. But we’re going to unveil it here for you, so that you can understand the distribution of Keno winnings.

To these gains, we must add the multiplier (between 2 and 10) applied by the FDJ. This multiplier is drawn at random before the balls are drawn.

It can be seen that Keno payouts follow a linear evolution according to the stakes. You can also be refunded of your bets if you do not have a number that has come up with 8 or more digits checked. This is a significant advantage of Keno payouts and we recommend that you play at least 8 numbers in each draw.

How do I understand Keno winnings at an online casino?

Keno is also available at online casinos. Their rules are different and may vary from casino to casino. Keno variations are also available and each casino has its own payout schedule. The advantage is that Keno winnings are always displayed and freely available on the casino’s website. It is then up to you to compare the most generous casinos in the distribution of winnings.

Generally, this Keno payout grid is displayed and changes in real time based on your bets, multipliers and the number of numbers checked. It is therefore not very difficult for you to find out your expected payout. Also, the conditions of winning in Keno are described by the casino. The maximum jackpot can also vary according to the total number of players or simply be progressive until someone wins. It is wise to choose when to play and only bet when the jackpot is interesting.

Finally, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Casino Support. They are usually very responsive and will help you understand Keno winnings. Also, feel free to check out the FAQs of the various online casinos or our website for more information. Sometimes there are even small help buttons in the form of question marks to help you understand.

What are the best online casinos to play Keno at?

Online Keno Casino

Keno is a game where it’s fairly easy to make money. In fact, you can check up to 20 numbers and win from 3 randomly drawn numbers at some online casinos. The casinos sometimes take commissions on each game to make sure that they can win money and thus make their business more lucrative.

Since the schedule of bets, winnings, bonuses, jackpots, the number of numbers that can be checked varies from casino to casino, the same commissions vary from casino to casino. The impact of these commissions can drastically reduce a player’s profitability. Also, each casino is free to create its own payout schedule. In order to find the best casino, you will have to compare hundreds of grids, sometimes difficult to understand, and find the best bet/win ratio, taking these commissions into account.

In addition, Keno is a lottery that is particularly popular in Asian countries, especially in China. Many dubious Chinese casinos, where the mafia and inveterate players proliferate, offer Keno games with big winnings. Be sure to only go to sites where you can deposit your funds with confidence.

Finally, another point to always keep in mind is the advantage that free games and Keno bonuses can offer you. The free games will allow you to test your strategies, understand how Keno is won and how the game works. We strongly advise our readers to always test a game, to understand all its subtleties before starting with their own money. Once this is done, it is a good idea to take advantage of a bonus to inflate your capital. This way, you will take less risk of losing your capital.

In order to make it clear with all these parameters to be taken into account and to help you in your choice of casino, we have set up a selection that meets all these criteria. You will find the best Keno winnings here!

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