Keno Tip: How to win in Keno?

If you’re passionate about lottery games, Keno is for you! Much more fun than the traditional lottery, it offers many winning combinations and many different versions to have fun with. But it is also possible to use some tips in Keno to increase your chances of winning money.

How do you calculate Keno winnings?

The first thing to do before talking about Keno tricks is to understand the rules of this lottery. Keno is a Chinese version of the lottery that we all know. The rules are almost the same with a few differences. The numbers in Keno range from 1 to 80, and you will select up to 20 numbers. The selection is therefore much larger than in the lottery.

Depending on the numbers drawn, you will win more or less. Keno rewards are fixed and defined in advance. For example, for 3 correct numbers, you will win a predefined amount. In the lottery, this is not the case since the number of winners is the basis for the distribution of the winnings. You therefore know before you play what you can expect to win. This point is important because it gives you an interesting visibility and allows you to optimize your Keno bets. Obviously, the more you bet, the more the paytable increases, but the more risk you take.

Similarly, another difference in Keno is that you can benefit from a multiplier (ranging from 1 to 10) by paying an additional amount. You will then have a bonus draw that determines how much your winnings will be multiplied by. If you draw 1, obviously your Keno winnings will not be multiplied.

Keno Tips & Tricks

Here we will give you a list of tips and advice to follow to increase your chances of winning in Keno. Remember that despite the tips, Keno is still a game of chance and it is impossible to win every time. However, since you select 20 numbers out of 80, the chance of having a few numbers come up and pay off your bet is much higher than in the lottery. This gives you a great chance to win some money regularly in Keno.

Best Tips for Winning in Keno

A basic tip in Keno is to look at the numbers that come out often (called “hot numbers”) or rarely (also called “cold numbers”). You then decide whether you prefer to bet on the numbers that come out often (assuming that the machine that shoots the balls tends to favour certain numbers) or whether you prefer to play the cold numbers (based on the probability calculation that says that less something comes out more something is likely to come out in the future). We advise you to pre-select these hot and cold numbers and use them as a basis.

Find the numbers
So the first trick in Keno is to try to find the right numbers. The more numbers you choose from your grid, the more expensive it will cost you, but the more likely you are to come across a good number. You can select up to 20 out of the 80, or 1/4. If you have listed 5 to 7 cold numbers, you can put them in your basic selection.
Alignment technique
Another trick in Keno is to select all the numbers that end with the same number. For example, if in your cold numbers you have 4, then you can bet on 14, 24, 34, 44, etc. for each base number selected. You will then have cold numbers matching numbers that are lined up. If some of these numbers are also hot numbers, then you have a very effective mix.
Choosing a final

We can see during the draws that the final number (in our previous example it is 4) that comes out is usually 2 or 3, or even 4 more rarely. For example, 4, 7 and 9. Thus, the 20 numbers that will come out will all have at least a 4, a 7 and a 9 at the end. This Keno trick is interesting to know because it allows you to optimize your combinations of cold or hot numbers with the line-up technique.

Optimization of combinations
After three draws, all the final numbers are normally out. If this is not the case, we strongly advise you to bet on the series of missing final numbers. For example, if 2 did not come out as the final number, then we advise you to bet on 2, 12, 22, 32, etc.
Use of a system
In Keno, you don’t have to play a 20-number grid. One of the tricks of Keno is to break down these numbers into several different grids. In this way, you increase your winnings and your chances of winning. If you make several grids of 2 numbers, and you play them “in system” (i.e. you combine them), you have much more chances to win. Continue the systems over several draws. Another tip, to increase your chances of winning, nothing beats regularity and consistency in Keno.
Reference to zones
Keno numbers are drawn on a roulette wheel, much like the game of the same name. There are therefore some areas that will tend to come out more or less than others. You can therefore match your cold or hot numbers, your systems, your finals and your alignment techniques according to the different zones where the numbers come out.
Use of a reduction gear system
All these Keno tricks are very positive, but looking at all these parameters, you will have many possible numbers to play! We advise you to use a reducer. This is a database that will determine the optimal combinations based on the data you provide.

Best Tips for Winning Keno

In addition to these important tips to understand, we can provide some general tips to help you fully enjoy the Keno experience.

Game mode
Choosing the mode of play (e.g. the system) is just as important as selecting the numbers. As far as multipliers are concerned, they are really important. From a multiplier of 3 (which can go up to 10) you can start to win really big. We advise you to play it every time. Since the winnings are predefined, with a jackpot 3 you can win an amount equal to the jackpot with 3 times less success (for example only 7 numbers out of 20).
Winning in the long term
Keno is a game of chance, which is subject to the laws of probability. The longer you plan to play the game, the more we advise you to follow the probabilities. Study the draws that come out the least often. If you prefer to play the game in jerks and turns, we advise you to focus on short-term results and play the hot numbers. This means adapting to your playing style. You can also use your lucky numbers in these cases (birthday, wedding, job, etc.).
Progressive play
It is important to play more when the winnings are higher. Gradually increase your bets as the jackpot increases. If the jackpot has just been won and it is low, it is useless to use all your capital and time at that time!
The place to play
La Française Des Jeux (fdj) offers Keno (called Keno Winning for Life) draws every day. You can, if you draw all the numbers, win 100 000€ per year for life. You can therefore play Keno from your tobacconist’s shop. You can also find Keno games in traditional casinos, mainly in Asian countries. Finally, the most convenient solution is to play Keno from online casino platforms. You will have the time and leisure to analyze all the parameters from your home and use all the tips of Keno.
Online casinos allow you to play free casino games. You will thus be able to practice and master the tricks of Keno to the best of your ability. Simulate a maximum of games to optimize your strategies and understand how they work. The chance can be directed. You will not win every time, of course, but you will be able to increase your chances of winning by practicing.
Logic tracking
Be logical and rational in your choices. It is often difficult to be logical and rational in the game, but it is the best way to make money. Be consistent in your strategy, always bet what you have defined in advance. Don’t crack and don’t change your shotgun every 3 rounds. By not giving in to your emotions, you will stay consistent and have a better chance of winning in Keno.
Observation of statistics
As explained earlier, analyzing the statistics of Keno number output is the basis of all tricks and calculations. We insist again on this point: the analysis must be done over several hundred draws and is fundamental. It is certainly tedious, but it will allow you to win much more often. You can use software that will help you do this work and extract hot or cold numbers easily.

Keno tip: Our opinion

Keno tricks are a great way to win at this game. However, Keno is still a game of chance and it is important to follow the basic rules of all games of chance. These tricks will allow you to win more often, but never every time. For example, it is important to never play more than 5% of your capital at each round.

Knowing the winnings before each round allows you to optimize your strategy. Never be greedy and settle for regular winnings rather than hoping to make money quickly and effortlessly. Likewise, we strongly encourage players to practice understanding all the Keno tricks before playing for money. Work always pays off in the end.

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