ISoftBet Software: Software and Bonus Review on French Casinos

The youth of a company, particularly in the design of online casino games, is often associated with a limited catalogue in anticipation of new products. However, this is not the case with iSoftBet. Their range of games is immense and is among the largest in today’s market.
iSoftBet is one of the best online gaming software.

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The iSoftBet software already has some serious advantages

Strong points
400 different applications

Stunning diversity

Mobile Compatibility


Design a little behind the times

If players can access iSoftBet applications from many casinos, it’s because the company has succeeded in positioning itself in the list of the best suppliers. There are many factors that make iSoftBet software a must-have in the online gaming industry.

The first of these criteria is obvious at first glance: it is the diversity and size of the catalogue of games on offer. In total, iSoftBet has produced no less than 400 applications, almost half of which are intended for online casinos. In a short period of time, the company has thus managed to provide more games than most of its older competitors. The desire to dominate the market is thus complemented by a real future perspective.

And even within the catalogue of casino games, diversity is the order of the day. The designer offers all types of software, from the most classic slot machines to poker, roulette and Blackjack. Few developers are interested in such a wide world.

Moreover, as if to establish its name among the largest number of users, iSoftBet is involved in the mobile compatibility of its software. Indeed, the vast majority of games have a mobile version so that all players can access them at any time.

But where the company plays its most important card is in the partnerships established with certain well-known brands. For iSoftBet is one of the few developers who grant themselves film or series franchises to adapt them into their slot machines. Beyond the originality of the games, this is an opportunity for fans to rediscover the universes that have marked them, for an unprecedented gaming experience with their favorite characters. We suggest you read our review of PlayTech to see such beautiful slot machines!

For example, there are virtual slot machines designed around Paranormal Activity, Rambo or even Platoon and 24h Chrono. By integrating well-known brands in this way, the company quickly acquired a legitimacy that allowed it to establish an image of quality and innovation.

In addition, the company feels it has a duty to help make players accountable. This is why it has put in place systems of deposit limits, wagering limits, or self-banning, in order to give users the possibility to control their spending and limit addiction.

The success of a supplier is measured primarily by the criticism of users. And it has to be said that the players of iSoftBet software are almost unanimously convinced. There is one slight downside, and that’s the graphics. The graphics, although correct, are not as advanced as some of their competitors. But considering the importance of the catalogue, this is a slight drawback that is easily forgotten. However, if you are looking for software with beautiful visuals, we advise you to read our Betsoft magazine!

ISoftBet, a recent but promising creation

The company was born in 2010 in England, from where it rapidly expanded to reach the whole of Europe and then internationally, in a short time.

The team is composed of all kinds of profiles, from design to marketing, and takes care of the support of its games, from the origin to the customer service. ISoftBet provides its partners with a comprehensive range of services to guarantee support at all times and thus maintain the acquired brand image.

For casino owners, the company also offers account management services and a complete administration interface to ensure uniform control over all casinos.

In addition, thanks to a very efficient sales team, iSoftBet continues to sign important partnerships to design games that are increasingly attractive and aimed at all audiences.

The same chance to win for all

The company has demonstrated its interest in responsible gambling by making money limits available in its applications. This is rare enough to raise it, and it is mainly the assurance of the involvement of iSoftBet software in the security of the game.

In addition, the team has its own validation unit, which tests all games internally, which is the first step to certification. Then, all applications are submitted to independent verification agencies in order to avoid any bias in the agreements issued. No game that has not passed these two stages is likely to be offered for sale.

But these validations are not always sufficient to reassure users. From their headquarters in London, a place renowned for its regulation of online casino gambling, the company has rapidly expanded and obtained numerous European certifications. These various labels are in themselves a guarantee of quality and respect for the law, guaranteeing the player absolute fairness and security.


Big bonuses at iSoftBet casinos

In order to convince more and more users, means are being put in place to test iSoftBet software with as few hands in the pocket as possible. For example, many partner casinos offer their new registrants credit bonuses based on the amount of their deposit. This bonus is generally equivalent to 100% of the initial deposit, but it can be as high as 200% depending on the casino, and for an amount ranging from €100 to €500.

A few rare casinos may also offer a no-deposit bonus to attract players who do not wish to wager with their own money. This advantage is currently only available at MagicalSpin and amounts to €7, which is unconditionally available to the user.

However, bonuses are not always counted in money. In fact, iSoftBet is one of the providers that offer the most free spins on their slots. Depending on the site you choose, you can play between 10 and 200 rounds without spending any money, which means that you can play the games without spending any money and still have the chance to win big.