Prevention and you : Responsible Gambling Warning is a site that offers many links to online casinos and other gambling games. Gambling is very entertaining and can offer an opportunity to win money. But keep in mind that this is primarily a game, that you are playing against a casino or operator who will always have the advantage over you and that winnings or losses are a matter of chance. In order to avoid any financial problems, we urge you to only bet money that you do not use for your daily life and that you are therefore prepared to lose.

Casino gambling can present many risks. Among these, we can mention the very high risk of addiction, especially among the most fragile audiences. These pathologies can have dramatic consequences on the players. They range from isolation and depression to the loss of financial wealth, divorce or suicide.

There are many clues to help you realize your addiction:

  • You may find it hard to stop playing.
  • Gambling can become the center of your life, to the point where you can no longer sleep.
  • You lie to your loved ones about gambling or your losses.
  • You can’t manage your capital and you’re putting your own financial health at risk.
  • You take the risk of betting all your capital on a single bet.
  • You borrow money to finance the game.
  • You think you can make up for it by earning large sums of money very quickly.

If you recognize yourself in these real-life examples, you are probably addicted.

Rest assured, there is no shame in it, it happens to hundreds of thousands of people every year. Gambling can be a source of fun but it can also be a drug, just like cigarettes, alcohol or hard drugs. The most important thing is to be aware of your addiction and contact the right people to help you. It is important to understand that sports betting, gambling and all casino games in general are games of chance, which can lead to addiction, excessive behaviour and even pathological addiction. The first real money deposit is often the beginning of a risk and the hope of winning big jackpots a chimera. Slot machines and other table games are games that have pre-determined payouts. If you are a compulsive gambler, you simply cannot win in the long run at the casino.

The most effective organization to help French players and to help and accompany you in this event is the site or They offer to listen to you in a free and totally confidential way. Talking about your problems is an important step to realize the extent of the problem, but also to feel accompanied. In any case, you are not alone in this case.
Once you have had the necessary awareness, Adictel or Gamblingtherapy will help you put in place ways to help you wean yourself off and will accompany you throughout the process.

Never forget that gambling is entertainment, a game and casinos live off it. You will never beat the casino and therefore never come out a winner financially in the long run.

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