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Do you love to play roulette, want to try it or are you just curious about the game? Choose the best free casino games on the market through our site
Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games. By playing free roulette games, you will discover a very fun game that it would be a shame not to try. The game is present in many movies, in popular culture and concentrates many fantasies. Many people wonder whether it is rather a game of chance, a game of strategy or a game of probability. Discover all our strategies in the dedicated sections of the site, and test them with free roulette games. You will see that roulette is a bit of all three at once.

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How to choose the best free casters online?

Whether you are familiar with the game of roulette or not, it is important to understand that there are strategies to maximize your chances of winning. You should try them out by playing free roulette. Of course, the draws are all independent and random, so they are all random. But you can direct this randomness by calculating the probabilities and playing with them. In order to test all the strategies that you will find online safely, we strongly recommend playing free roulette to see if they work and get used to them. Select the best free roulette wheels via our comparison table.

Free roulette games without downloading
Many casinos offer free roulette games simply by registering. We advise you to play your free roulette games in casinos that offer good casino bonuses. This way, once you feel ready to take action, you can stay on the same platform where you’ve made your mark. Many free roulette games are played without downloading. This is appreciated because it allows you to play quickly and efficiently.
Best online casino software
As with many of the software products available, many companies develop and distribute them to the various casinos. This implies that the casinos themselves do not develop them and outsource this part. The most reputable developers on the market are Microgaming, NetEnt or Playtech. So you will find the same free roulette platforms going from one casino to another, with the same universe and the same rule variations. This saves you from getting lost. We have a soft spot for the solution offered by NetEnt. But playing free roulette games is personal and the game preferences are entirely up to you.
Play live with dealers online
You also have the possibility to play video roulette games. The principle is the same as for free software roulette games, the difference is that it is a real, filmed croupier who rolls the ball and takes the bets. If you are afraid that free roulette software is unreliable, you can play this version which is more reassuring and close to what you can experience in physical casinos. You will also be able to exchange with other people, which is great for getting advice.
Play free mobile roulette
The software offered is increasingly adapting to the changing uses of players. For example, many free roulette software programs are “responsive” and available on mobile phones. You will be able to play wherever and whenever you want. The software offered on mobile phones varies very little from the free roulette software for computers.

Free online roulette: tips and tricks

There are many tips to maximize your chances of winning at roulette, and many will tell you that their strategy is magical. Beware and test it by playing free roulette games.
If we have two pieces of advice for you, it’s to expand your playing area and learn how to manage your bets properly.
By playing several simultaneous events (black, odd and 1st third) you will increase your playing area and have more than 50% chance of winning. It is therefore important to know how to calculate the odds and learn all this by playing free roulette.
You will also need to learn how to manage your bets. Never go all-in out of frustration. Thanks to a strategy called martingale, which consists of always playing the same event and doubling your bet every time you lose, it is statistically impossible to lose in the long run. However, it takes a lot of capital to withstand negative events. Be patient and learn how to test strategies without risking your capital via free roulette.

The basic rules
The basic rules are very simple and we advise you to learn them by playing free roulette before you start. The croupier spins a ball, which falls into a wheel. The wheel is numbered from 0 to 36. Each number is either red or black. You can bet on binary events (red or black, even or odd), triple events (first, second or third third), a specific number or a combination of all of these. Depending on the probability of your bet, you will be paid more or less. The number zero is a bit peculiar because it is green and excluded from all other bets (it is neither red nor black, it is not considered even or part of a line). The number zero gives the casino an advantage over the player. Check out our free guide for more information and put theory into practice by bringing free roulette games to life.
European vs. American version
There are many caster versions and variants available. The two main ones are the European version and the American version. In the American version there is a zero and a double zero, while in the European version there is only a zero. The arrangement of the numbers is also different. So learn to master the differences in play by practicing free roulette games. What is the real impact of all this? The casino has an advantage over the player of 2.7% per draw for the European version compared to 5.26% for the American version.
The different gains

The different bets and winnings are as follows.

Dual event, gain x2 :

Triple event, gain x3 :
Column 1/2/3
1st dozen/2nd dozen/3rd dozen

Full number: x36
Mounted number (two numbers): x18
Transversal number (three numbers): x12
Square number (four numbers): x9
and the like

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