English roulette: tips & advice in 5 points

While the two most well-known variations of online roulette are French and American, English roulette has the merit of offering some changes. This one is a hybrid form between the two previously mentioned versions and can be a lot of fun. You just have to get used to a few rules of the game that change a little bit from the ordinary and practice on free games of English roulette.

English Roulette

The rules of English roulette in a nutshell

English roulette is very similar to French roulette. It has the same number layout and has only one zero, like the French version. However, the layout of the casino floor is the same as American roulette, so you have to get used to it, especially if you mainly play French roulette. The main difference between English roulette and the other versions is that it is impossible to bet on zero! But that doesn’t mean that zero doesn’t count. You just can’t bet on it. Therefore, English roulette is a kind of simplified hybrid version of roulette. For the rest, the rules are the same. Place your bets when the croupier tells you to, follow the throw of the ball and see what you’ve won.

Play live online English roulette

Some players like the experience of having a real croupier in front of them. This makes the immersion more realistic. Thanks to the live online games, you will be able to play English roulette with a real filmed croupier. You’ll feel like you’re in a land-based casino, with dealers and a gaming table, all from the comfort of your own home! The process is simple. The croupier is filmed live by a camera. He greets you by quoting your nickname, tells you when the bets are open, when they are closed, throws the ball, distributes the winnings and announces the best winners. It is very pleasant to have this interactive and immersive aspect to play English roulette.
You will be playing live, with hundreds of other people at English roulette. This will allow you to exchange with them, get advice and inspiration from the best. The atmosphere is really fun and the welcome is warm. This filmed version is available for English roulette, but also for all other casino games (poker, baccarat, other versions of roulette, etc.).

Live Roulette

The electronic version offers several advantages

Other players prefer the privacy and tranquility of electronic games to enjoy English roulette. This allows you to take your time and manage your rhythm as you wish, without pressure. Take advantage of these versions to calculate the odds, and develop new strategies to increase your chances of winning at English Roulette. In both cases, you will have the opportunity to practice, taking advantage of English roulette games available to play for free, simply by registering. These free games or electronic games are available, not only for English roulette, but also for all types of casino games. Finally, if you are playing for real money and therefore want more adrenaline, the best casino bonuses will be on the electronic versions of English roulette.

English roulette: which martingales methods to choose?

To win at English roulette, you can use the martingale strategy. This method consists in pushing the player to double his bet every time you lose a move. This way, you will end up winning money every time you lose a shot in the long run. But this strategy requires the ability to double each loss, and therefore to have a large starting capital to deal with several successive losses. We recommend this strategy only for experienced players, who will be able to avoid taking too many risks.

There are many variations of the martingale and they are all applicable to English roulette parts. You can choose the simplest version, which consists of playing on one color only. You can also make a combination and play a martingale combined with color and even/odd. You can even, to dilute the risk, systematically bet a chip on zero to cover your losses in the martingale. But as mentioned above, this is not possible in English Roulette. This makes martingale a little riskier than the French version of roulette. Indeed, the trap of martingale is to place more and more chips on combinations that are swept by a zero. The most important thing is to practice on free games to discover the mechanisms and what you prefer to do.

As this strategy can generate a lot of winnings through the highly profitable jackpot, it is strictly forbidden in casinos in France and many other countries. To circumvent this prohibition, we advise you to play online, on electronic versions of English roulette. To avoid the risk of expulsion and account closure, do not take the risk of playing games with a live dealer. In any case, it is your responsibility to consult the game rules available at each casino.

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