Casino ELK : Software and Bonus Review for French Casinos

Seniority is not the only criterion that makes a company legitimate in the online casino market, and ELK is proof of this. Gradually making its mark in the sector, the company has been able to innovate to become a must in the gaming industry, particularly by positioning itself in the still little-exploited mobile casino sector.
Elk Studios has made its mark and is now part of our list of top online gaming software companies.

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The strengths and weaknesses of Casino ELK

Strong points
Enjoyable playing experience

Design quality

Mobile versions


PC games are less intuitive than mobile gaming

Restricted games catalogue

One of the main challenges for casino game developers is their ability to differentiate themselves from others in order to position themselves. In this approach, several strategies are observed, but the difference is often made on the way the design is approached, and therefore on the team of developers who take care of it.

At Casino ELK, the main focus is on the gaming experience and the interest that the application has for the player. This is not for nothing if the team members are first and foremost players themselves. They have a critical and seasoned view of their products, and do not market them if they are not convinced of the entertainment they can provide.

Beyond the engaging universes and countless winning possibilities, ELK bets on absolute control of the stakes. Indeed, the player has the possibility to manage his bets according to his losses or his gains, whether it is through a monetary value or a percentage of the credit.

The gaming experience also depends on the graphic quality of the slot machines. Here too, Casino ELK offers original creations, with special attention paid to the animation of the reels and bonus games. Every detail is worked on independently, so as to present impressive graphics without duplication.

In addition, aware of the need to make casino games mobile for users who are constantly on the move, ELK designers are primarily interested in slot machines for smartphones and tablets. Indeed, it is one of the few developers to think its applications primarily for mobile gamers, which makes it an outstanding signature for this market that is difficult to access.

The advantages of Casino ELK, however, are its biggest drawbacks. Indeed, designing applications to make them primarily accessible on smartphone has its disadvantage. Because the games are not designed for use on a computer, and the game is actually less intuitive on these casinos. This is a production choice, and it is no less understandable in view of the rather absent competition from the point of view of mobile gaming.

Similarly, the enormous attention to design, innovation and detail is one of ELK’s weak points. It takes more time and team involvement to produce a high quality game. As a result, the game catalogue is limited, and new games are rare. But this is also a conscious choice in order to guarantee the interest of the user.

In addition, the group’s orientation is exclusively focused on slot machines. Therefore, there are no table games or other lotteries available at Casino ELK like the BetSoft company.

Presentation of the company

ELK was founded in 2013 on the land that has become sacred to casino gambling: Sweden. This in itself is already a guarantee of quality and reliability of the games on offer.

The team is made up of artistic, scientific and computer scientists, and their mission is to design slot machines that are increasingly interactive and based on the gaming experience above all else.

The development of each application is done according to an unusual process. From an endless list of ideas and desires, the employees invent concepts and imagine their feasibility, before getting down to the actual production.

Positioning in the mobile gaming sector is one of the group’s priorities. Indeed, noting both the lack of interest of its competitors on this point, and the need to offer gamers applications available everywhere, ELK wishes to establish itself as a leader in the field, even if it means sometimes abandoning computer playability.

With more and more convinced players, and casino owners gradually taking an interest in it, ELK is undoubtedly one of the future greats of the online casino industry, and there is no doubt that it will soon be present on many must-see sites.


Legality and fair play of the game

Like all of its Swedish compatriots, Casino ELK is governed by numerous laws that ensure the reliability and security of its games.

Both under European legislation and the regulations in force in each of the recipient countries, the applications developed by ELK meet all the criteria necessary to be authorized to be marketed on online casinos.

The involvement of scientists, particularly mathematicians, in the development of the games ensures the randomness of the reels and the winnings. In this way, each player has the same chances to win, and the experience is more enjoyable for everyone.

Although below the system set up by Playtech, Elk Studios still offers you security.


Bonus possibilities

ELK games already offer many bonus games, free spins and tournaments to win extra credits. But depending on the casino you play at, you can also take advantage of sign-up bonuses, for example, to test the games without risking your own money.

Almost all casinos offer a deposit bonus, which can be up to 400% of the deposited amount, and up to a value of €1,500 depending on the site. So there is plenty to make up your own mind with little risk.

Casinos offering a no-deposit bonus are rare, especially when it comes to ELK games.

Beyond the financial aspect, some sites give you the opportunity to get free spins on the slot machines. This is your chance to try to win big without any bets. These bonuses range from 20 to 200 free spins depending on the casino. No doubt that you will quickly be convinced to continue playing at ELK machines afterwards.