Deposit options in online casinos

In an online casino, the most important thing for users after bonuses is the means by which to finance their gambling. Indeed, more than multiplicity, reliability, security and speed are very important criteria in choosing a payment method. Virtual online gaming establishments have understood this. They offer their users a wide range of options, each with its own advantages.

Description of the different means of payment offered

The different deposit options in online casinos

Online casinos offer their users a number of ways to make deposits to their accounts. It is then up to the player to choose the process that gives them the most advantage. The available options include, among others:

Payment by credit card

The institutions make two types of bank cards available to players, namely debit/withdrawal cards and credit cards. More common, the former are used to pay or withdraw money and are available as immediate debit cards, deferred debit cards or those with systematic authorisation. Generally renewable and subject to a limit on the amount, the latter are used to make a deposit, the amount of which will be withdrawn at a later date in return for interest.

Electronic wallets

Many partners allow you to use accounts created on their site to make deposits at online casinos. With a fast and secure service, each of them has an easy transfer system specially designed to adapt to the operation of different gaming rooms. To transfer their various winnings from the games to their personal bank account, players can attach the latter to their e-wallet.

Innovative means of payment for optimal security

  • Fluidity and speed are now criteria demanded by customers during their various financial transactions. This has given rise to solutions that are more interactive, more secure, more personalised and, above all, easier to use. In the gambling mode, the innovation in the digitisation of the payment act consists in offering the gamblers
  • A guarantee against piracy
  • Freedom as well as a facility to deposit and retrait ;
  • The possibility to play anonymously and dematerialize the paiements ;
  • A great security of personal information and bancaires ;
  • Additional bonuses to encourage the use of a method;
  • A platform using state-of-the-art data encryption techniques (biometrics, SSL…).

What are the most common recurrent payment methods ?

Bank cards are the most widely used deposit methods in the world of gambling. And for cause ! It is the most widespread payment method throughout the world. What’s more, these cards are always accessible, regardless of the customer’s location.

Another way to play for real money on slot machines, video poker or other types of games is to pay with prepaid cards. Indeed, these means of payment are being used more and more by players. It is easy to understand why. They are intended for people who do not wish to use their credit card or provide information about themselves.

Finally, there are electronic wallets. Also called “ E-wallet ”, they are suitable for regular casino players. Simple and quick to use for depositing money, they generally require the use of external service providers with whom it is necessary to build up capital. This can then be used to credit the user account at the online casino.

Deposit in online casinos: What are the guarantees of use and assistance ?

No matter which method you use, depositing funds into a casino account requires no complex handling. Indeed, the player must first access his personal space on the online gaming site. He must then choose the logo corresponding to the chosen payment method in the section generally called “ Make a deposit ”.

The procedure then depends on the chosen method. Depending on the case, the player will have to mention his bank details, enter the number of his prepaid ticket or indicate the amount to be credited. To allow him to play immediately, the transaction is carried out instantly. Verification of the information then only takes a few minutes.

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