Craps: Rules & strategy to know

Chips, a gaming mat, two six-sided dice with dots printed on them and 4 dealers. You’re definitely standing in front of a craps table. Very common in Canada, this game of casino and chance that comes from the United States pits many players against each other. Unlike other games where the competition is between a player and the dealer. With rather particular rules set up in 1907 by John H. Winn, this casino entertainment welcomes several participants and a pitcher.

Craps ground rules

The principle of craps is to predict the outcome of the roll of the dice. The game starts by choosing two dice, a red and a black one, from the 6 presented by the stickman. As soon as the bets have been placed on the areas dedicated to this purpose, the first roll can be made. This is the Come Out Roll. It is taken in turn in a clockwise direction under the supervision of the table leader. The two other casino employees take turns helping players place their bets and retrieve them if they win.

The result can be interpreted according to 3 possible scenarios. A 7 or an 11 allows all the people who bet on “ Passe ” to win. Bets placed on “ Ne Pass Pas ” are then collected by the dealer. The opposite scenario is observed when the player rolls a 2, 3 or 12, in which case the bet is “ craps “. If, on the other hand, the player rolls a number between 4 and 10, this is called an established point. The player must then roll the dice again until they roll one more point to win their bet. If he rolls a 7, his winnings are void.

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The different variations of Craps

If there’s one thing craps is appreciated for, it’s its ability to offer a variety of pleasures. Indeed, besides the classic variant, the game of dice has many other variations.

Bastard Craps or Crapless Craps..

The first thing to remember with this version is that the number 7 should be avoided at all costs. If the number 7 is rolled on the first roll or before the Point, the player loses. Then, to have the possibility to win, you must make a Craps (2, 3 or 12) or a Natural (11). Finally, as in all other games, 7 is used to cancel the initial roll.

High Point Craps

Here, the player who draws an 11 or 12 wins the game automatically. If, on the other hand, he draws a number other than 2 or 3 which are ignored, he will have scored a Point. He will then have to draw a second time to complete this result and validate his winnings. A 7 means that the player immediately returns to the starting square.

New York Craps

If you are particularly fond of the classic bets as well as the “ Come ” and “ Don’t Come ” bets, pass your way. This variant, which is widespread in the eastern United States and Great Britain, is not for you. With payouts based on real odds, it allows you to win with any number between 4 and 10. With the obvious exception of 7.

Private Craps

No rules, no banker, no casino. Nothing but players who give life to all their desires. That’s the description of Private Craps, which is usually held in private. Forbidden in several countries, this game allows the shooter to win all the winnings, provided he makes the right prediction.

Simplified Craps or Craps Simplified

2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or 12. Those are the only numbers you have to get out to maximize the winnings. If unfortunately the dice roll a 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, the game ends for the player. The rules are as simple as the name of the variant that limits the winning combinations. A shortcoming that is filled by very attractive payout ratios.

What are the psychological profiles of craps  players?

A very friendly atmosphere with a hint of excitement and anxiety is what reigns around a craps table. Although they have a lot in common, the players who gather there have very different tastes, ambitions and dreams. A distinction can be made between the :

A contagious sense of humour, a kind of protective aura from frequent and detectable errors are signs that allow us to quickly recognize this inexperienced person. Thanks to a great deal of luck, this type of player is able to play the game without too much difficulty.
He is easily guided by his feelings. Highly sociable and relatively unconcerned about failure, he enjoys each of the games he plays to the fullest. The most important thing for him is to enjoy himself.
With long experience in the field and incredible flair, this type of player is the most professional of all. For him, craps is a source of earnings, a profession. His knowledge of the odds of winning each bet allows him to quickly assess the risks and identify opportunities.

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Winning big at craps: the best strategies to copy

Luck isn’t really a factor in craps. If it is true that the player needs it, it is more useful for him to know the right strategies. The first thing to do is to learn how to manage your bankroll efficiently in order to be prepared for the unexpected. To avoid taking risks, it is advisable to set limits by applying betting systems such as paroli and martingale.

Decreasing the home advantage with the Sharpshooter method can also be very effective. Based on a perfect stability of the body and a millimetre movement of the arm, it allows a perfect dice roll. Another technique consists in betting on “ Pass Line ” then on “ Laying Odds ” and to establish the Point a second time. It makes it possible to win more than the starting bet and to avoid taking samples.

You can also increase your chances at craps through The Patient Field. This strategy based on logical demonstration and observation offers a 63% chance of winning. It leads the player to learn from the winning techniques of other participants. Free odds can also be placed after the standard bets in order to balance the balance.

What about craps tournaments, are they parle ?

His competitions of about three hours are perfect opportunities to make money. Comment ? By counting as many chips as possible and making as many gaps in the standings as possible. Above all, keep in mind that hundreds of people, sometimes thousands, are involved in a craps tournament.

In order to win, the player must readjust his strategies, rely on his experience and, above all, be rigorous and aggressive in his betting. Except when the chips are finished. It should also be remembered that a fee of up to €200 or more is payable as participation.

The best tips for winning big

A set of elements allows you to always leave with your pockets full at craps. Among the most important, we retain that it is necessary :

  • Prioritize affordable tables

Through an analysis of future spending and the available budget, the deficit can be avoided by increasing the chances of winning.

  • Favouring the right bets

In games of chance, it is always better to choose the right bets, even if they don’t pay much. It’s the same in craps where the most reliable bets are the “ Pass Line ” and the “ Come Bets ” bets.

  • Be patient

Patience and observation are the watchwords at a craps game. Indeed, these two skills have saved many people, even the brightest ones. Your bank account will thank you for that.

  • Knowing how to keep your cool

Online craps efficiency is the result of good decompression, concentration and calm. Use your weapons, even more so when the negative games are in a row. Your strategy will eventually pay off if you keep your mind clear.

  • Prefer trusted gaming sites

Safety is the one criterion on which a good player should never negotiate. It is even the basis. Therefore, you should choose a reliable casino with a good payout rate and an automatic payment process.

Where to play craps: the best casinos

The best establishments are those that offer their users various craps bonuses, a wide selection of craps games and regular tournaments. This is the case with JackpotCity, which offers up to €1600. Wild Sultan Casino and Spin Casino offer €1,000 and All Slots €1,500.

Craps Bonuses, a good way to train

You will need to make a first deposit to receive the best craps bonuses. In exchange, you’ll receive generous casino bonuses. The terms and conditions for withdrawing your winnings are detailed in the craps bonus terms and conditions. Please check carefully what each of these terms and conditions say. However, you should know that withdrawing your winnings or jackpots at craps is not that complicated, as the number of players is limited, so casinos are not too strict about the conditions. Only select platforms that will not endanger your capital and from which you can be sure that you will be able to recover your winnings.

Craps is a difficult game, so getting a good craps bonus is essential to your success. Since craps bonuses are often grouped together in packs or under other names, it is difficult to know, find and benefit from them. Therefore, we offer you table game bonuses that can be used on this and other games that have been carefully selected by our team of professionals. We always guarantee the safety of the casinos we choose and the best casino bonuses.

In craps, like everywhere else, practice is the best way to become a great pitcher. To offer novices the chance to practice, more and more online gaming platforms are offering free versions. These allow them to familiarize themselves with the jargon and rules and to establish a strategy that is beneficial to them. All this without spending a penny.

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