Reliable Online Casino: list of the best online casinos

When you want to play at an online casino, one of the most important criteria is the reliability of the casino. Without this guarantee of reliability, you may encounter serious problems when you start playing at this establishment.

On our website, we take the casinos we present very seriously. We analyze them from every angle and give them an overall rating that will make a particular online gambling site reliable or not. This allows our readers to know exactly which are the best online casinos they can play at without any risk.

Here is a small table that summarizes the gaming sites that we consider reliable. If you don’t want to do your research by yourself, you can rely on our work to choose a casino to play at:

Reliable Online Casino: What criteria are our certificate of trust based on?

Would you like to know what our selection criteria are to obtain our quality guarantee? No problem, we want you to know as much as possible about our business as an online casino inspector. But beware, it’s an ant’s work where everything is analysed under a magnifying glass. We don’t want you to miss out on any information that’s important to you.

Promotions and bonuses
Casino bonuses are important for players because they allow them to get advantages when they register at a casino. We always analyze whether they are interesting from a financial point of view and whether the establishment does not impose too strict conditions on them. Promotions, on the other hand, add fun and excitement to the games. They provide both financial benefits and extra excitement. We also make sure that they are correct and that they will give the players additional benefits worthy of the name.
Payments and withdrawals
Another important point to consider when judging the reliability of a casino is the means of payment available to users and the time it takes to make a withdrawal. If there are not enough means of payment, some players may not be able to deposit money on the site. If withdrawals take too long, this is not fair to players who want to collect their winnings.
Transparency in the general terms and conditions of use (terms and conditions)
It is also important to be very clear about the conditions of use of the casino. Some casinos do not hesitate to be ambiguous in order to be able to interpret these conditions as they see fit.
Security for players
The casino must provide a secure gaming environment for players to play with confidence on the site.
The quality of customer service
Many players will eventually need to contact customer support to resolve certain issues. It is therefore essential that agents are properly trained and able to respond effectively to player requests.
Software quality
Some casinos use a software or application to offer their offer to players. When it is necessary to download such a program in order to play, it is necessary that the software and applications are reliable.

A pledge of trust

Because we know how difficult it is to trust a site on which you deposit real money, we decided to help you choose a good online casinocritiquegame reliable casino

Our team is made up of players and former players who have been playing for many years. We therefore know the online gaming business inside out. After you and the licensing authorities, we are in the best position to make a judgement on each establishment.

Yes, you could research the information yourself, but do you really have the time and the desire? Wouldn’t you rather spend more time gambling than studying the casinos one by one? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal and that’s what we’re here for.

So whether you’re a fan of casino games such as slot machines, online roulette, online blackjack, video poker or scratch games, we make every effort to give you an objective opinion, our pledge of confidence. Promotions, waiting time for winnings withdrawals, transparency of bonus terms and conditions, quality of service etc., we go through it all down to the last detail. Nothing escapes us!

Why, with our quality guarantee, are you sure to find a reliable site?
Before writing reviews of online casinos, we test each establishment so that we can form our own opinion. We also check what is said on the internet about these platforms, as well as the general opinion of the players. So it is a very comprehensive analysis and a modern gaming experience. The information taken is recent to give you a clear idea of what to expect when you sign up at a particular casino. In order to ensure the most accurate feedback possible, each casino is analyzed by two or three different members of our team. This ensures that no errors are possible, apart from possible changes in offers (but again, we do make regular updates). In concrete terms, our guarantee of quality guarantees you perfect reliability.

How to choose a reliable online casino via our certification?

Choosing an online casino that we have certified as reliable is easy. Simply check our green list of operators that we have analyzed and found to be reliable.

Our table at the beginning of the article shows you the most popular casinos that are highly reliable. You can sign up at any of the casinos listed here and read our analysis of them to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each establishment.

You can also find unreliable casinos by checking our blacklist. These are establishments on which we absolutely advise you not to register. These are sites that are usually run by unscrupulous people who simply want to steal your money.

If you have any doubts about the reliability of a casino, we advise you not to play on it and to choose one of the casinos we have analyzed here to avoid any problems. It is always better to be too careful than not careful enough in this kind of situation.

How to analyze the security of an online casino?

Of course, site security is undeniably one of the number one criteria in choosing an online casino. But how do you know what guarantees a secure service? Casino scams are unfortunately very present and being tricked into having your identity stolen or not being able to get your money back is the worst scenario that can exist. Rest assured, there are 4 key points to check the security of an establishment.

  • Casino practices: the most powerful encryption system is 128-bit SSL to protect user data and financial transactions. In addition, the establishment must have obtained a gaming license from a serious government such as Curacao or Malta ;
  • Payment processing time: usually no more than a week, in addition to the time it takes to validate the withdrawal (about 48 hours). But this varies greatly from one payment method to another;
  • The speed of dispute resolution: in other words, customer service, even the mediator. If the agents do not answer within 24 hours, it is a bad sign;
  • Reliability of the software platform: each game has a payout rate that allows players to know the percentage of payout of the winnings. Thanks to the random number generator, the game cannot be rigged, only chance has its place.

Casinos studied for by a team of experts

To sum up, you can trust Critique to choose the right online casino for you. With our years of experience, we study each establishment in detail one by one to give you our feedback.

We offer you a real guide to online casinos, because our main goal is to help you find the casino that suits you, avoiding scams and wasting time (and money).

No matter what gaming platform you are interested in, if it appears on Critique Jeu and its review is positive, then it is a reliable casino.

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