Online Bingo: our 2023 dossier for playing and winning at Bingo

Top 3 Casinos in France – Play and Win Online Bingo in 2023

How to play bingo: Bingo rules to know how to play in 3 min.

Bingo is played with numbered balls, one or more boxes representing bingo grids with different numbers and chips to cover the boxes. These numbers ranging from 1 to 90 depending on the variant are chosen randomly by a machine or the player. The boxes containing them are delimited by rows and columns. The number of participants in a game is unlimited.

BingoGoing back to the rules, the winner in bingo is the one who gets a specific pattern on their card in first place. Knowing how to play bingo is very simple. From the beginning of the game, each player receives everything they need. The shouter is then responsible for drawing the balls at random and announcing the combinations that are in them. When these match the numbers on the card, the participant must mark or cover the box with a token.

Once the required diagram has been completed, the player must shout “ BINGO ” to have it validated. To do so, he will be asked to confirm the numbers checked on his card. When these are identical to those of the screamer, he will receive the winnings intended for him. Otherwise, the game continues. It is not uncommon for two people to finish their grid at the same time. In such cases, a draw is made to determine the winner.

How do you play bingo? Let’s recap!

  1. Obtain one or more boxes with bingo grids
  2. Listen to the crier to know which numbers are drawn
  3. Check off the numbers on the boxes as they are drawn
  4. Shout BINGO when a grid is filled in

Bingo rules outside France: watch out for variations

It should also be pointed out that the game and its rules are different from one country to another. This is the case, for example, in British or Australian bingo, where you have to complete a full row to win. In Belgium, bingo is a very popular slot machine made of a 26-hole board with 2 or 6 cards. You have to make a line of numbers that follow each other thanks to 5 balls.

How do you win at bingo?

How to win at bingo is the most important thing you need to know. To get there, there are bingo strategies and tricks you can’t beat:

  • Use different game cards: playing with multiple grids increases the number of combinations at cocher ;
  • Choose similar grids: because of the almost identical numbers, this technique multiplies chances ;
  • Play in “ automatique ” mode online: to let the system check the selected boxes and avoid erreurs ;
  • Avoid games with many joueurs ;
  • Try your luck from Monday to Thursday, this period is less busy on the rooms of bingo ;
  • Favour games with bonus winnings and/or bonus games.

Playing online bingo for real money: Which casino does orienter  go to?

Apart from security, which is a must when choosing a casino, there are many other criteria to consider. This is notably the case of the presence of a licence for the sale of bingo tickets, proof that the draw will respect reliable ethical rules.

A good online casino, if not specializing in bingo, should also be able to offer many variations of bingo. Establishments such as Casino Extra, Wild Sultan Casino, Lucky31, Unique Casino and Monte Cryptos have understood this. Accessible to all French players, they offer incredible bonuses of up to €1,600. Just ask plus !

Bonus Bingo: play your favourite game with a promotional offer

Bingo is THE game that gets a second youth thanks to virtual casinos. While it may have sometimes been perceived as an old-fashioned game by gamblers, it is now becoming a very popular game again. It is also the game that offers one of the highest jackpot chances. Luck now? You can play with a bonus. The number of bingo bonuses available in France is increasing, although not all casinos offer them. These bingo bonuses are a good way to rediscover this simple and entertaining game.

The interest of the bingo bonus

Bingo offers you the advantage of being able to select several grids in each draw. This allows you to maximize your chances of winning by increasing the probability that every number that comes out is on your grid. To be able to choose a maximum number of grids and thus increase your chances of winning, opt for the bingo bonuses. They are offered by the casino and are therefore very valuable, whether you are a beginner or not.

Bingo bonuses allow you to increase your capital, limit your risk-taking by playing more and increase your capital without difficulty. To benefit from the bingo bonus, you must deposit real money into your casino account. Free bingo bonuses are very rare.

Bingo, a safe and easy way to win

In order to withdraw the bingo bonus and the winnings associated with it, you will need to play a certain number of times the amount of your bonus. By playing a maximum number of grids, you will quickly have the opportunity to get your winnings back. Plus, it’s fun and risk-free since your bingo bonus offers you an extension of your capital. Just place a good bet and have fun with your bonus only. Keep the capital to take advantage of other casino bonuses available on other platforms.

Be careful to choose your bonus carefully

There is no such thing as a free bingo bonus. You will be required to make a deposit of the requested amount, which will allow you to redeem the bonus winnings offered by the casino easily. As with all gambling, be careful to choose the right platform to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Take advantage of bingo bonuses to increase your chances of winning money. However, be careful, some sites have very complicated terms of use for the bingo bonus. It is up to you to check what each casino’s bingo bonus terms and conditions say. In addition, the bingo bonus offer is quite limited, as bingo is only a side game to the main activities of a casino, even though the game is gaining in popularity. Make sure you always choose your bingo bonuses carefully, sometimes it’s not worth signing up for them because the terms and conditions are too restrictive.

Rest assured, we have done the research and selection work for you. Our team offers you the best bingo bonuses at casinos you can trust.

Tips & Tricks: New ways to help out in bingo

Strategies are not the only weapons to win bingo games. Indeed, to be able to finish your scheme quickly, the most experienced players have many bingo tricks. They advise you to get all the information you need through the essential documentaries such as “ Bingo ! The documentary ”.
There are also many exciting films to learn new techniques from in order to master the subject. Finally, one must be very attentive by favouring an acceptable number of grids. Don’t hesitate to experiment with other variations of the game in order to vary the pleasures and to determine the most suitable one.

bingo event

Online Bingo games: what will be your variant favorite ?

With 30, 75, 80 or 90 balls, bingo comes in many forms. As the name suggests, these variations differ from each other in the number of balls shot. The rules are the same.

30 balls
The grid of this game consists of 9 squares. Before the end of the 30-ball draw, the player must check all the numbers to win the game.
75 balls
With very juicy payout ratios, it is generally offered in the US. To play it, you need balls numbered from 1 to 75 and a grid of 25 spaces including the one reserved for the joker, which is grayed out. A small peculiarity is that a letter of the word “ Bingo ” is mentioned on these and in each column. In order to claim a prize, a row, column or diagonal of 5 spaces must also be filled in.
80 balls
This variant offers great chances to win. Indeed with its 16 squares, it has a limited number of combinations, thus increasing the probability of winning. The variant is very similar to the 75-ball variant.
90 balls
Often found online, this bingo game involves 90 balls to be shot as you go. It also has a grid of 27 squares, 12 of which are grey, spread over 3 rows and 9 columns. At the end of each game, there are usually 3 winners. The one who has managed to fill one (Quine), two lines (double-quine) and the whole grid.

Depending on the model to be completed on the bingo grid, there are also 2 main types of games. The best known form, the coverall is won by filling the entire grid. With the predefined model, many possibilities are offered to the participants. To win the game, they will have to fill either the row, the column or a particular pattern, often in the form of an X.

How to hit the jackpot on an online bingo game: follow our tips

The jackpot !!!! Can you imagine what you can do in faire ? Well, it’s gonna take a lot more than bingo to hit the jackpot. The trick to winning in the online gaming industry is to master all the tricks of the trade. To do this, nothing beats playing free online bingo. Quite the contrary. They are the perfect opportunity to practice the game and improve your tactics without spending a penny. To take advantage of it, all you have to do is activate the “ demo ” game mode.

In addition, online bingo bonuses are offered to increase the value of your bankroll considerably. This is the case, for example, with no-deposit cash offers that are credited to the player’s account upon registration. From the first deposit, some online casinos do not hesitate to grant double deposit bonuses. These can be used to buy more cards or to increase bets.

Playing online bingo: what are the avantages ?

Text bubbleThanks to technology, online gaming rooms offer their customers an immersive experience on par with land-based casinos. From the graphics, sound and even the winnings, everything has been designed to offer unique moments. Once connected to their account, users also have the chance to enjoy :

  • a free game mode to play entraîner ;
  • of the different variants of bingo ;
  • an automatic system that stamps the boxes with choosed numbers;
  • from the chat room to make new amis ;
  • tips and suggestions from experienced players at plateforme ;
  • bets on various combinations ;
  • of the many tournaments and organized competitions ;
  • several bonuses, surprise tickets and more offers ;
  • of a less strict gain system.

French Bingo Player Profiles

Bingo games are excellent opportunities to spend quality time with family, friends or at large gatherings of fans. It is therefore quite normal to meet different player profiles.

Here are the profiles we have selected

The father or mother
Curiously enough, this profile is a complete distortion of prejudice. Indeed, bingo is also the prerogative of parents and people between the ages of 20 and 35. The latter use it as a means of entertainment on Sunday afternoons and holidays. More than a lottery game, bingo represents for others a traditional heritage that is passed down from generation to generation.
The pensioner
This is the type of player you find at every bingo game. Especially in the dedicated physical rooms. Which is not at all surprising. Indeed, seniors are and remain unconditional fans of the game. Their main goal is to have a good time and, if they are lucky, win a nice prize.
The tactician
He’s the most pragmatic of them all. Indeed, the tactician plays to win. This is why he uses mathematical strategies based on statistics and percentages to select his cards and game variations. This is done with the sole aim of maximizing his chances of winning.

Origins of Bingo: How did it come about at France ?

Let’s end this dossier with a “Culture G” point: the word “ bingo ” means “ atteindre sa cible “. It was used during the Second World War by American fighter pilots as soon as they shot down an enemy plane. As an entertainment, the existence of bingo dates back to the year 1530, in the heart of Italy. Known then as Lo Giuco Del Lotto, it was enjoyed by a very large number of people. Like all games of chance, it was nevertheless banned by the Church.

The game of bingo arrived in France around 1760, being reserved for the nobility and the bourgeoisie, it was replaced at the end of the 18th century by the Dauphin lottery. But before that, it will take by Germany, Austria, Spain and will continue its evolution in all Europe. In some regions, gambling will be associated with an educational role, a distraction for families, groups and work colleagues, and with many virtues. It then arrives in Mexico where the winners donate their entire winnings to the Church.

In 1929, it was the turn of the United States, precisely in Atlanta, Georgia, to receive him. This time, under the name of Beano… A name that refers to the beans used as tokens to fill the then 24 grids. Seduced by the game, Edwin S. Lowe, a New York toy maker and seller, makes many changes to it. With the help of mathematics professor Carl Leffler, he increased the number of combinations to 6 000, reducing the number of winners to one per game. This is bingo as we know it today.

Bingo FAQs: the answers to all your questions

✅ How to play online bingo?

The rules of online bingo are the same as those of indoor bingo. The way to play bingo is actually very simple. To study the rules of bingo, you can refer to our rule bookit’s simple to understand!

✅ Is the rule for indoor bingo the same as online bingo?

Yes, it is. Nothing changes. That’s why it’s very easy to switch from one to the other as you wish. To learn more about the rules of the bingo game, you can click here !

✅ How do you win at bingo?

Bingo is still a game of chance. So you’ll have to trust your luck. Nevertheless, we have listed some tips that might just put your luck on your side. Click here to discover these tricks.

✅ Can you play bingo at an online casino?

Of course, this is possible. Some virtual casinos make attractive online bingo games available to players. To find out the best online casinos for playing bingo, check our Top 3 regularly updated by our experts!

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