Casino BetSoft : Software and Bonus Review at French Casinos

The company Casino BetSoft has been present on the market since the late 1990s. It has therefore grown and improved over the years, at the same time as the use of the Internet has become more widespread, especially with regard to online gambling. Today, Betsoft is considered by many gamers and critics as one of the major players in the iGaming sector. Discover with us why this casino game software publisher is so appreciated.

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Casino BetSoft: Pros and Cons of this Software Vendor

Strong points
Beautiful graphics

Wide range of virtual machines

Responsive customer service


Requires a powerful network connection

Casino BetSoft’s main focus is undoubtedly its taste for graphics. This is what makes it one of the leaders in the online casino market. From game design to 3D animations, a team of experts takes charge of the development of each product, for an ever more attractive rendering. It is a full-fledged gaming experience that the developer offers.

All the slot machines are designed to provide all the emotion and involvement of the player. That’s why there are countless combinations, bets, and bonus games that will keep you on your toes for the duration of the game.

Beyond the game itself, Casino BetSoft offers a wide range of virtual machines, so that every player can find his or her own account. With a wide range of high quality virtual machines, their software is used in many online casinos today. Their rule is simple: there is bound to be a BetSoft product that suits every player.

Casino BetSoft has also developed its applications with this in mind. You can play anywhere and at any time, from the browser to the mobile device, and you can play anywhere and at any time, even on the move.

Behind the scenes, a comprehensive service is also available to online casino owners. With responsive customer service and an intuitive game manager, BetSoft makes it easy for each product to go online and support it, allowing the user to play seamlessly and transparently.

The company’s expertise, however, also reflects its greatest disadvantage. Indeed, oriented towards the creation of slot machines with impressive graphics, BetSoft has found it difficult to develop other activities, particularly in the area of live gaming.

It should also be noted that the game experience, based on advanced graphics, requires a powerful and reliable network connection. If this is not the case, the loading time for rotations and animations may be longer, which may make you reluctant to use such software.

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The publisher Betsoft is present on the American and European continents and has made a name for itself among online casinos by surpassing its competitors, notably by the quality of its games. To date, more than 500 casinos trust this developer and offer its products.

In terms of recognition of professionals, too, BetSoft is in a good position. BetSoft has received numerous awards for excellence, innovation and award-winning games.


Safety and fairness of the game on Betsoft creations

Casino BetSoft’s products are fully compliant with French legislation. In addition to guaranteeing legitimate use, this means above all that they comply with the rules of safety and fairness imposed on online casinos. The games are developed in accordance with current regulations. The company is mainly based in Malta, within the European Union, and is therefore governed both by European laws and by the laws that apply in the client countries.

All products are subject to certification by an independent body, which is responsible for testing the games to determine their reliability. As the testing laboratories are also located in Europe, this is an added weight to safety and fairness.

Furthermore, from an operational point of view, the software is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for generating random combinations. In constant partnership with teams of mathematicians, BetSoft makes it a point of honour to design ever more powerful algorithms to constantly improve the randomness of the game.


BetSoft Casino Bonuses

Depending on the online casino you choose, many bonuses may be awarded to you based on your initial deposit. Most bonuses are in the range of 100% of your initial deposit, but some can go up to 300%. However, be sure to check the maximum bonus amount that can be served. While some offer a reward of up to €100, others can offer up to €1000 in bonuses.

Beyond the monetary bonus, some sites also offer their players free spins to enjoy the games without spending a few tries. Such casinos are rare, but it is then possible to obtain from 10 to 100 free spins according to your choice. Enough to convince the most timid to try to win big without spending.

Casino Betsoft no deposit bonus

BetSoft casinos offering a no-deposit bonus are even rarer, but they do exist. This is notably the case at Nordicasino, which offers a no deposit bonus of €7 with no minimum deposit. Even better, La Fiesta Casino offers Β£15 to take full advantage of the machines available to you.

Whether it’s to get an idea of the games, or simply because you don’t want to bet any money out of your own pocket, there’s always a good reason to take advantage of no-deposit bonuses. Especially since casinos that offer this type of bonus often give an extra bonus if you wish to make a deposit later on.

In short, BetSoft Casino’s reputation is well established. Known worldwide for the quality of its games and the wide range of its machines, the developer is present on many sites to offer an exceptional gaming experience. If you have a sufficiently stable and powerful connection, playing on BetSoft products is a choice of security and excellence.