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This page is dedicated to our world: who we are, how we built our project, our ambitions, our values and also answers to your questions about the world of online casino.

Integrity and honesty

After a long discussion within our team, we felt it was essential, essential even, to remain independent, objective and honest with our visitors who are looking for a specific casino site, according to a desire or a particular need.

Therefore, in order to deliver reliable information we could not be judge and jury at the same time: our independence is mandatory and no online casino pays us to be part of our rankings. Our analyses, rankings and opinions are objective, factual and based on tests that we carry out personally.

critical game honesty integrity

By doing so, we prevent our readers from falling into the traps of certain casinos that may have litigious practices. All the casinos listed on our site are pre-tested by one or more members of our team. In this way, we evaluate each criterion as a whole and we do so anonymously to put ourselves in the real-life conditions of an average player.

What are the advantages of such tests? It’s very simple, by depositing money while playing and withdrawing our winnings at any of the casinos we test, we can guarantee you quality service at the casinos we list.

Every result, every feeling, every anecdote that we note on the various game rooms, we transcribe them on our site as we experienced them, whether the room in question likes it or not, our transparency will always be the rule and we will always strive to give you complete and not truncated information.

How do we achieve our rankings?

We are a team of players or former players, we know the game world for more than 15 years, or even more for some. This is our strength: we know the games and its shortcomings, we will be able to advise you, guide you and help you.

Our rankings are always made after real tests. We collect all the information ourselves, without any intermediary and we return it to you in the form of opinions and criticisms. We deliver, without filtering (since we are 100% independent), our feelings about this or that online casino room.

In order to ensure consistent results from one tester to another, we have standardized our rankings and reviews so that we always deliver the same rating criteria from one casino to another. Resulting from a relatively complex process, which we will not detail here, our rankings and ratings are always validated by a second and third opinion in order to remain totally objective.

The results take into account the size of the casino, the solidity of the company that manages it, its liabilities, its ability to pay out winnings, the number of games offered, the deposit and payment methods, and finally the possible positive and/or negative feedback that can be found about the casino from our base of players with whom we have a good relationship.

Please note that some casinos provide very little information about themselves, but we are always able to provide an opinion.

Finally, please note that our teams also work closely with other mediation sites, opinion sites and player forums in order to collect feedback from players, problems they may encounter with customer support or complaints on specific topics. This work is essential because every player’s experience counts, every opinion can help us understand how a casino works and, above all, the seriousness with which each case is followed up. When we play, you play for real money, it is important to be sure where the money goes and how it is handled.

We never intervene in customer/casino disputes, we do not handle complaints, and we will not assist players in any way to get in touch with a casino. We simply evaluate the quality of that casino on its responsiveness and the solutions it provides to its players. We observe and evaluate.

Quality depends on the accuracy of the information!

There are hundreds of online casinos with approved licenses. Our work is like an ant’s work: the offers, bonuses, games change every day and we have to keep ourselves constantly informed about all the offers of each room and update them on our site to give you accurate and valid information at the time you read the review or ranking.

It may happen that an offer relayed on our site is not completely up to date. However, we make every effort to ensure that the casinos themselves keep us informed about the launch of new offers. We remain independent but in close contact with the online casinos in order to provide you with the correct information.

Methodology, strategy and bonus hunting

new-online-casino.org bonus huntIn addition to our rankings and opinions on each casino, we also provide strategic advice on games such as roulette and blackjack. As we can’t guarantee winnings, we try to reduce the variance that these games can produce. We also give analyses on gambling methods with a mathematical, quasi-scientific approach to chance and its impact on our gambling actions.

Finally, we constantly inform you about the best bonuses, the best offers and all this with the aim of always making you a little bit more winning at every online casino and your favorite games.

All the parameters to improve your game (strategy, mathematical analysis, management of your bets, stress management, explanation of the rules of the games etc…) must be taken into account and this is why we attach as much importance to these points as to the casino itself. It is interesting to see that players who often use strategies are much more successful than players who play according to their simple instincts and it is precisely for this purpose that we give you purely mathematical tips and approaches: to make you win (or at least lose less).

Quality of our site: we are interested in your opinion!

We are constantly working on the graphical interface that links us to our readers: our website.

We are listening to all your possible expectations, your desires or even your criticisms concerning the layout of our articles and comparisons but also concerning our strategies. Do not hesitate to contact us!

A responsible approach for a controlled game.

As Rabelais said “Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul“: even with all the tricks and all the best mathematical approaches in the world, only your conscience will dictate the right choice, you must always keep in mind that this is and must remain a game, fun. Never forget that gambling must not have any hold on your personal life, must not hinder your freedom and above all must not in any case have any negative consequences on your finances.

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