Online Casino : what is the best online casino in 2022 ?

Playing online casino is our number one passion! And today, it’s time to share. We have created our casino guide with the sole purpose of helping you find THE best online casino that exists today in 2022. And you’re giving it back to us since our casino site was voted “Guide N°1 of the English-speaking world for the 2019/2020 season”. Thank you for supporting us, more and more of you are joining our community. You are our source of motivation!

Our online casino guide is made up of several sections that you will love. The most popular of these is of course our impressive list of casino reviews that our experts have put together just for you. We make it a point of honor to check the online casino sites through various tests that we have devised. If the virtual establishments meet the needs of our visitors, we offer them in our catalogue. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you can find a secure online casino that suits you perfectly in our guide.

Discover your online casino 2022 : we help you in your quest

Choosing an online casino is not that simple. There are a lot of online casinos on the Internet that offer services that might seem the same to you at first glance. To help you find an online casino 2022, we have devised a section of our guide that would be dedicated to finding the best online casino. In this section, we’ve edited several pages that will be useful to you. Each of them corresponds to a specific feature of each player according to what they are looking for. Here you can find :

The navigation on our site has been well thought out to save you time. You will be able to quickly find the ideal casino.

As professionals in the online casino industry, we are constantly on the lookout for sites that we feel are serious and competent. It is this kind of virtual casinos that we want to offer you so that one day you too can hit the jackpot.

Our online casino guide: let’s make the introductions

Our online casino guide is written by a team of experts at your service and for your well-being. Want to know more about online casinos? You’re visiting the right site right now! Here are the headings that you will find on our online casino site:

Online casino reviews

We offer comprehensive and objective reviews of the gambling establishments you find on the Internet. The information we provide mainly concerns the services and products offered by these casinos, but also their general operation.

You can find all these reviews on our ‘Online Casino Reviews page‘ one of the most visited pages on our site.

Online casino bonuses

If you are looking for promotions to start your online casino game, the good news is that you can find them on our site. We have a dedicated team that spends their time at online casinos to observe the promotional offers that are put online. We can then list them on our guide with just one idea in mind: that you take advantage of them! Our sales department is also very active. We negotiate exclusive bonuses for all our visitors. To facilitate your choices, we have preferred to compartmentalize these bonuses into several pages:

On these pages we also help our visitors understand what bonuses are, how to take advantage of them, what are the Pros and Cons of these promotions and focus on the wagering and withdrawal conditions, which are still too often the cause of disputes between the online casino and the player.

Online casino games

Whether you’re into slots, video poker roulette, bingo or blackjack, it doesn’t matter, we’ll teach you how to play all the games you can find in an online casino worthy of the name. We provide you with guides, one for each game. In these guides, you’ll find a wide range of tips and advice ranging from the rules of the game to strategies for making more money. You’ll even be able to consult our “stories” sheets to learn more about the past of your favourite game.

To view these guides, please visit our Casino Games page in our main menu. As the game selection continues, please feel free to tell us by e-mail which game you would like to see appear in our guide.

Online casino software

Today, as you know, your online casino does not develop the games it makes available to you on its site. Indeed, it uses the services of one or more game publishers who each have their own software. Netbet, Betsoft, Microgaming, does that speak to you?

In view of your comments, in which we understood that most of you were not up to date on this subject, we thought that a guide on game publishers would be of benefit to you. It will give you a clear understanding of how a casino builds its game library, how it is able to offer you so many games.

Come and consult our detailed information sheets, one per game publisher, in our “Casino Software” section.

Payment solutions for an online casino

Let’s be honest, playing online casino for real money is much more exciting than playing in demo mode. This means that at some point you will have to make a deposit to start the game. And you will also activate a cash withdrawal when you have generated winnings. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the payment methods offered for money deposits and withdrawals when you select an online casino. We have compiled a list of the most frequently used payment methods. You can find it on our “Payment Methods page, with a focus on two methods that we particularly recommend:

We also explain what a prepaid ticket is and how to use your bank cards in an online casino. We explain the risks and the best management procedures to follow, as well as a list of secure gambling sites.

Real money online casino: how to make your choice?

With the significant increase of real money online casino sites on the web, it has become difficult to find sites you can trust immediately. This is the reason why we write reviews of the casinos you could sign up for. This way you can get acquainted with the characteristics of each establishment before making your registration. You can also rely on our expertise!

Keep in mind that even though the online casino gaming market is regulated in some countries by law, not all sites are necessarily available for you to visit.

And with the proliferation of illegal sites and the lack of information about these online gaming sites, your research can be compromised.

Fortunately, we have implemented clever methods that allow us to check whether an online casino respects its players by providing them with an impeccable quality of service. Here are the characteristics that we always check during our analysis of the online casino:

Authorizations and licences

This is the main index that allows us to begin our analysis. If an online casino has a gambling license obtained from a declared and legal commission, this is a positive sign of its commitment to the players.

These commissions that take care of administering the license to the online casino that would like to operate on the Internet, you can find them all over the world :

  • The “Autorité de Régulation des Jeux en Ligne” (ARJEL) in France
  • The Malta Gaming Authority in Malta (MGA)
  • The “Commission des Jeux de Hasard ” in Belgium (CJH)
  • The Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority on Curaçao (CEGLA)

These are the most famous in Europe. Most of the casinos you will play at comply with the specifications imposed by these commissions. This document takes into account several important points such as payment methods, the performance of software and applications, the quality of customer service, ease of access to the games, etc.

The bonuses

As we have already mentioned, we have pages dedicated to bonuses. We advise you to read them to get the information you want. However, we can’t say it often enough, read the bonus conditions before activating them. This is essential. Honest online casinos do not hide them, they are clearly displayed on the casino site.

As far as we are concerned, bonuses are key elements of our analysis. We make sure that the conditions remain attractive for the player, both in terms of the bets to be made and the amount of winnings allowed.

Casino return rate

The more a casino site has a high payout and payout rate, the more attractive it is. You can refer to user experiences, or rely on the reference tables where online casinos show the best player payouts, specifying usernames. Cresus Casino is a perfect example of a casino with a high return rate. Check out the review for more information about it!

If you want to access this data, you can contact us by email, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The quality and number of games

You register on a site to play at the online casino. You therefore understand that the strength of the site lies in the quality of its game library, otherwise the casino games that the establishment offers online. What interests our testers here are two things:

  • The amount of games that the casino offers to players. We try to answer the following questions: How many game publishers does the casino use? Are all the games represented on the casino? Are there enough variations to satisfy all players? Etc.
  • The quality of the games available to you. We try to answer the following questions: Do the games include the latest technology, especially for 3D slots? Are the games stable? Are there any bugs and what does the casino plan to solve them?

What we like to see in a complete toy library are some games that can be considered classics such as slot machines, video poker, blackjack games, roulette tables and many others.

Customer Service

The quality of the customer service of an online casino is, for us, decisive. Customer service is your only “real” link to the casino. The agents who answer you must be professional, well trained and courteous. Their goal is to provide you with a relevant and fast response to your need. Whether it’s a question, a problem with a game or any other request you may have, customer support is there for you.

You understand that it therefore becomes one of the primary criteria for building our magazine. For us, good customer service has several characteristics:

  • Various possibilities to contact him: email, live chat, telephone.
  • Wide opening hours: some operate 24 hours a day, which is perfect for us.
  • Various languages are offered: French, English, Spanish, German, etc.

An online casino should not skimp on the means to take care of its players. This includes customer service.

Payment solutions and speed of withdrawal

If you play at the online casino in real mode, i.e. with money in play, then it is obvious that you hope to win in return. Before you win, you have to deposit. And the proposed payment solutions, this is of interest to us in our review. We want to be sure that the online casino offers all methods available on the market to meet the needs of all players. In our opinion, for a casino to meet what players expect, it must offer :

  • VISA and MasterCard.
  • Electronic wallets (Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Ecopayz, etc.).
  • Prepaid tickets (PaysafeCard, Ticket Premium, etc.).
  • The wire transfer.

These payment methods are secure and allow quick winnings withdrawals. The responsiveness of the online casino to requests for winnings withdrawals is also one of our concerns.

Reputation among players

Some of the most renowned virtual casinos have a very high popularity rate among gamblers. You can quite consult an online casino forum available on the net or read the comments that our community leaves at the end of each review on our guide.

Of course, if you read negative comments about a casino on several professional sites, then we do not recommend that you register.

Be careful to take all this with a grain of salt, never forget that a disappointed or unlucky player will always find it easier to criticize an online casino, sometimes for the wrong reasons.


Data protection, SSL encryption, do these terms mean anything to you? The security implemented by the online casino must be closely monitored. Indeed, you will entrust your details to the virtual casino, you must be sure that the latter does its utmost to protect you. Rest assured, when writing our reviews, our experts look at this point with extreme care.

Please be aware that your casino may also be secured by independent organizations. This can be verified on the casino’s website by the presence of a logo of the partner organization.

Free online casino: playing for practice costs nothing

When you hear “free online casino”, what immediately comes to mind? Zero payout. You’re wrong, we’ll come back to that later. Know above all that playing at the free online casino is a good reflex in our opinion, especially for beginners.

Indeed, playing at a free online casino will allow you to discover the wonderful world of iGaming. When we talk about free casino, we think of course of the demo mode which offers the possibility to access the games without making a deposit. Today, almost all online casinos offer access to their games without charging the player. There may be a time limit.

A free online casino without registration allows several things:

  • Discover the establishment and its universe.
  • Practice applying game rules and strategies.
  • Enjoy a relaxing moment without having to pay for it.

Where to find free casino games?

Let’s start with our site. Indeed, we have deposit-free games for our visitors. To find them, you can visit our dedicated “Free Casino Games” page. We have all the latest slots available and of course all the other games that make you dream like baccarat, bingo, blackjack and roulette. Here are the pages we recommend:

The second option for playing free games is to go to what we call a free casino. This is the same as playing at the casino but in free mode. Therefore, you will not have to make any deposit and you can enjoy the same gaming experience.

Play online casino: we cover all English-speaking countries

Most of us here in the editorial office are English. But that doesn’t limit us in our actions. Indeed, we cover all the countries of the world in order to find the most interesting online casinos and then be able to offer them to you. Playing online casino is an action that should have no boundaries.

This is why we have sent teams to every continent to prepare pages dedicated to each country. Here are the pages we have edited for the moment:

If you live in one of these countries, it is best that you visit your dedicated page. That way you will find online casinos and bonuses that are 100% accessible. Don’t worry, more dedicated pages will be coming soon in our casino guide.

Online Casino: a gaming experience to live with us

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All that remains is to wish you GOOD LUCK, because despite everything, she remains our strongest ally during our games!